10+ Manhwa Where MC Looks Weak But Is Strong [RECOMMENDATIONS]

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Today, we will discuss the 10+ Manhwa featuring an MC that appears weak but is strong and overwhelming.

Everyone enjoys seeing our heroes’ comebacks and how they appear cool after defeating those who are looking down on them unfairly. Yeah, I agree, too.

Because of this, I love all the manhwa in which the main character appears to be weak but powerful. I am thus quite eager to write this article.

Here are the 10+ Manhwa where MC looks weak but is strong. Without further ado, let’s see the different recommendations. If you love romance and overcaring MCs, then you must check it out.

1. Talent Swallowing Magician

The tale has so far been quite excellent, and it’s a lot like Book devouring magician. It’s implied from the title that it’s magic manhwa. The central protagonist is talented, but due to an illness, he is unable to utilise magic. However, he has a pendant that was stolen from his family that allows him to use magic. Why they chose the moniker Talent Swallowing Magician is beyond me. Since the necklace can only augment the strength of demons, like in manhwa, they should have called it Demon Swallowing Magician. Even though it’s the penultimate title on our list, the battle parts are rather fantastic.

NO 1-10+ Manhwa Where MC Looks Weak But Is Strong \[RECOMMENDATIONS\]

2. Gosu

A young guy who is seeking revenge on his master is the subject of this tale. The issue is that they all passed away. He had heard that. In his desperation, he began to think back on all the things he had trained for and began to ask various questions. Why did he practise for so long? And now, what will he do? Not even his master, who sacrificed his life for him, can be exacted in vengeance. Though the narrative of Gosu starts extremely slowly and somewhat tediously, it soon becomes engaging. When he first discovers a hint that the men he has intended to assassinate are still alive, things started to become interesting.

NO 2-10+ Manhwa Where MC Looks Weak But Is Strong \[RECOMMENDATIONS\]

3. Return Of The Mount Hua Sect

In Return Of The Mount Hua Sect, Chung Myung, the sect’s thirteenth student and one of the top three swordsmen of his era (popularly known as Plum Blossom Sword Saint), battles Chun Ma among other powerful warriors. The worst danger to mankind destroys every location he goes. He represented a catastrophe. and when Chun Ma was eventually slain. Chung Myung also passed out, and when he opened his eyes, he discovered that the incident had occurred 100 years before. He was most astonished to learn that his beloved tribe had perished because they turned their backs on the enemies they had battled. Afterwards, choose to revive the Mount Hua Sect.

NO 3-10+ Manhwa Where MC Looks Weak But Is Strong \[RECOMMENDATIONS\]

4. Reincarnation Of The Suicidal Battle God

Another outstanding Manhwa has a strong MC who appears to be weak. Zephyr, the main character of this series, will be the subject of our discussion this time. In opposition to the demon ruler and demon worshipper, Zephyr was the sole man still alive. He finally perished at the hands of a demon deity, though. Gods were amused by his struggle and granted him a second opportunity after being impressed. He was transported back in time to the era of slavery. He must now be ready to battle the demon king, both alone and with the help of others. But the real question is, can he eradicate this pervasive evil that is about to rule the others? You’ll have to read this manhwa to learn everything there is to know about him and his history.

NO 4-10+ Manhwa Where MC Looks Weak But Is Strong \[RECOMMENDATIONS\]

5. Overgeared

Before anything else, I’d want to advise you guys to give this Manhwa a go if you can stand it for at least 50 chapters. Because after then it is completely OP but until then it is simply too dull. I just adored it. I put off reading this Manhwa several times, and when I did decide to pick it up again, I regretted not doing so sooner. The manhwa is set in a virtual reality environment where Greed, the protagonist, was having difficulties. He developed an addiction to this world and was now risking everything in his final game. From there, he has to fight his way back. Despite being given the unusual title of “Pagma’s Descendant.” At the time, he felt like it was a curse. Can he, however, realise his full worth and make the greatest use of this title? Or will he always work as a blacksmith?

NO 5-10+ Manhwa Where MC Looks Weak But Is Strong \[RECOMMENDATIONS\]

6. I Am Actually A Cultivation Bigshot

I’m distant from the demon’s servant, in a manner, is how it sounds. A little act committed by the main character might cause problems for other individuals. Even though he is a regular person, he is viewed by many as an immortal, strong character. The characters are all created to be appropriate for this sort of scenario, and the artwork is adorable.

NO 6-10+ Manhwa Where MC Looks Weak But Is Strong \[RECOMMENDATIONS\]

7. Library Of Heaven’s Path

The storyline is enjoyable. It’s not as sexual as other martial arts webtoons, which frequently show indications of sexual harassment. It’s a humorous one that explains the significance of loyalty in the narrative. Despite the lack of any distinctive events, this martial arts webcomic stands out among the competition. The tale is much better written. Although the character has received some more consideration, it is the right fit for the type of tale it tells.

NO 7-10+ Manhwa Where MC Looks Weak But Is Strong \[RECOMMENDATIONS\]

8. After Signing In For 30 Days I Can Annihilate Stars

It’s not bad at all. The plot and the art are both excellent. The main character and a few others are transferred to the realm of monsters and dungeons, which is more akin to manhwas. Members of the constellation are keeping an eye on them, but this individual is a cultivator, and the ones who watch over and reward the cultivators are regular individuals from the earth. In the beginning, the MC has the highest rating.

NO 8-10+ Manhwa Where MC Looks Weak But Is Strong \[RECOMMENDATIONS\]

9. I Might Be A Fake Cultivator

This story is about farming. one with both cultivation methods and eternal gods. The fact that it is a biography of a young man by the name of An Lin, a human who was heavily indebted and on the run from loan sharks before meeting a True God, is what matters most. Unburdened by loan sharks, An Lin was sent to develop just at Immortal Cultivation United University, but still, it appears that The True God set off his trolls. Was this the reality he had envisioned for himself? This story about cultivation is it not common? Which is that?

NO 9-10+ Manhwa Where MC Looks Weak But Is Strong \[RECOMMENDATIONS\]

10. Legend Of The Northern Blade

This Manhwa has convinced me that the term is accurate. When the earth was at its worst, martial artists came together and founded the Northern Heavenly Sect. And as a result of their sacrifice, peace was once more being enjoyed by everybody. However, instead of paying them back, other individuals assumed the role of their envoys and began plotting to have them killed. As a result, the Northern Blade Sect was destroyed. And the only member of the northern group is still alive. All those who plotted against the Northern Blade Sect are the targets of his vengeance. But now, in addition to getting his comeuppance, our protagonist must battle the dangers that loom over humanity. Can our hero accomplish this?

NO 10-10+ Manhwa Where MC Looks Weak But Is Strong \[RECOMMENDATIONS\]

11. Return Of The Blossoming Blade

Concerning how amazing this manhwa has been thus far, I am at a loss for words. The MC in particular is quite endearing. He comes across as a complete moron with no common sense, yet when it comes to planning and other things, he is quite intelligent. You’ll be astounded by that man’s intelligence. He has a cocky, self-assured demeanour. When not handled well, such characteristics of protagonists may be humiliating, but the author writes him so brilliantly that it’s interesting to read. I enjoy following him along on his excursions and battle situations. I adore the characters and the lovely artwork. I’m going to look at the book since I can’t wait to read it right now!

NO 11-10+ Manhwa Where MC Looks Weak But Is Strong \[RECOMMENDATIONS\]

12. Eleceed

The protagonist of the narrative is a high school student who is incapable of resisting bullies. His meeting with the strongest person in the world, however, quickly brought about a shift in his life, and he is now trapped in that body for the duration of the episode. This is the tale of Jiwoo, who chose a stray cat to pet only to discover that he was the strongest person in the entire world. He is reported to be so powerful that he can battle three top-ranked opponents at once. How would his life alter as a result?

NO 12-10+ Manhwa Where MC Looks Weak But Is Strong \[RECOMMENDATIONS\]

13. The Undefeatable Swordsman

The main character in this tale is Song Woo Mun. He resides in a town with his family, who own an inn. He was unable to study master skills because of his intelligence and frail frame. However, once Song Woo Mun acquired a picture from an unidentified sage, things started to change. His body and intellect both began to expand rapidly at this point. But it’s been argued that more power also comes with increased responsibility. Is he now capable of making smart use of it?

NO 13-10+ Manhwa Where MC Looks Weak But Is Strong \[RECOMMENDATIONS\]

14. The Descent Of The Demonic Master

The manhwa’s main character experiences several lifetimes, each lasting a varied amount of time. In his previous life, he was involved in an accident in which he lost both his legs and his family. And when his existence draws to an end, he awakens as a red demon fighter in a new realm. He decided not to waste this life, and as a result, he attained the highest level of humanity. At the time, he was regarded as the strongest. But his dearest friend deceived him, and he once again passed away.

NO 14-10+ Manhwa Where MC Looks Weak But Is Strong \[RECOMMENDATIONS\]

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