10 Best Anime Like Konosuba To Watch Now 2023

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10 Best Anime Like Konosuba To Watch Now 2023

A hilarious and hilarious spoof of the Isekai anime, KonoSuba God’s Blessings On This Beautiful Planet is one of several that we are aware of.

Kazuma Satou, the main character, passes away while returning home, setting the narrative in motion. A stunning goddess named Aqua awakens him and presents him with two choices. First and foremost, he enters paradise. The second choice is that he enters a real-world RPG gaming environment with whomever he chooses to bring along and aids Aqua in slaying the Demon King.

Kazuma decides to go with option two and approaches Aqua to join him on his mission. As Kazuma finds Aqua is entirely worthless in the realm of role-playing games, it’s just cheap thrills for him.

It has become increasingly common to find anime that is set in the worlds of video games or any other reality. The plotlines are too simple and extravagant to be taken seriously, they are simple to get into. Although KonoSuba is a parody-style anime, others that are comparable to it often contain features that stray from reality, such as how much comedy or action is there.

This new list includes anime that will seem both familiar and like an escape into a somewhat different tale style to give fans more alternatives.

Here are the Top 10 Best Anime Like Konosuba To Watch Now that is evergreen even in 2023. Without further ado, let’s see the different recommendations.

1. In Another World With My Smartphone

In the anime, god makes a careless error and unintentionally kills Touya Mochizuki with a lightning strike! God grants him one desire as an apology and the opportunity to start again in a fantastical fantasy realm. Touya gladly accepts the job and makes only one request before setting off on his adventure in this enigmatic world: that he be allowed to keep his smartphone. When he makes a fresh start in this new world, Touya discovers that it is full of magic, a subject he enjoys, and attractive women competing for his attention. These girls—Yumina Urnea Belfast, Leen, Yae Kokonoe, the twins Linze and Elze Silhoueska, Linze and Elze Silhoueska, and twins Linze and Elze Silhoueska—offer Touya a never-ending supply of love difficulties as well as the company as he learns the ins and outs of this new society.

TOUYA-10 Best Anime Like Konosuba To Watch Now 2023

2. Ixion Saga DT

Kon Hokaze one day receives a message from a female character in an online multiplayer role-playing game. He believes he has struck it lucky and met a lover online, but all of a sudden he is thrust into the realm of Mira, where he unintentionally saves a young princess by accidentally knocking her assailant down with his swivel chair. Kon joins the princess as a member of her honour guard as a violent element of the princess’s kingdom attempts to kidnap her before she can finish her planned marriage. Kon has no idea how he got there or how to return to his planet.

KON-10 Best Anime Like Konosuba To Watch Now 2023

3. How Not To Summon A Demon Lord

No other character in the fantastical MMORPG Cross Reverie has strength comparable to the Demon King Diablo. With the rarest artefacts in the game and an unmatched player level, he easily defeats anybody dumb enough to challenge him. Yet despite his intimidating image, Takuma Sakamoto, a reclusive gamer with little social skills, is Diablo. Takuma just thinks about his virtual existence as he defeats hopeless opponents day by day—that is until a summoned spell unexpectedly takes him to another dimension where he appears as Diablo! Takuma is welcomed by the two females that called him, Rem Galeu, a little Pantherian explorer, and Shera L. Greenwood, a busty Elf summoner, in this new realm that resembles his favourite video game. To control him, they execute an imprisonment ritual, but the ritual backfires, turning them into his slaves. Takuma chooses to help the girls in breaking their contract as he learns to adjust to his new role as the terrifying Demon King as the situation becomes more unpleasant than before.

DIABLO-10 Best Anime Like Konosuba To Watch Now 2023

4. Outbreak Company

A reclusive otaku who is well-versed in video games, anime, and manga Shinichi Kanou. His ambition to leave his isolated existence behind by applying for a job one-day results in his kidnapping and transfer to the Eldant Empire, a fantastical place with elves, dragons, dwarfs, and elves. Shinichi, who is trapped in this strange nation, is given an odd assignment by the Japanese government to serve as an “Otaku Missionary” and promote otaku culture throughout the realm. The Japanese government, half-elf maid Myucel, and Princess Petralka of the Eldant Empire are all fully behind Shinichi in carrying out his task.

SHINICHI-10 Best Anime Like Konosuba To Watch Now 2023

5. Problem Children Are Coming From Another World, Aren’t They?

Three exceptional kids with psychic abilities— Asuka Kudou, You Kasukabe and Izayoi Sakamaki—are sick to death of their abnormally ordinary life. Until one of them unexpectedly receives a curious mail with an invitation to the enigmatic Little Garden. The group is met by Kurousagi after being mysteriously thrown into a huge new universe. Kurousagi informs them that they have been granted a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to take part in unique high-stakes games employing their powers. But, individuals must first affix themselves to a community to participate. Discovering that Kurousagi’s hamlet “No Names” has lost its official status and abundant land as a result of their defeat by a demon king. With a desire to defend its occupants and experience the thrill that The little Garden has had to offer, the group sets out to assist in reclaiming the dignity of their new home.

ASUKA-10 Best Anime Like Konosuba To Watch Now 2023

6. Dog Days

The Republic of Biscotti, a nation on the continent of Fronyald, is under constant attack from the Kingdom of Galettes, a close neighbour (the conflicts are considered athletic events and no one is hurt). Princess Millhiore F. Biscotti resolves to call a hero who can save the nation to defend her territory. Shinku Izumi, a regular middle school student from Earth, will instead be called, leading everyone to assume that he is the expected hero. The latter will be given the sacred sword known as “Palladion” to use against his foes. Despite his inexperience, Shinku will need to advance and use every effort to fend off the intruder and therefore save his new buddies.

GALETTES-10 Best Anime Like Konosuba To Watch Now 2023

7. Re: Zero

In the anime, Subaru Natsuki, a high school student from Japan, is mysteriously transferred to a parallel universe while leaving a convenience shop one day. Subaru is ambushed by a gang of outlaws as he attempts to make his imprint in this new world. He is on the edge of dying when a silver-haired half-elf named “Satela,” together with a spirit that resembles a cat, Pack, intervenes to save him. In return, he chooses to assist her with her everyday chores, which include locating the badge that Felt—a young girl who thrives on theft—took from her. They are later ambushed and slain by an unknown attacker in the city’s slums. Subaru makes a final vow to Satela that he would stop at nothing to save her.

SUBARU-10 Best Anime Like Konosuba To Watch Now 2023

8. Gate

A huge door appears when Second Lieutenant Itami, who is using a leave of absence to attend a fanzine convention, is in a station in Tokyo’s Ginza neighbourhood. Coming out of this gate are several mediaeval troops, dragons, and other fantastic monsters who randomly attack everyone they come into contact with. The Self-Defense Forces, who arrive as Itami is assisting citizens in fleeing, swiftly defeat these supernatural foes thanks to their contemporary weaponry, which is considerably more potent than that of these suicidal rivals. Subsequently, the Japanese government decides to dispatch its troops to the opposite side of the gate to thwart more attacks and to evaluate the possibilities of this unique region.

ITAMI-10 Best Anime Like Konosuba To Watch Now 2023

9. Is It Wrong To Try To Pick Up Girls In A Dungeon?

This one is equally as adventurous as KonoSuba. J.C. Staff turned it into an anime adapted from the light novel DanMachi. The plot is quite straightforward, Bell Cranel is a dungeon explorer who is madly in love with Sword Princess Aiz Wallenstein. Bell claims that this stunning blond princess saved his life once, and ever since then he has been daydreaming about her. Bell soon becomes a protégé of the goddess Hestia. While they continue their travels together, Bell is also looking for Aiz.

JC STAFF-10 Best Anime Like Konosuba To Watch Now 2023

10. Log Horizon

The hugely multiplayer virtual role-playing game Elder Tale, which boasts a user base of several million players, has undoubtedly overtaken all other MMORPGs in the globe as of the release of its eleventh expansion pack. Nevertheless, with the launch of its twelfth expansion, Novasphere Pioneers, 30,000 Japanese gamers, and several thousand more online players worldwide discovered themselves unable to log out of the game and locked inside. Shiroe, a socially awkward young adult, and his buddies Naotsugu and Akatsuki are included in this group of participants. They resolve to cooperate to get past the challenges and threats of this world, which has now come to be their reality.

ELDER TALE-10 Best Anime Like Konosuba To Watch Now 2023

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