10 Best Enemies to Lovers BL Manhwa

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A traditional romantic cliche that has gained popularity across a variety of media, including BL manhwa, is enemies to lovers. Boys’ Love manhwa, sometimes referred to as BL manhwa, is a subgenre of manga or comic books that frequently concentrates on romantic interactions between male characters. The enemies to lovers trope, where two characters who originally loathe one another gradually develop romantic sentiments, is explored in many BL manhwa titles due to its rising popularity.

The ten best BL manhwa books that will make you root for the characters’ happily ever after are discussed in this blog article. These books are essential reading for every romance aficionado, regardless matter whether you’ve been a longtime fan of BL manhwa or are only now beginning to explore the genre. Without further ado, let’s explore the world of BL manhwa and learn about some of the greatest enemies-to-lovers tales that have ever been written.

Docchi mo Docchi

Docchi mo Docchi castAn interesting and novel exploration of the foes-to-lovers trope may be found in the well-known black and white manga “Docchi mo Docchi.” The narrative centers on Hino and Takano, two members of the student government from a high school. Due to their divergent personalities and leadership philosophies, Hino, the vice president, and Takano, the president, are bitter rivals.

Takano is severe and serious whereas Hino is more carefree and casual. Even though they frequently argue and clash, they are compelled to collaborate to organize the school festival. As they spend more time together, they begin to fall in love, but because of their pride and stubbornness, they find it difficult to communicate their feelings.

Focusing on character growth and development sets “Docchi mo Docchi” apart from other enemies to lovers BL manhwa. To acknowledge their affections for one another, Hino and Takano must get past their shortcomings and insecurities. As both individuals battle with their own issues and attempt to forge relationships, the novel also touches on themes of identity and acceptance.

Overall, “Docchi mo Docchi” is a must-read for anyone looking for an endearing tale of foes who become lovers with strong themes and characters. It stands out in the BL manhwa genre thanks to its original interpretation of the trope and realistic depiction of high school life.

50 x 50

50 x 50 cast

In “50 × 50,” a BL manhwa, Jiho and Seonho, two professional photographers, tell their narrative. Jiho and Seonho are often at odds with one another because they have different aesthetic perspectives. While Seonho is more interested in producing visually arresting and powerful photos, Jiho is more interested in capturing the beauty in ordinary moments.

Despite having different personalities, they are both drawn to one another and finally start dating. They must figure out how to strike a balance between their job and their relationship because their artistic differences continue to cause friction and strife in their personal life.

The investigation of the creative process and the difficulties that artists have when their perspectives diverge is what distinguishes “50 × 50” from other films. Along with being skilled photographers, the story’s well-developed characters each have their own distinct personalities and peculiarities.

The stunning illustrations in “50 x 50” go well with the story’s themes of beauty, art, and love. Basically, anyone who likes art and wants to see a fresh twist on a well-known trope should read these foes to lovers BL manhwa.

Black Sun Doreiou

Black Sun Doreiou posterIn the BL manhwa “Black Sun Doreiou,” humans and animals coexist in a fictitious universe. The plot centers on the political union that is pushed upon Kgo, the prince of the human realm, and Zieglar, the king of the beast kingdom.

Kgo and Zieglar’s relationship had a difficult beginning because both of them have preconceived notions about the other’s type. They gradually get close and fall in love, though, as they spend more time together and deal with external dangers to their kingdoms.

The setting and world-building of “Black Sun Doreiou” are what set it distinct from other foes to lovers BL manhwas. The plot examines prejudice, discrimination, and power dynamics while taking place in a politically complex setting. The difficulties and barriers that Kgo and Zieglar’s romance faces only add to the sweetness of their union.

Also, “Black Sun Doreiou” has gorgeous artwork that completely immerses the reader in the world of the novel through rich world-building and well-detailed character designs. In conclusion, everybody who appreciates fantasy, political intrigue, as well as a touching love story, must read these foes to lovers BL manhwa.

10 Dance

10 Dance castShinya and Sugiki, two competitive ballroom dancers, are the focus of the BL manhwa “10 Dance.” Sugiki is a Standard dancer, and Shinya is a Latin dancer. Both are regarded as being at the pinnacle of their respective genres.

Due of their dissimilar dance styles and their intense rivalry, Shinya and Sugiki first quarrel. Yet, as they practice dancing together and become familiar with one another’s techniques, they begin to appreciate and understand one another more. This later develops into a love connection, although their relationship is still challenged by their dance professions and personal problems.

The emphasis on dance as a means of expression and communication is what sets “10 Dance” apart. Beautifully choreographed dance scenes that highlight the characters’ connections and emotions in the plot give it a deeper level. Along with having deep personalities and backstories that make them more than just gifted dancers, the characters themselves are also well-developed.

Everyone who enjoys dance, competitiveness, and romance should read “10 Dance,” in my opinion. It stands out in the BL manhwa genre thanks to its original interpretation of the adversaries-to-lovers motif and focuses on dancing.

Shortcut Love

Shortcut Love poster

A BL manhwa called “Shortcut Love” tells the tale of two high school students named Junho and Hyesung who are made to collaborate on a project for class. Hyesung is a hardworking overachiever who is motivated to succeed, while Junho is a lazy slacker who is only interested in playing video games.

Their different work ethics and personalities cause the two of them to argue at initially. Yet as they get to know one another better and spend more time together, they start to feel something for each other. This gradually develops into a romantic connection, but their personal problems and fears keep getting in the way of it.

“Shortcut Love’s” emphasis on high school romance and adolescent problems sets it unique from other foes to lovers BL manhwa. Characters in the novel can be identified this because they are coping with concerns like first love, self-doubt, and academic pressure. The novel also has a lovely and endearing tone that makes it a comforting read.

Also, “Shortcut Love” features adorable, vibrant, and expressive character designs that truly bring the narrative’s characters to life. Basically, anyone who appreciates lovely and relatable high school romances should read these enemies to lovers BL manhwa.


Restart posterA former idol named Minwoo resolves to start a new life in a rural village after a scandal decimates his fame in the BL manhwa titled “Restart.” He meets Joon there, the surly and reclusive proprietor of the bookstore, who at first shows no interest in talking to him.

When Minwoo gets to know Joon better, he learns that the man is actually a gifted artist who has battled melancholy and anxiety. Over their common experiences, the two of them start to connect and finally fall in love. But, their pasts and other problems still plague them, and they have to balance their affection for one another with their demons.

The focus on mental health and recovery in “Restart” distinguishes it from other foes to lovers of BL manhwas. The story deals sensitively and carefully with difficult subjects including sadness, anxiety, and suicide. The characters’ struggle with self-acceptance and love is made all the more compelling by the fact that they are human and flawed.

Also, “Restart” features stunning and moving artwork with intricate character designs that depict the characters’ feelings and difficulties. In conclusion, anyone looking for a genuine and emotional narrative that approaches challenging issues with grace and compassion should read these foes to lovers BL manhwa.

Itsuka Sukida to Itte

Itsuka Sukida to Itte poster

A BL manhwa called “Itsuka Sukida to Itte” chronicles the tale of high school classmates Souji and Yuu. Yuu is a quiet, reserved student who wants to keep to himself, whereas Souji is a popular and gregarious student who is renowned for his charisma and confidence.

They first disagree because of their different personalities and interests. Yet as they spend more time together, they begin to feel something for one another. This soon develops into a romantic relationship, but their difficulties with admitting it and coping with their affection for one another pose problems for their union.

Its emphasis on coming of age and coming out sets “Itsuka Sukida to Itte” unique from other foes to lovers BL manhwa. The story addresses adolescent struggles like peer pressure, self-discovery, and first love. The story is also realistically based, with relatable characters and circumstances that give the narrative a genuine sense.

Also, the artwork of “Itsuka Sukida to Itte” is straightforward yet endearing, with expressive character designs that convey the characters’ personalities and feelings. Overall, for anyone looking for a charming and relevant novel about coming of age and finding oneself, this foes to lovers BL manhwa is a must-read.

3-kai Mawatte Suki to Ie

3-kai Mawatte Suki to Ie character

3-kai Yamamoto Kotetsuko is the author and illustrator of the well-known BL manga Mawatte Suki to Ie. Three college students who live together in a small apartment, Yoichi, Takafumi, and Shinobu, are the subjects of the novel, which chronicles their lives. Takafumi is a restrained, serious student who is committed to his studies, whereas Yoichi is an exuberant, carefree student who frequently makes fun of his housemates. Shinobu is a quiet, reserved student who finds it difficult to communicate his emotions.

Yoichi confesses his love to Takafumi at the beginning of the novel, but she rejects him because of his dedication to his studies. Shinobu, who is secretly in love with Yoichi, is greatly frustrated by Yoichi’s persistence as he pursues Takafumi.

The dynamics between the three housemates evolve and shift as the narrative goes along, and each character encounters their own unique difficulties. The narrative digs into the complexities of relationships and the emotional baggage that goes along with them as it examines themes of love, friendship, and self-discovery.

Characters in 3-kai Mawatte Suki to Ie are interesting and sympathetic, which is one of its best qualities. Yoichi, Takafumi, and Shinobu are lovable and complex due to their individual differences in personality and peculiarities. A wide range of supporting characters who give the setting in the novel depth and richness are also featured.

The gorgeous artwork in 3-kai Mawatte Suki to Ie is another noteworthy feature. The illustrations by Yamamoto Kotetsuko are expressive and detailed, with a delightful and whimsical style that perfectly depicts the characters’ feelings and personalities.

In total, 3-kai Mawatte Suki to Ie is a heartfelt and sympathetic BL manga that presents a complex and accurate representation of relationships and the challenges they entail. It is not surprising that this manga has become a renowned and well-known title in the BL genre given its captivating characters, gorgeous artwork, and emotional topics.

Honto Yajuu

Honto Yajuu cast

The story of a wild and carefree gay pair is told in the BL manhwa “Honto Yajuu” by Ueda Tomoharu, a tough and hardworking construction worker, and Gotouda Aki, a mild-mannered and scholarly office worker. The two of them have been dating for four years and are incredibly in love despite their differences.

Takasaki Shima, Tomoharu’s boss, enters the situation, though, and their friendship is put to the test. Shima first treats Tomoharu with coldness and aloofness, but as they become closer, he starts to feel affection for him. As a result, Tomoharu, Aki, and Shima get into a love triangle that results in both comic and sad situations.

“Honto Yajuu’s” emphasis on adult relationships and humorous incidents sets it unique from other foes to lovers BL manhwa. The story explores the difficulties of sustaining a long-term relationship and juggling personal and professional obligations. The plot also has an original and interesting cast of characters, such as Tomoharu’s oddball coworkers and Shima’s strict father.

Also, “Honto Yajuu’s” artwork is endearing and expressive, with character designs that perfectly convey the characters’ emotions and sense of humor. Overall, for anyone looking for a fun and engaging narrative about love and relationships, these foes to lovers BL manhwa is a must-read.

Romance Debut!!

Romance Debut!! poster

BL manhwa “Romance Debut!!” tells the tale of two rival high school students, Minseong and Yujin, whose personalities make them adversaries at first. Unlike Yujin, who is introverted and focused on his studies, and prefers to stay to himself, Minseong is a popular and extroverted student who aspires to be a singer.

Despite their initial hostility, the two of them are compelled to collaborate on a school assignment and gradually start to feel attracted to one another. Their competing interests and the pressure to live up to social norms, however, hamper their relationship.

“Romance Debut! !’s” examination of the difficulties experienced by high school students sets it unique from other enemies to lovers BL manhwa. The story deals with identity, peer pressure, and self-acceptance concerns, making it an emotionally engaging and realistic read.

Also, “Romantic Debut!! “’s artwork is endearing and expressive, with character designs that perfectly portray the characters’ youthful vitality and innocence. Overall, if you’re looking for a sweet and relevant tale about teenage love, you must read these foes to lovers BL manhwa.


Finally, from rivals to lovers Because of their engrossing and endearing tales, BL manhwa has grown in popularity among readers. These tales give a distinctive and enjoyable perspective on the romance subgenre, whether it’s a playful romance or a serious love triangle.

The 10 best enemies to lovers BL manhwa are covered in this article, including “Docchi mo Docchi,” “50 x 50,” “Black Sun Doreiou,” “10 Dance,” “Shortcut Love,” “Restart,” “Itsuka Sukida to Itte,” “Honto Yajuu,” and “Romance Debut!!.” These manhwa demonstrate the adaptability and ingenuity of the genre by providing several viewpoints on the adversaries-to-lovers trope.

Whether you’ve read BL manhwa before or you’re a beginner, these stories about rivals who become lovers will warm your heart and make you feel cozy on the inside. So why not give them a try and discover for yourself why this genre has grown to be so adored and well-known in the manga and manhwa communities?

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