15 Best Boxing Manga Of All Time [RECOMMENDATIONS]

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There are several genres of manga. One Piece or My Hero Academia, for example, may have more compelling action for some readers. Others can be drawn to horror films like Uzumaki or mystery thrillers like Monster.

Nonetheless, the sports genre routinely receives a lot of hits since it features character-defining events and expert knowledge of the particular activity being discussed. Particularly in the sphere of boxing, one of the most well-known sports manga is concerned.

Here is the Top 15 Best Boxing Manga Of the All Time list. Without further ado, let’s see the different recommendations.

1. Ashita No Joe

There is no need to explain why Ashita No Joe is regarded as the finest boxing manga. The series is widely recognised as one of the finest sports manga ever produced and has undoubtedly affected many of the novels that are included on this list. The main character of the manga, Joe Yabuki, is a criminal who turns professional boxer. Despite his initial disinterest, he later developed a strong passion for boxing as a result of his boxing career. The manga received accolades for its topics, characters, and depiction of the sport. Due to its immense influence, Megalobox, which featured one of the finest tournaments, was inspired by it and became a legacy series.

JEO-15 Best Boxing Manga Of All Time

2. Hajime No Ippo

One of the most popular mangas, not just in the boxing genre but also in the sports genre in general, is Hajime No Ippo. The story, which has almost 1000 chapters, follows Makunouchi Ippo as he climbs the boxing ladder. battling a variety of opponents along the way. Hajime No Ippo has garnered multiple honours for its storyline and visual appeal. It is packed with a tonne of boxing knowledge, strategies, and strong characters with a compelling tale. The ability of the art to depict the devastating blows of boxing. It makes sense that the series is worthwhile to read or watch.

MAKUNOUCHI-15 Best Boxing Manga Of All Time

3. RRR

The boxing manga RRR, written and illustrated by Jun Watanabe, centres on Rikitaro and Ooishi. Whereas the latter is a former boxing champion who is now the founder of a reality television programme, the former is a musician who aspires to be the next big rock star. Rikitaro ultimately trained in a boxing club to become in better shape as a result of this odd encounter, turning into something more than either of them had anticipated. RRR is an unexpectedly enjoyable experience, full of compelling characters and vibrant artwork.

RIKITARO-15 Best Boxing Manga Of All Time

4. Katsu!

Katsu! is a boxing manga about Katsuki Satoyama trying to win over his crush Katsuki Mizutani. It was created by Mitsuru Adachi, the man behind the baseball comic Touch and Cross Game. Yet, after discovering his raw but gifted sporting aptitude, he finally comes to love the game and became a pro. Those who enjoy compelling narratives, top-notch action, and excellent romantic comedy writing should read this.

KATSUKI-15 Best Boxing Manga Of All Time

5. Rikudou

Rikudou is a grim and dismal manga that follows the tale of Riku, who suffers sorrow after the passing of his father. Criminals pursue him after he successfully defends himself against his mother’s drug dealer. As a result, he receives instruction at a dilapidated gym from the guy who taught him the fundamentals of self-defence. The ultimate product is a manga in which the protagonist develops while entering the pro-boxing world. The fact that this is Toshimitsu Matsubara’s first manga that isn’t a one-shot is what sets it apart as being most amazing.

RIKU-15 Best Boxing Manga Of All Time

6. Rokudenashi Blues

It features the student Maeda, who had his life transformed after punching his instructor in the face at the admission ceremony and is also known as Good-For-Nothing Blues. He only aspires to become a boxing champion, even if this has made him desirable to many clubs. Although having expectedly prominent boxing aspects, the manga was lauded for its compelling tale and themes of brotherhood. The series has currently sold more than 60 million copies.

MAEDA-15 Best Boxing Manga Of All Time

7. Kenshin

Created by Koike Kazuo and illustrated by Tadashi Matsumori, Kenshin is an intriguing boxing manga. Yukemuri Sniper’s artwork was created by the latter while Crying Freeman was written by the former. after his journey to Alaska to train as a whaler. However, once he meets a boxer, he starts to focus on that. Sadly, it doesn’t garner as much attention as other well-known boxing comics. For those who are interested, it would be a good read for any sports lover.

KOIKE-15 Best Boxing Manga Of All Time

8. Saotome Senshu, Hitakakusu

Saotome Senshu, Hitakakusu is an intriguing comedic and original manga that chronicles the confession of Satoru Tsukishima to lightweight champion Yae Saotome. The school is hopeful that she would qualify for the Olympics because of her performance, therefore being the champion has some drawbacks. The coach overhears the confession and decides to designate Satoru as a trainer so that they may covertly develop a romantic relationship. Hilarity then breaks out as a result of this.

SATORU-15 Best Boxing Manga Of All Time

9. Boys On The Run

Guys On The Run, a brief ten-volume manga series by Kengo Hanazawa, is about a 29-year-old salesperson who falls in love with a lady. He chooses to train and become a boxer so that he may beat him up, but because she is already involved with his opponent, he does this to get even. I Am A Hero, one of Kengo Hanazawa’s latter works, is more well-known, but some of the earlier parts may be of interest to admirers of the artist.

KENGO-15 Best Boxing Manga Of All Time

10. One Pound No Fukuin

A boxing manga that blends the sport with romantic comedy is also known as One Pound Gospel. Developed by Rumiko Takahashi, the person behind outstanding masterpieces like Inuyasha and Urusei Yatsura. That last one is undervalued. Two distinct characters are followed in the tale. Kosaku Hatanaka, who is renowned for his powerful fists, and Sister Angela, who wants to assist Kosaku in controlling his compulsive eating. For anyone who is a lover of the mangaka’s work, all of these combine to create an engaging manga.

RUMIKO-15 Best Boxing Manga Of All Time

11. Ganbare Genki

Horiguchi Genki, a brash young man, is as animated as his last name indicates. And that’s a good thing because the young man had to endure a lot of hardships while growing up, which would have worn out most people. When he was a baby, his mother passed away, leaving his father, he was a struggling boxer to raise him. Horiguchi adored his father and resolved to achieve the world championship that his grandfather had so desperately sought but been unable to obtain.

HORIGUCHI-15 Best Boxing Manga Of All Time

12. Slow Step

Mitsuru Adachi’s Slow Step is a boxing and softball romantic comedy. From September 1986 to March 1991, Shogakukan serialised it in the shojo manga magazine Ciao. It was then compiled in seven tankbon volumes. It was transformed into a five-episode OVA in 1991. Misturu Adachi, who is known for a large number of well-known sports comics, is the creator of Slow Step. This just makes watching this specific boxing anime more alluring. After all, the three main characters have developed a strong romantic triangle. Does this imply that someone will be defeated not just in the ring of battle but also in the name of love?

MITSURU-15 Best Boxing Manga Of All Time

13. Ring Ni Kakero 1

Ring ni Kakero 1 was produced as a result of Saint Seiya’s creator turning his attention to the boxing genre. And it shows since the artwork is vintage Masami Kurumada, has a talent for creating some of the industry’s most heroic and stylish-looking characters. Despite its dated aesthetics, Ring ni Kakero has a compelling narrative that should win over most lovers of boxing anime. Seeing the Takane twins, Ryuuji and Kiku, collaborate to break records in the ring is fulfilling.

MASAMI-15 Best Boxing Manga Of All Time

14. Nozomi Witches

A three-episode anime OVA series of Toshio Nobe’s manga series Nozomi Witches, also known as Bewitching Nozomi, was produced in 1992. Nozomi Witches is a boxing anime, but with a title like that, it’s simple to mistake it for a magical girls’ show. In the same way that the name looks out of the ordinary, so does the situation. Ryoutaro Shiba only participates in boxing because his attractive neighbour Nozomi Egawa pushes him to do so. He has little interest in the sport and has no desire to become a boxer.

TOSHIO-15 Best Boxing Manga Of All Time

15. B. B.

Osamu Ishiwata is the author and illustrator of the Japanese manga series B.B. From issue 24 of Weekly Shonen Sunday, published by Shogakukan, in 1985 until issue 9, the manga appeared. The series title, which is an acronym for “Burning Blood,” was continued in Ishiwata’s later serial LOVe. Flaming Blood is the meaning of the title, which is rather appropriate given the wacky plot of this boxing manga. A young trumpet player named Ryo Takagi performs at a nearby nightclub. Nevertheless, as he is leaving, he is accosted by a motorcycle gang, and the conflict spills onto the street, resulting in an accident. In addition, Ryo gets imprisoned where he gains professional-level boxing skills.

OSAMU-15 Best Boxing Manga Of All Time

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