10 BEST Anime like Rising Of The Shield Hero - [2023 Edition]

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10 BEST Anime like Rising Of The Shield Hero - [2023 Edition]

There is a tonne of isekai for fans of all tastes in sub-genres like slice-of-life or romance, making it one of the most popular anime genres that viewers can’t get enough of. Rising of the Shield Hero’s upcoming season will premiere soon, but there will be plenty of other anime to binge-watch in the meanwhile.

There is a lot of isekai anime. Many are based on virtual worlds from video games, other histories, or even demon universes. The idea of a protagonist being transferred to another planet is not novel, but what makes viewers remain watching episode after episode are the characters and their growth.

Here are the Top 10 Best Anime like Rising Of The Shield Hero and it is the 2023 edition. Without further ado, let’s see the different recommendations. If you loved Rising Of The Shield Hero, then you must check it out.

1. The Tower Of Druga

Jil is a youthful explorer who, like the majority of people on his planet, aspires to ascend the Tower of Druaga. His inexperience and the fact that he can only protect himself with a shield make it challenging for him to fit in with the other adventures. He doesn’t feel as severely betrayed as Naofumi does, but he nonetheless faces many of the same issues. Give this underappreciated show a try if you’re seeking another fantasy anime with a strong female lead.

NO 1-10 BEST Anime like Rising Of The Shield Hero - \[2023 Edition\]

2. My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU

You could discover a new favourite isekai series in My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU if what drew you to Rising of the Shield Hero was the characters’ cynical vision of human society. Still, you could care less about the entire fantasy world thing. Hachiman Hikigaya is jaded and pessimistic like Naofumi since he is so used to being misled by people. He suffers when asked to be emotionally vulnerable since he won’t let himself become close to anyone. While Hikigaya starts the series that way and gradually attempts to get past it, viewers get to watch Naofumi truly make that transformation.

NO 2-10 BEST Anime like Rising Of The Shield Hero - \[2023 Edition\]

3. Is It Wrong To Pick Up Girls In A Dungeon?

Bell Cranel is a resident of his magical planet, unlike Naofumi, yet his activities are somewhat similar to those of Naofumi. He begins as a weakling who must develop strength through a system of “levelling up” like that found in video games. He must also assemble a band of allies to aid him. It’s a long and bumpy journey to get there, but in the end, he gains considerably more strength and competence.

NO 3-10 BEST Anime like Rising Of The Shield Hero - \[2023 Edition\]

4. The Saga Of Tanya The Evil

Being X, the universe’s equivalent of God decides to attempt to establish their existence after a salaryman challenges them to a debate over whether or not they exist. To get him to do this, they reincarnate him as Tanya, a young girl who begins her life in danger in the hopes that she will pray to God for aid. Tanya isn’t interested in any of it, so she ends up gaining control through her new magical world’s military while making whatever and whoever necessary sacrifices along the way. The protagonist of Saga of Tanya the Evil and Rising of the Shield Hero share some similarities, including being forcibly relocated to a different planet against their choice, intellectual protagonists who can survive by their wits, and a gradual rise to power. You’ll likely enjoy both if you enjoy one.

NO 4-10 BEST Anime like Rising Of The Shield Hero - \[2023 Edition\]

5. Re: Zero

Re: Zero may appeal to you if The Rising of the Shield Hero’s propensity to go genuinely dark appeals to you. Nothing goes well for Subaru Natsuki as he is taken to a magical realm. He is assaulted, robbed, and nearly killed right away, but he discovers a secret power that allows him to turn back time and live. Subaru will have a difficult time adjusting to life in the new world. To survive, he will need the assistance of his friends as well as his wits.

NO 5-10 BEST Anime like Rising Of The Shield Hero - \[2023 Edition\]

6. That Time I Got Reincarnated As A Slime

It’s not always what you wish or expect when you’re taken to another realm. In Naofumi’s case, the issue is that he is compelled to live at the bottom of his new society as a result of a string of betrayals and misconceptions, leaving him with little choice but to attempt to rescue the world in any case if he ever wishes to return home. That Time I Got Reincarnated As A Slime takes a much lighter approach to this idea by having the protagonist get reincarnated into a fantasy world as a slime rather than a dragon, a warrior, or any cool-looking character. Despite their challenges, Rinmaru and Naofumi will both learn to flourish in their new circumstances.

NO 6-10 BEST Anime like Rising Of The Shield Hero - \[2023 Edition\]

7. Isekai Quartet

Isekai Quartet is an outrageously funny anime adaptation of the genre that combines slice-of-life features. After being enticed to press a large red button, the anime gathers some of the most well-known main characters from the best isekai anime. All of the characters are now trapped in the present day and must interact with one another as they go about their daily lives as high school students. This hilarious spoof of one of the most well-known anime clichés has appearances from Ains Ooal Gown from Kazuma from Konosub, Tonya Degurechaff from Tanya the Evil, and Overlord.

NO 7-10 BEST Anime like Rising Of The Shield Hero - \[2023 Edition\]

8. Grimgar: Ashes And Illusions

In Grimgar: Ashes and Illusions, a group of people who have no recollection of their previous life are abruptly transferred to a fantastical realm. They have to enlist in the military to survive. The weakest members of the group are left behind by the stronger members of the group who form a group and leave them to fend for themselves. Similarly, Naofumi is in the same predicament when he first arrives in Melromarc, being the weak link of his group, he is almost instantly shunned and left with little choice but to do it alone.

NO 8-10 BEST Anime like Rising Of The Shield Hero - \[2023 Edition\]

9. Log Horizon

In comparison to Rising Of The Shield Hero, Log Horizon has a similar idea. Shiroe, a dedicated strategist, is imprisoned alongside thousands of other players in a brand-new MMO game with no hope of escape in sight. Together with his best buddy, he faces the difficulties of adjusting to the new environment, navigating NPCs, and answering the call of adventure while simultaneously attempting to avoid passing away. Shiroe is excellent at using his intellect to solve problems; quickly, he manages every situation with composure, much like Lelouche from Code Geass.

NO 9-10 BEST Anime like Rising Of The Shield Hero - \[2023 Edition\]

10. Overlord

Momonga stays connected to the server for the duration of his favourite online game’s closure. Instead of being expelled as he anticipates, he finds himself being transferred to a real-world version of the game as his character, the dark wizard in charge of the Ainz Ooal Gown guild. The environment continues to function in a way that is similar to a video game, but the inherent risks have significantly risen. Similar to Naofumi’s situation, both of them must adjust to a fantasy world akin to a video game, and they both begin as “villains,” albeit Naofumi’s is not by choice.

NO 10-10 BEST Anime like Rising Of The Shield Hero - \[2023 Edition\]

11. Jobless Reincarnation

In Jobless Reincarnation, Rudeus, a mid-aged NEET with no purpose in life, is the main character. This alters when he sacrifices his life to save the life of another person and is reborn in a new world with a newborn’s body while still having all of his memories. With the mentality of a mature adult, Rudeus excels at picking up new talents in this new world where magic is widespread and swordplay is essential. Rudeus, therefore, flourishes for the first time in his life and starts to recuperate and get over his prior tragedy; he makes new acquaintances, has new objectives for his life, and maybe even finds love. Fans of isekai will find Jobless Reincarnation to be enjoyable and refreshing since it hits all the correct isekai points.

NO 11-10 BEST Anime like Rising Of The Shield Hero - \[2023 Edition\]

12. One-Punch Man

The main issue Naofumi faces is that people have no idea who he is. The poor person receives no respect at all since he is falsely accused of terrible crimes, presumed to be weak and pitiful before he has a chance to prove himself, and is generally spat upon by society. Saitama, the protagonist of One-Punch Man, shares this. Even though he is the strongest person on his planet and devotes all of his strength to helping others, he is nevertheless seen to be unprofessional, weak, and pitiful despite several instances in which he shows the opposite. Even while it doesn’t completely wreck his life as it does Naofumi’s, this is still a huge inconvenience.

NO 12-10 BEST Anime like Rising Of The Shield Hero - \[2023 Edition\]

13. No Game No Life

Shiro and Sora, two otakus who do not quite fit in with society like Naofumi, are thrust into a video game-like environment and made to acclimatise to it. In contrast to Naofumi, Sora and Shiro have a far harder time adjusting to life in the actual world and are thus much more readily accepted by the magical one. Sora and Shiro are so worried and misunderstood that they rarely leave their bedrooms, in contrast to Naofumi, who is a typical college student with geeky hobbies. In the new world, Naofumi receives harsh criticism right once, but Sora and Shiro can acquire the admiration of others around them because of their gaming prowess. No Game No Life is a fantastic option if you like the idea of Rising of the Shield Hero but want a different perspective.

NO 13-10 BEST Anime like Rising Of The Shield Hero - \[2023 Edition\]

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