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Hi, We are a group of otakus who love to share their thoughts about anime, manga, and manhwa.

We here at AnimeLoved, work with our fashion and do content writing with genuine love towards anime. We are happy to share our content with you. Please comment on how you like the content we share with you. We will deliver the right and best content, recommendations, Anime OPs/EDs, news, light novels, theories, reviews, and many more.

Want to Contribute to Us?

If you are fashionable about anime and love sharing your thoughts with the world, we welcome you onboard. You can write anything from reviews, recommendations, theories, Anime OPs/Eds and anything related to Anime/Manga/Manhwa/Light Novels/Manhua etc.

You will get the author page on this website as credit. So, all it needs is some passion for anime and a little fluency in English. If you’re up for it, feel free to email us at info@janatig.com.

What We Do

Content Writing

We love to share our thoughts via content writing on anime, manga and manhwa. Want to hear our thoughts on Your Fav Anime? Suggests some.


We review the anime, manga and manhwa, and If you have some suggestions, Please share your fav Anime/Manga/Manhwa, that we can review.

Filler Free List

There is an excellent list of anime, but some of them have a large number of fillers as well. Now watch anime without any fillers.

Anime Quotes

Now and then, we go through a tough time. We need something that keeps us motivated. We share a lot of Anime Quotes with their reviews that keep us motivated during our hard times.

Anime OPs/EDs

Many Anime OPs make us Sad, Happy, Relaxed, joyful, and whatnot. While sharing the Anime OPs, we share the journey that we took.

Watch Order

The anime world is so vast that it is hard to understand the order of the anime we want to watch. We will make it easy to care.