12 Best Manhwa/Manhua Like The Remarried Empress To Read (Right Now) 2023

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12 Best Manhwa/Manhua Like The Remarried Empress To Read (Right Now) 2023

This manhwa follows Navier Ellie Trovi, the ideal empress who was compassionate to her husband and the citizens of her realm before the emperor brought in a mistress and turned her life upside down. She consents to the divorce and requests permission to get married again to keep her empress title.

In other words, The Remarried Empress features a glorified emperor, a cherished empress, and a duplicitous mistress. Navier, the protagonist of the narrative, realised as a little girl that she would one day become an empress and work towards that goal with the support of her husband, Sovieshu. Up until Sovieshu encounters an unidentified woman on a hunting expedition, everything in their life appears to be going according to plan.

This manhwa The Remarried Empress is an Alphatart-penned, HereLee-adapted, Sumpul-illustrated Fantasy Webtoon Original that usually updates on Sundays but is now on break. On Naver, the original Korean webcomic debuted.

The same-named online book by Alphatart and Chirun, who also did the illustrations, served as the inspiration for the webtoon. The series has been adapted into video games and audio dramas.

One of the greatest plots and characters is found in the manhwa “Remarried Empress.” You’ll long for more chapters as the novel delves into a variety of genres.

Here are the Top 12 Best Manhwa or Manhua Like The Remarried Empress To Read (Right Now) that is evergreen even in 2023. Without further ado, let’s see the different recommendations.

1. I Don’t Love You Anymore

The online book serial Deo Isang Saranghaji Anneunda by Haeyoon Eun was adapted into the movie I Don’t Love You Anymore. Lezhin Comics started releasing the series online in English on October 15, 2021. What transpires when you break up with someone? The Duke, Baler Eustache, and Nevaeh Solene were engaged. She persevered, nonetheless, in a marriage that was not meant to be for ten long winters. Nevaeh moves to a different nation after breaking off her engagement to live a peaceful life. Nevertheless, she encounters Emperor Arendt there, who desires to show her the love she has never known. Will Nevaeh’s never-ending winter eventually give way to springtime blooms?

DEO-12 Best Manhwa/Manhua Like The Remarried Empress To Read (Right Now) 2023

2. Lady To Queen

In the manhwa, after having fairytale dreams, Neil transformed into the emperor’s queen, but she returned divorced and under suspicion of treachery. Laila miraculously survived the brutal execution of her family and returned just in time for everything to go wrong. She decides to put herself at risk and takes the throne of the emperor.

NEIL-12 Best Manhwa/Manhua Like The Remarried Empress To Read (Right Now) 2023

3. The Lady And The Beast

The legendary Empress Martina, who had a life filled with violence and heartache, is resurrected as Astina, the brilliant daughter of a lowly count. But when her father is forced by bankruptcy to wed her to the dangerous Archduke Atalenta, her tranquil existence is upended. Due to a familial curse that transformed him into a ferocious monster, he is known to everyone in high society as “Terriod the Beast.” Fortunately, even the dangerous beast of Atalenta cannot stand a chance against the former empress’s powerful blade. Everyone is startled when the new archduchess quickly subdues her husband and assumes control of the household. But, no one is more shocked than Astina when her simple kiss transforms Terriod back into a human. In addition to looking like her ex-lover, he has no recollection of her from his time as a wolf. Notwithstanding these uncomfortable conditions, can the new power couple be able to work together to dominate the archduchy?

MARTINA-12 Best Manhwa/Manhua Like The Remarried Empress To Read (Right Now) 2023

4. Beauty And The Beasts

Mashiro, a second-year student of high school, is afraid of guys, which makes her bizarre circumstance even stranger after being hit by a car, she appears to be in a coma and then awakens in a weird future world where she is the only living thing. Four young men had been taking care of Mashiro so that when she awakened, she would be able to have their children since the majority of the world’s population consists of Celestials, creatures who are comparable to gods, and because the progeny of a Celestial and a human is extremely strong. While Mashiro is not at all comfortable with this, it doesn’t seem like she has many options.

MASHIRO-12 Best Manhwa/Manhua Like The Remarried Empress To Read (Right Now) 2023

5. Doctor Elise: The Royal Lady With The Lamp

Among Korean surgeons, Dr. Song Jihyun is regarded as a prodigy because of her talent for rescuing patients in any situation. Her envy and avarice had already caused the loss of her loved ones and, eventually, her demise in her previous incarnation as Elise de Clorance, the ill-mannered wife of the emperor. She pledged to save lives rather than take them as a result. Following a catastrophic plane crash, Elise discovers herself back in her old body. She is resolved to serve the empire as a doctor in this incarnation since she has experience with modern medicine and the chance to right her wrongs. Can Elise be able to escape getting married to Prince Linden de Romanoff, who she had loved to the point of sacrificing herself for him?

DR SONG-12 Best Manhwa/Manhua Like The Remarried Empress To Read (Right Now) 2023

6. The Great Wish

In the manhwa, Sienna Argent possesses unmatched beauty, amazing talent, and a clear road to the crown. She’s even starting to experience visions of the future now! In her capacity as the Silver King and next monarch, everything is ready. Why then has she suddenly become suspicious of people close to her? All three of her past allies—her mother, her half-royal half-brother, and a mysterious man—seem to influence how her future turns out. Is an unhappy ending in store for Sienna?

SIENNA-12 Best Manhwa/Manhua Like The Remarried Empress To Read (Right Now) 2023

7. Solitary Lady

Hillis Inoaden, a noblewoman, has already lived seven incarnations, yet throughout them all, she has always been seen as timid, subservient, and a bother. She no longer submits to the nobility that surrounds her in her ninth resurrection, however, and she also no longer hides in the shadows of her evil brother and stepsister. She embarks on her quest for vengeance and to alter the grim future that awaits her with a holy ability passed down via her ancestry and the position of Family Head.

HILLIS-12 Best Manhwa/Manhua Like The Remarried Empress To Read (Right Now) 2023

8. The Falcon Princess

Hanryui is the author and Dongjeon is the artist of this manhwa. Princess Zeline passes out while trying to escape the conflict that is occurring in the Roymund Kingdom, but she awakens in the form of a falcon messenger! She is now the bird in charge of supplying Commander Valhyle and his men, who are looking for the last of the royal bloodline, with information. Zeline is determined to utilise her missions to learn what happened to her family, even though she is little and covered in feathers. Will this small bird give her kingdom fresh wings and win over the commander’s scepticism?

HANRYUI-12 Best Manhwa/Manhua Like The Remarried Empress To Read (Right Now) 2023

9. Men Of Harem

In this manhwa, Latil has to be married to maintain her control over Tarium after being scorned by her lover and thrust into leadership following her father’s murder. She selects five young men from various backgrounds to join her harem rather than picking only one to be her Royal Consort. Will Latil ever find the killer of her father, and will she be able to maintain harmony in her Harem?

LATIL-12 Best Manhwa/Manhua Like The Remarried Empress To Read (Right Now) 2023

10. The Lady’s Law Of Survival

Although none of her previous incarnations had lived to see their 25th birthday, Lukina begged the underworld’s ruler to grant her four wishes: prosperity, the absence of siblings, a long life, and an absence of problems with men. However, the king only granted three of her requests.

LUKINA-12 Best Manhwa/Manhua Like The Remarried Empress To Read (Right Now) 2023

11. Crows Like Things That Sparkle

A battle that has been raging for 37 years in the desolate northern Snowlands of the empire is finally put to an end by one Captain Sahara Ellawood of the 128th Order against the cruel Norcans. Captain Ellawood is expected to be met by a barbarian who beheads and eats her adversaries’ eyeballs when Crown Prince Cheshire Wi Solante arrives to accompany her to the capital. He was shocked to learn that Captain Ellawood is an exceptionally brave, devoted, innocent, and most significantly, stunning lady. Cheshire falls in love with Sahara right away, and the two spend a romantic night together following the victory party. But, things swiftly go south when Sahara asserts that her sole attachment to the prince is fervent loyalty. Will Cheshire succeed in through Sahara’s defences and winning this handsome knight’s heart?

SAHARA-12 Best Manhwa/Manhua Like The Remarried Empress To Read (Right Now) 2023

12. I Am The Real One

The reincarnation, fantasy, and romance genres are all covered in the Korean web novel I Am the Real One, which was eventually turned into a manhwa. Sam Wol wrote the original tale, while Yuwoon did the artwork. One water elementalist would only be born from the Grand Duke, according to a prophecy. Keira is aware that she is destined for such abilities even if she doesn’t have her father’s love. But after years of acting in accordance with what was right and suitable for a noble, Cosette, who falsely represents herself as the Grand Duke’s daughter, shows up and has her executed. Then, Keira awakens with a renewed determination to act—to find allies, friends, and allies—before it’s too late. Will it be sufficient before Cosette develops her scheme?

SAM-12 Best Manhwa/Manhua Like The Remarried Empress To Read (Right Now) 2023

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