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Action manga is one of our favorite genres when it comes to manga. But what if the mangakas mix the action with a historical setup and glorified wars? Well, Japan has witnessed a fair amount of bloodshed and war violence that can be seen in some of the mangas written by the artists of that place. With intense political turmoil and explicit violence, these stories have deeper themes to indulge in. In the era of popular manga works like Bleach, Attack of Titan, and several others there are some manga plots inspired by real events. Therefore, we bring you a list of 10+ manga about historical wars.

 Hellsing: The Dawn-10+ Manga about Historical War

Hellsing: The Dawn

The first recommended manga about historical war is the popular title Hellsing. This manga depicts the world in the times of World War 2. Hellsing is an organization whose current leader is fearful of Nazis who are potentially using mysterious creatures as frontline soldiers. The story has vampire-like creatures that were advanced enough to become a serious threat to people. The story has a deep influence on the World War in its setting and plot. Alucard and Walter C. Dornes, a young man are forced to work with the Hellsing Organization to stop the inhuman plans of Nazis from coming into effect.

Kingdom- 10+ Manga about Historical War


This recommended manga about historical war is Kingdom. Set back in ancient China during the 500-year war this manga displays rebellious passion and political war. this manga beautifully depicts the warring states’ era that decided the course of several lives. Filled with lots of bloodshed, explicit violence, and philosophical themes the manga has its way to rewrite history. The central character of the story is a young boy named Shin. The incredible story of this orphan boy growing from a desolate state to a well-known general in the mighty Kingdom is an inspiring story coupled with beautiful manga panels.

 Demon Slayer-10+ Manga about Historical War

Demon Slayer

This is among the most popular anime and manga about historical war set in the Taisho era of Japan. Tanjirou is a kind-hearted young boy who is at the center of the story. The normal life of the protagonist who is a coal seller, his life gets turned around when the whole of his family is slaughtered by the monsters’ demons. Because Tanjirou and his younger sister are the only survivors of the slaughter they are hellbent on taking revenge on the demon. The story is full of action, explicit violence, and clinking swords hungry for revenge.

Romance of the Three Kingdoms /Sangokushi- 10+ Manga about Historical War

Romance of the Three Kingdoms /Sangokushi

Next up on the list, we have another manga based on the historical setting of ancient China. In the country, the political system is completely corrupt and unfair and so, there is a war raging throughout. However one day a regular mat-weaver guy. Liu Bi finds out that he is one of the potential heirs to the throne of China. This discovery leads him how to become passionate about changing the circumstances for people in the homeland. Alongside other fierce warriors, the protagonist begins his journey for change. On the way to the throne, Liu strengthens his bonds of friendship and moves ahead for some action for change.

 Message to Adolf-10+ Manga about Historical War

Message to Adolf

Message to Adolf is a historical manga about was that captures the year 1936 when a Japanese reporter observes the Berlin Olympic Games at the same time when his brother is murdered. However, the story takes a turn when he gets to know that the Nazi party had blackmailed all his neighbors into saying that his sibling never existed. Sohei, the reporter unravels the mysterious clues and information about this Nazi party. The manga has very well included some of the real events from the World War and the Jewish Holocaust to bring forth a strong historical narrative in this manga.

 In This Corner of the World-10+ Manga about Historical War

In This Corner of the World

Suzu is a young woman and the protagonist of this manga about historical war. Set in 1940s Hiroshima prefecture the story captures a side of World War 2. Suzu joins her new husband and his family in the city of Kure leaving behind her home in the countryside. The growing political turmoil and war led to the collapse of her house. The young female lead has to deal with the challenges of new life wild coping with the exploding reality. This manga beautifully depicts the horrors of war and the effort of people to create some happiness in this corner of the world.

Golden Kamuy- 10+ Manga about Historical War

Golden Kamuy

This manga recommendation about historical war is set in the 20th century. Sugimoto is a Russo-Japanese war veteran who has been reduced to a mere life of survival and existence post-war. The hero who endlessly fought for the country in the war is now on a quest for the gold rush on the wild frontiers of Hokkaido. The harsh conditions and ruthless criminals who have started thriving in the post-war chaos bring in action and dark comedy for the readers. Sugimoto has to use his skills to help a young girl named Aspira to survive the harsh conditions amidst explicit violence.

Shigeru Mizuki’s Hitler- 10+ Manga about Historical War

Shigeru Mizuki’s Hitler

Even years after his death Adolf Hitler remained a mystery for historians, psychologists, and Military tacticians. The manga unravels some complex events from the history that led Germany into signing up for the Holocaust and opening up the way for World War 2. Shigeru Mizuki’s Hitler creates an eloquent biography of Hitler’s life in the form of a manga. The mangaka has used the very information about the beginning of Hitler’s time in Australia as a struggling art student to ending up being the destroyer and dictator who paved way for destroying several lives with his overpowered political maneuver. The story is compelling with some of the most informative and pictorially depicted intensity of an influencing personality from history.

 Koukoku no Shugosha/ Imperial Guards-10+ Manga about Historical War

Koukoku no Shugosha/ Imperial Guards

Imperial Guards is an adventure manga about the historical war that features Dragons. This story is about an elite military unit that safeguards their land along with sabretooth tigers trained to assist the humans. When the royal Kingdom invades the empire in the desire to dominate the whole world it leads to a disastrous opening for fears battle between the two powers. If you are a fan of action and military-based seinen manga, then this story full of camaraderie and explicit violence can be your next favorite read.

 Vagabond-10+ Manga about Historical War


Set in Japan during the 16th century, this manga about historical war is titled Vagabond. The story captures the life of Shinmen a young and fiery man who is the greatest of nature and has made people fear him. He and his best friend enlist in the Toyotomi army because they yearn for glory and something grander than a typical village life. The explicit violence and fictitious retelling of the life of Japan’s renowned swordsman Mishashi Miyamoto through this manga has a very close reflection of war life. The award-winning manga has captured the attention and love of so many people that even being among the oldest creations it is still loved and highly ranked for its popularity.

Do comment and let us know which is your war-themed favorite historical manga. Also, check out the list of Reasons to Watch/Read Jujutsu Kaisen.

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