Top 15 Best Gyaru Anime Of All Time 2023

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Gyaru females are well recognized for living distinctive, fashion-focused lives in anime.

The Japanese fashion subculture known as gyaru, or “gal,” has existed since the 1970s. They are renowned for accessorising heavily with necklaces, bracelets, and hair clips, donning vibrant nail paint and cosmetics, and typically sporting coloured (which is often blonde) hair and tanned complexion. Being unconventional in their wardrobe choices, which frequently defy accepted notions of Japanese beauty, is key.

There are a few unfavourable stereotypes associated with this subculture, however, some members and most definitely these personalities do not fit these clichés. They are among the kindest anime characters since they are thoughtful, compassionate, and intellectual.

A popular trend that isn’t likely to fade anytime soon is the gyaru subculture. That goes against the grain of what’s historically regarded as attractive, allowing people to choose what they wear. In the past, gyaru supporting characters have appeared in certain anime series, but lately, these characters are getting more attention as the major characters.

In the realm of anime, these women are among the most attractive and well-dressed characters. They disprove the majority of the unfavourable perceptions associated with belonging to the gyaru counterculture and demonstrate that it is perfectly OK to stand out from the crowd a little.

Here are the 15 Best Gyaru Anime Of All Time that is evergreen even in 2023. Without further ado, let’s see the different recommendations.

1. My First Girlfriend Is A Gal (Yukana Yame)

In this anime, a trendy gyaru is present who is more intelligent than people would believe. Yukana has blonde hair, false nails, and several accessories. She also wears cosmetics. She refers to indecent material as disgusting and is quite circumspect about it. Yukana figured out right away that Junichi simply declared “his love” to her to lose his virginity; he had already asked her to be his girlfriend. To annoy Junichi, she frequently teases and flirts with him. As the book progresses, Yukana does develop affection for him and occasionally seeks advice on how to interact with him more effectively. Though she is highly protective of him and her friends, she does experience jealousy when she notices other women making advances towards Junichi.

YUKANA-15 Best Gyaru Anime Of All Time 2023

2. The Disastrous Life Of Saiki K. (Mikoto Aiura)

One of the handfuls of folks who are aware of Saiki’s abilities is a soothsayer or oracle. Mikoto frequently adorns herself with bracelets, hair clips, and stickers for her face. She dresses a little differently from most of the females at her school because of her school uniform, green hair, and tanned skin. Although having a rather eccentric appearance, Mikoto is not embarrassed or scared to utilise her psychic abilities in front of others. She wants to utilise her abilities to aid others, but her perception of fairness is flawed. Notwithstanding this, Mikoto is a laid-back and amiable young lady who even comes to be someone Saiki trusts to assist him.

MIKOTO-15 Best Gyaru Anime Of All Time 2023

3. Assassination Classroom (Rio Nakamura)

In this anime, Rio is characterised as the “cool and lovely” girl in Class 3-E. Rio was regarded as brilliant in primary school, but most people think she’s a trickster and a little sleazy. While she is extremely intelligent, she frequently employs her intelligence to torment her peers, particularly Nagisa. This doesn’t imply she isn’t a lovely person because she gets together with her classmates and cares about them all more than any other reason. She doesn’t appear like other gyaru females since she doesn’t wear any accessories, although she does colour her hair golden. Rio’s codename is called Lass or Gyaru due to her appearance.

RIO-15 Best Gyaru Anime Of All Time 2023

4. Super GALS! (Ran Kotobuki)

Most people won’t want to tangle with this gyaru. Ran is part of a long background as a police officer, but after realising that she can’t colour her hair or wear her favourite accessories, she has no desire to join one. Even though she has no intention of becoming a police officer, Ran has a strong sense of justice, and many junior high girls try looking up to her for this as well as her sense of style. She enjoys sunbathing, shopping, and fashioning, and she frequently bleaches her hair to keep its colour. Ran succeeds in sports and is extremely athletic, having worked with her father to hone her abilities. She is a very smart girl.

RAN-15 Best Gyaru Anime Of All Time 2023

5. Citrus (Yuzu Aihara)

A gyaru girl who proudly declares her gyaru status. Yuzu loves to accessorise with jewellery, makeup, and piercings. Notwithstanding the school’s no-makeup regulation, she wants to seem as feminine as possible. Yuzu adores designing her school uniform, however, this usually lands her in trouble with the student council. Yuzu is indeed not stupid, but she comes out as ignorant and self-conscious at times. She has good academics and a more residential side, cooking mostly for herself and her friend Mei.

YUZU-15 Best Gyaru Anime Of All Time 2023

6. My Roomie Is A Dino (Kaede)

After a night out, Kaede ends up with Dino as a roommate. She is obnoxious and foul-mouthed, frequently swearing when she speaks. She is, nevertheless, pleasant when she has to be and cares about Dino, taking much in from him despite his inability to communicate. She dresses in a variety of outfits and accessories, and her flat is brightly coloured. She reluctantly let Dino reside with her and took full responsibility for him, demonstrating her good nature. Although her lack of knowledge in dinosaur care, Kaede tries her best to look after Dino and builds a close friendship relationship with him.

KAEDE-15 Best Gyaru Anime Of All Time 2023

7. How Heavy Are The Dumbbells You Lift? (Sakura Hibiki)

In this anime, Sakura is a sweet young lady with a voracious appetite. While she doesn’t wear many accessories, her blonde hair and tanned skin set her out from the crowd. Sakura chooses to join a gym after seeing that she is gaining weight due to her overeating tendencies. Sakura has a hard start due to her lack of exercise and tendency to become easily weary, but she improves as the series progresses. She discovers she has a flair for combat sports, particularly boxing. Although she was first apprehensive when she entered the gym, Sakura has grown more confident in herself and has made significant progress.

SAKURA-15 Best Gyaru Anime Of All Time 2023

8. Please Tell Me! Galko-Chan (Galko)

One of the most fashionable girls is regularly criticised for her body and dress choices, making others assume she’s promiscuous and attempting to be seductive. It does not help that her name is a blatant allusion to the gyaru subculture, or that her closest pals appear incredibly different or normal in comparison to her. But, nothing could be further from the truth. Galko is naive and naïve and often gets humiliated when others speak about her physique. Though she accessorises her attire, she is afraid of bodily alterations such as piercings, yet she does wear earrings. She also enjoys cooking and frequently prepares her lunches. Galko and her sister, who is also a gyaru, frequently trade clothing and accessories, however, Galko dislikes it when her sister takes her school uniform.

GALKO-15 Best Gyaru Anime Of All Time 2023

9. Anohana: The Flower We Saw That Day (Naruko “Anaru” Anjo)

Though Naruko does not accessorise as highly as typical gyaru females, she does accessorise somewhat more than her friends. Her orange hair helps her stand out, and it contrasts sharply with her natural brown hair. Her hair is pulled back into two pigtails tied together by a charming star-shaped ornament. Her nails are generally pink, and she will reapply them before coming to see Jinta.

ANARU-15 Best Gyaru Anime Of All Time 2023

10. My Dress-Up Darling! (Marin Kitagawa)

In this anime, Marin’s flair, charisma, and kind demeanour have won her followers’ hearts. Her fashion sense is impeccable and never seen without her pink contacts and accessories. Her nails are constantly painted in a pink sparkly tone. She has many costumes that she wears outside of school, and what she wears is determined by where she is going. Marin is quite secure in her clothing, even when they are slightly provocative.

MARIN-15 Best Gyaru Anime Of All Time 2023

11. Lords Of Pastimers (Asobi Asobase)

King of Pastimers has a distinct gyaru aesthetic when compared to the majority of the gyarus’ on this list. The majority of the females on this list are classified as agejo gyaru, although King of Pastimes is classified as ganguro or yamanba gyaru. Her tan, accessories, and makeups are a touch more theatrical than other gyaru, and she always sticks out.

ASOBI-15 Best Gyaru Anime Of All Time 2023

12. Miss Caretaker Of Sunohara-Sou (Nana Sunohara)

In the anime, Nana is Ayaka’s younger sister who resembles her but is a gyaru. Her tanned skin is renowned among the gyaru subculture. Nana’s hair is naturally blonde, like Ayaka’s, although it is a little longer. She doesn’t wear many accessories, but she does wear a variety of beautiful ensembles during the event.

NANA-15 Best Gyaru Anime Of All Time 2023

13. More Than A Married Couple, But Not Lovers (Akari Watanabe)

An enthusiastic gyaru that is gregarious and confident while being nice and caring to everyone around her. Akari’s look is bright and colourful, in keeping with the gyaru tradition, with pink hair and accessories worn with her school uniform. Akari’s look isn’t too outlandish, yet she sticks out when she’s among her friends or family.

AKARI-15 Best Gyaru Anime Of All Time 2023

14. Mieruko-Chan (Yuria Niguredou)

Another gyaru with a darker appearance than most. Yuria may appear youthful, yet she is a high school student. Her hair is bleached white like other gyaru, however, the ends are a faded pink. Her uniform is generally adorned with mushroom embellishments, or she dresses up in a gothic lolita manner. Her whole appearance is a darker take on gyaru fashion.

YURIA-15 Best Gyaru Anime Of All Time 2023

15. Danganronpa (Junko Enoshima)

Junko appears to be a simpleton with a temper at first glance, however, there’s more to this gyaru than greets the eye. Her fashion sense is impeccable and in sync with current gyaru trends. Yet, her entire look is darker, while most gyaru wear brighter colours. If anything, this serves as a precursor to her genuine nature. Junko may appear to be a typical gyaru, with her overly welcoming and happy demeanour, but she’s indifferent, and her moods are exceedingly unstable.

JUNKO-15 Best Gyaru Anime Of All Time 2023

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