10+ Manhwa where MC builds a Kingdom

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10+ Manhwa where MC builds a Kingdom

The world-building is an important part of writing a story as well as creating mangas. But when any story has to combine action, adventure, and fantasy in one it becomes crucial to have an interesting plot. The kind of mangas and manhwa where the MC builds a Kingdom or fights against all odds to establish his supremacy, the story becomes more interesting. The list of top 10+ Manhwa where MC builds a Kingdom brings together some crazy adventure stories with overpowered MC all set to rule the world. If you like fantasies with lots of action then these recommendations are made perfectly to fit your taste.

Red Storm: 10+ Manhwa where MC builds a Kingdom

Red Storm

This underrated manhwa where MC builds a Kingdom has its premise set in a fantasy land. The protagonist is a desert warrior who trains a young boy to tackle monsters that move across their land. The main character who has his goal set up on saving land add its people make the story very engaging. The fantasy action has a lot of twists that will keep you engaged and down to this good read. Overall this desert-themed manhwa is good when it comes to Kingdom building.

Duke Pendragon: Master of the White Dragon: 10+ Manhwa where MC builds a Kingdom

Duke Pendragon: Master of the White Dragon

Duke Pendragon: Master of the White Dragon is the fantasy webtoon manhwa that features the life of Raven Balt. The central character of this manhwa is a Monster Hunter in the devil’s army. The hero is given the responsibility to guard and look after Allen Pendragon. Raven and Allen are killed under a hatched conspiracy. But soon after his death, Raven wakes up in the body of Allen seven years before the time they were killed. Raven has to find out and solve the legend of the white dragon to restore the House of Pendragon. He has to level up to another extent if wants to become a dragon master.

Overgeared: 10+ Manhwa where MC builds a Kingdom


Shin Youngwoo a.k.a Grid has a stroke of tough luck because he is a low-level player in the most popular virtual reality game. However, his life changes when he finds a powerful item within the game he earns the rear legendary title: Pagma’s Successor. Now the loser character has turned into a strong blacksmith who has the skill to forge unique weapons and use them in the game. Grid has plans to use his abilities to make fortune and become famous. He realizes that he can do many things with his limited power resource.

Seoul Station’s Necromancer: 10+ Manhwa where MC builds a Kingdom

Seoul Station’s Necromancer

After surviving some fearsome fights and situations on the planet Alphen, Woojin Kang has become the fiercest necromancer of his time. The hero finds his way back to the earth with the abilities of a low-level player. The main character has to clip keep clearing dungeons and tackle the invasion that threatens humanity. The extreme circumstances and destruction from which the main character save the world make this one to the list of manhwa where MC builds a Kingdom.

The Greatest Estate Developer: 10+ Manhwa where MC builds a Kingdom

The Greatest Estate Developer

Suho Kim is a civil engineering student who falls asleep while reading a fantasy novel. When he wakes up from his nap he realizes he has become a character in the book. Suho is trapped in the body of a lazy noble who loves to drink instead of helping his family clear out their debt. The main character finds a purpose in life and starts using his engineering knowledge to design and create things that can turn around the terrible future that awaits him in the story. With the help of a giant hamster, a knight in shining armor, and the magical worlds’, Suho builds a better future for his family in the fantasy world.

The Max Level Hero Strikes Back: 10+ Manhwa where MC builds a Kingdom

The Max Level Hero Strikes Back

The next manhwa in the list is an adventure story where the main character is building a Kingdom or rather destroying it in revenge. All of the revenge begins with Prince Davey O’Rowane, getting hit by an arrow and falling into a coma. He travels back 2 to the owner’s table hall of heroes and undergoes excruciating training to become a hero who is too strong to be defeated. Later he wakes up from his coma and finds himself in his timeline and starts to uncover the faces of enemies hiding in the king’s court. The Prince had gone through enough trouble to care about forgiving those who wronged him.

Lout of Count’s Family: 10+ Manhwa where MC builds a Kingdom

Lout of Count’s Family

Choi Han the hero of an ordinary novel loses everyone. To get his revenge he leaves his home and hits a city where he can beat up the drunken noble whom he finds annoying. Unfortunately Kim the protagonist of the story wakes up in that same novel as the drunken novel who is destined to be thrashed by the novel’s hero. Because the main character knows his fate he tries to escape the beating. This isekai manhwa where the main character is building a Kingdom has the best fantasy elements as well as ancient spells that can save Kim from Choi Han.

Solo Bug Player: 10+ Manhwa where MC builds a Kingdom

Solo Bug Player

Manhwa Solo Bug Player, also known popularly by its alternate title Solo Glitch Player. Taepung Shin loves MMO games and each part of it well. However, yes giving adventures abruptly come to an end with an untimely death. But the MC gets a chance to experience the game world when he reincarnated as the delinquent Lord frozen province in the game. Paradiso, the game world tests the courageous protagonist as he moves on to take advantage of the glitches within the game and swiftly transforms into the main character to begin his adventure as an OP MC.

Duchess of the Glass House: 10+ Manhwa where MC builds a Kingdom

Duchess of the Glass House

Another ongoing manhwa where MC builds a Kingdom is Duchess of the Glass House. The FMC Rayna Vinosht is popularly known as the cursed one. She never received her share of love from her father. When married off to Duke Edgar, their relationship starts to decay soon and her son is snatched away. But in her second chance at life, Rayna the MC is hell-bent on building her kingdom. She has made a contact with Undine the adorable water spirit who helps her change everything. Now that she has supernatural powers she rules her estate with an iron fist like a powerful duchess should do.

I Shall Master This Family: 10+ Manhwa where MC builds a Kingdom

I Shall Master This Family

If you are a fan of female-centric manhwa where MC builds a Kingdom then this recommendation hits the correct notes. I Shall Master This Family begins with the fall of the Lombardi empire. Firentia Lombardi is troubled by her cousins and witnesses the ruins of her family. All of the tragic fate befalls her so that, she can return by reincarnation and take up the charge of her household to save the family name from doom and destruction.

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