13 Best Shounen Ai Manga Of All Time 2023

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Over the years, Shounen Ai Manga, also known as Boys’ Love (BL) manga, has grown in popularity. These manga depict romantic relationships between male characters and are popular among readers all over the world. In this blog, we’ll go over the 13 best Shounen Ai manga of all time, which you should definitely read in 2023.

Before we get into the best Shounen Ai manga, let’s define what it is. Shounen Ai manga is a genre that focuses on male characters’ romantic relationships. The genre is frequently confused with Yaoi, which features explicit sexual content between male characters. Shounen Ai manga, on the other hand, focuses on the emotional aspect of the relationship rather than physical intimacy.

Karasugaoka Don’t Be Shy!!

Karasugaoka Don’t Be Shy!! character scene

Karasugaoka Don’t Be Shy (KDBS) is a Japanese cultural phenomenon that has spread throughout the world. It is a philosophy that encourages people to be fearless, confident, and unapologetically pursue personal happiness and success. The phrase “Karasugaoka Don’t Be Shy” is derived from the name of a Tokyo park that has come to represent this philosophy.

KDBS derives from the Japanese concept of “ganbaru,” which means to persevere or to do one’s best. There is a strong cultural emphasis on hard work and dedication in Japan, but this can also lead to a culture of conformity and a fear of standing out. This cultural norm is challenged by KDBS, which encourages people to take risks, be themselves, and pursue their passions without fear of being judged.

Hikaru Ga Shinda Natsu

Hikaru Ga Shinda Natsu posterUshiki Yoshitaka’s Hikaru Ga Shinda Natsu, also known as Hikaru’s Death Summer, is a Japanese manga written and illustrated by him. From 2014 to 2017, the manga was serialised in the online magazine Comic Meteor and was collected into seven tankobon volumes. The plot revolves around Hikaru Nakamura, a high school student who dies in an accident but is resurrected as a zombie.

Hikaru Nakamura is a high school student who has a crush on her classmate, Nozomu. She is hit by a truck and killed on the spot one day while on her way to confess her feelings to Nozomu. She awakens the next day in her room, fully recovered from her injuries, but with an odd craving for human flesh. Hikaru discovers she has been resurrected as a zombie by a strange scientist named Ryuuhei.

Hikaru’s new life as a zombie is anything but ordinary. She is struggling to accept her new identity and is plagued by the desire to consume human flesh. Regardless, she is determined to live a normal life and confess her feelings to Nozomu.

Our Dining Table

Our Dining Table poster with characterOur Dining Table is a piece of furniture that serves as the centre of attention in a dining room. It is usually a large table that seats several people comfortably and is made of wood, metal, or a combination of the two.

The table’s size and shape may vary depending on the available space, the number of people it must accommodate, and the room’s design aesthetic. The most common shape for a dining table is rectangular, but circular, oval, and square tables are also available.

A dining table’s tabletop is typically made of a long-lasting and easy-to-clean material, such as wood, glass, or marble. It is frequently polished and smooth to the touch, and it may be embellished with decorative patterns or inlaid designs.

I Hear The Sunspot

I Hear The Sunspot main characterYuki Fumino’s I Hear The Sunspot is a Japanese manga series that debuted in 2014. The plot revolves around the relationship of two young men, one of whom is deaf, as they navigate college life and romantic feelings for each other.

Kohei, the main character, is a college student who has recently lost much of his hearing as a result of an illness. He has difficulty communicating with others and frequently feels isolated and alone. One day, he meets Taichi, a fellow student who becomes his note-taker and interpreter. Despite their initial awkwardness, the two become close friends and eventually fall in love with each other.

Kohei and Taichi face a variety of challenges and obstacles throughout the series, including discrimination and misunderstandings from their peers. They learn to overcome these challenges together, relying on one another for support and comfort.

Given Is An Especially Emotional Shonen-Ai Series

Given Is An Especially Emotional Shonen-Ai Series cast

“Given” is a Natsuki Kizu manga series that was later adapted into an anime series. It is well-known for being a particularly emotional shonen-ai series, focusing on a romantic relationship between two male characters.

The plot revolves around Uenoyama Ritsuka, a talented guitarist who has lost his love for music. He meets Satou Mafuyu, a quiet and reserved young man carrying a guitar with broken strings, one day. Uenoyama, intrigued by Mafuyu’s presence, decides to fix his guitar and soon discovers that Mafuyu has a lovely singing voice.

Uenoyama and Mafuyu form a deep connection as they begin to play music together, and their relationship gradually develops into a romantic one. Their journey, however, is far from easy, as they face a variety of challenges and obstacles, both in their personal lives and in their shared musical ambitions.

Until I Meet My Husband

 Until I Meet My Husband poster

“Until I Meet My Husband” is a phrase that is frequently used to describe a person’s optimistic attitude towards finding their soulmate or life partner. This phrase is frequently associated with a sense of anticipation and excitement, implying that the speaker is actively seeking out their future spouse and anticipating the moment when they finally meet.

The search for a romantic partner can be a long and sometimes difficult journey for many people. Geographic location, cultural or religious differences, personal preferences and lifestyles, and even timing can all contribute to difficulty in finding the right person. Some people have difficulty dating and making meaningful connections, while others have difficulty identifying what they want in a partner or setting realistic expectations for their future relationships.

Yuki No Yousei

Yuki No Yousei characters“Yuki No Yousei” is a Japanese folklore phrase that translates as “Snow Fairy” in English. The term refers to a mythical creature said to live in Japan’s snowy regions, where it is said to bring good fortune and joy to those who come into contact with it.

Yuki No Yousei, according to legend, is a small, delicate creature with wings and a pale, translucent body. It is said to dance and flutter around in the falling snow and is often described as playful and mischievous. The Snow Fairy is depicted in some stories as having magical powers, such as the ability to control the weather or grant wishes to those who are kind and pure of heart.

The Snow Fairy is a popular figure in Japanese art and literature, where it is frequently depicted as a symbol of winter’s beauty and wonder. During the long, cold months of the year, many Japanese people look to the Snow Fairy for comfort and inspiration, and the creature is often associated with the joys of the holiday season.

One Room Angel

One Room Angel posterThe term “One Room Angel” has emerged in recent years to describe individuals who choose to live alone in small apartments or rooms. The phrase is frequently used to describe young people who are just starting out in life and may not yet have the financial means to afford a larger living space, but it can also refer to people of any age who prefer the simplicity and independence of living alone.

Living alone in a small space can be liberating as well as difficult. On the one hand, it provides a high level of privacy and autonomy because individuals have complete control over their living environment and can decorate and organise it however they see fit. Living alone also allows for greater concentration and focus because there are fewer distractions and interruptions to contend with.

Living alone in a small space, on the other hand, can be isolating and lonely. Individuals may struggle to make ends meet or feel overwhelmed by the demands of daily life if they do not have roommates or family members to share living expenses and responsibilities.

Boy Meets Maria

 Boy Meets Maria official poster“Boy Meets Maria” is a phrase that can be interpreted in a variety of ways depending on the context. In general, the phrase “boy meets Maria” can be viewed as a classic romantic trope, representing the first time a young man meets the woman who will become his life’s love. Alternatively, the phrase can be interpreted as a metaphor for the encounter of two different cultures or worldviews, as in the case of a young boy meeting Maria from a different background or culture.

In terms of its romantic connotations, “boy meets Maria” represents the first time two people connect and start a relationship. This could occur in a variety of ways, ranging from a chance meeting on the street to a more planned meeting arranged by friends or family members. The phrase “boy meets Maria” implies a sense of excitement and possibility, as the young man is drawn to this new person in his life and begins to imagine all the possibilities for their relationship.

Welcome Home

 Welcome Home character with poster

“Welcome Home” is a phrase used to greet someone returning to a familiar place after a period of absence, and it can be used in a variety of contexts, from welcoming a loved one home from a trip to welcoming a new resident to a community or neighbourhood.

The phrase “Welcome Home” is meant to convey a sense of comfort and security, as the person returning is welcomed back into a space where they feel at home and surrounded by people who care about them. This sense of belonging is often strengthened by the fact that the person returning has been away for a time, and their return is seen as a special occasion that warrants celebration and attention.


Classmates cast poster

The term “classmates” refers to people who went to school together or shared a common educational experience. It can refer to anyone from elementary school classmates to college classmates, and the term is frequently used to describe the relationships and connections that form among people who have spent a significant portion of their lives together in the context of a shared educational experience.

Classmate bonds can be complex and varied, shaped by factors such as shared interests, common experiences, and the dynamics of the specific classroom or school environment. Some classmates may become lifelong friends, staying in touch and supporting one another through various life events. For others, classmates may be little more than passing acquaintances who shared a common past but have gone their separate ways.

Sasaki And Miyano

 Sasaki And Miyano main characterShou Harusono’s “Sasaki And Miyano” is a popular Japanese manga series. The plot revolves around the lives of two high school boys named Miyano and Sasaki, who appear to be very different at first but eventually form a close bond due to their shared interests and experiences.

Miyano is a cheerful and outgoing young man who enjoys fashion and expressing himself through his distinct sense of style. Sasaki, on the other hand, is more reserved and introverted, preferring to read manga and avoid social interaction.

Despite their differences, Miyano and Sasaki quickly discover that they both enjoy boys’ love manga, a type of manga that focuses on romantic relationships between male characters. Miyano and Sasaki begin to develop a deeper understanding of each other as they bond over their shared love of this genre, eventually forming a close friendship that transcends their initial differences.

Hirano To Kagiura

 Hirano To Kagiura sceneRihito Takarai’s “Hirano to Kagiura” is a Japanese manga series. The plot revolves around the lives of two high school boys, Kagiura Mafuyu and Hirano Tsubasa, who are brought together by their mutual love of music.

Kagiura is a talented pianist who is dedicated to his craft, spending a significant amount of time practising and perfecting his technique. Hirano, on the other hand, is a gifted singer who is struggling to find his place in the world, feeling disoriented and unsure of his future.

Despite their differences, Kagiura and Hirano quickly discover a shared love of music and begin to explore their abilities together. As they work to improve their skills and create new music, they form a strong friendship, supporting and encouraging one another through the ups and downs of their individual journeys.


Shounen Ai manga is a popular genre that has grown in popularity over the years, and for good reason. These manga depict romantic relationships between male characters in an emotional and heartwarming manner. This blog’s discussion of the 13 best Shounen Ai manga of all time is a must-read for anyone who enjoys this genre. Whether you’re new to Shounen Ai manga or a seasoned fan, these titles will captivate your heart and leave you wanting more.

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