15 Best Lesbian K-Drama Series (and Movies) to Watch

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Today, we have compiled a list of the top lesbian Korean dramas and films that explore various aspects of female love. Since fewer people are willing to watch it in conservative nations, making LGBT+ movies or television shows is not an easy task. However, throughout time, several Korean films and dramas with LGTBQ+ plotlines have been produced.

Because of the publication of several webcomics and manhwas as well as the enthusiastic support of viewers worldwide, Boys Love, also known as Gay Romance, has experienced a meteoric rise in popularity in recent years. Nevertheless, BL continues to be more popular than Girls Love, often known as Lesbian Romance. However, many artworks feature lovely girls in love!

Even while many works do not focus mainly on lesbian romance, they stand out for having a strong undercurrent of female love. It increases the appeal of such shows.

Due to this, we seldom ever come across any LGTBQ+ dramas in popular media. But that does not imply that nothing exists! The realistic yet fluffy, fluffy plots of many web series and short films have won the hearts of their audience members.

Here are the Top 15 Best Lesbian K-Drama Series and Movies to watch. Without further ado, let’s see the different recommendations. If you love Girl’s Love-themed K-drama, then you must check it out.

1. Drama Festa: Hello Dracula

Seohyun from Girls’ Generation appears in one of the highly regarded Korean lesbian dramas, “Drama Festa: Hello Dracula.” Seohyun’s portrayal of a lesbian heroine adds another charm to “Hello Dracula,” making it much more gratifying. The television show tells the story of how residents of Block Z learn to deal with issues in life that they would rather avoid. The first tale, a mother-daughter one, exemplifies the genuine suffering of the lesbian community. It is one of three pieces in the anthology. An Na, a young woman, resides with her mother Mi Young and even obediently complies with all of Mi Young’s wishes. She is burdened by a secret, however, she is unable to share it with anybody. Seohyun, a member of Girl’s Generations, did a remarkable job of capturing the struggle, dread, and repression of her sexuality owing to her parents’ great hopes and afraid of upsetting them.

NO 1-15 Best Lesbian K-Drama Series (and Movies) to Watch

2. Out Of Breath

Ha Eun’s girlfriend ends their relationship because she is worried about people learning about her sexual inclinations. To mend her broken heart, her buddy advises her to find a hookup on a dating app, which is how she meets Min Seo. They accomplish all that Ha Eun couldn’t achieve with her ex alone.

NO 2-15 Best Lesbian K-Drama Series (and Movies) to Watch

3. Don’t Say Sorry

One of the top Korean lesbian movies is “Don’t Say Sorry,” a short about a high school student coming of age. Although the plot is not particularly creative, the cast’s faultless performance makes up for it. It tells the tale of two high school girls who fell in love with one other. It has done a great job of conveying the anxiety and worry associated with discovering new sensations, one’s sexuality, and one’s self. In the Korean short film “Don’t Say Sorry,” Choi Yeon—who is supposed to be a lesbian—is followed. She doesn’t give a damn about such rumours, though. She does, however, feel unique because of one particular person. She is touched by Ha Gyeong’s pleasant demeanour, but as the rumours about her materialise, she gradually becomes perplexed.

NO 3-15 Best Lesbian K-Drama Series (and Movies) to Watch

4. Afraid Of

Lesbian Hyun Ah is trying to keep her emotions to herself. When she starts to have feelings for a classmate, things start to shift. Will she be able to get over her fear and pursue it?

NO 4-15 Best Lesbian K-Drama Series (and Movies) to Watch

5. Am I The Only One With Butterflies?

Jung Ah is a company’s entry-level employee. She ought to put in a lot of effort, but recently things got tough when she started having feelings for the manager, Lee Ji Won. She worries that she is the only one experiencing anxiety since her management may be difficult to read.

NO 5-15 Best Lesbian K-Drama Series (and Movies) to Watch

6. Moonlit Winter

The story of Moonlit Winter centres on Yoon Hee, the protagonist, who resides with her teen daughter Sae Bom. Yoon Hee gets a letter from Japan’s Otaru one chilly day. By chance reading the letter, Sae Bom learns of her mother’s first love, something she had never heard of. Sae Bom considers going to Otaru, Japan while concealing the fact that she is aware of her mother’s first love to ring the separated lovers back together. The mother-daughter team loves their time together as a result while travelling. Yoon Hee, however, is obsessed with the idea of running into her first love, which gives her a fresh sense of optimism.

NO 6-15 Best Lesbian K-Drama Series (and Movies) to Watch

7. Boss In Love

The romantic story of Se Young, who lives alone and puts in extra hours, is told in the song “Boss In Love.” Her boyfriend, Hye Mi, pays a surprise visit to the business, and the two go on a date there before Joo Ah, her new hire, unexpectedly shows up. How will the date continue? A couple’s workplace date is featured in this romantic comedy story!

NO 7-15 Best Lesbian K-Drama Series (and Movies) to Watch

8. House Of Hummingbird

The story, which takes place in 1994, follows 14-year-old Eun Hee, the youngest of three children, who also has a rebellious middle sister and a domineering older brother. While her parents are fighting constantly in front of her, they manage a tiny rice cake store to provide some minimal parenting for their kids. A young lady named Eun Hee leads a typical life, romances a local boy, and relies on her best friend Ji Sook for assistance in all of her criminal activities. All goes according to plan until she meets Young Ji, her new Chinese professor, and is enchanted by him.

NO 8-15 Best Lesbian K-Drama Series (and Movies) to Watch

9. Do You ‘Truth Or Dare’ With Me?

The short drama Do You Truth or Dare With Me centres on two lesbian characters and a heterosexual male. Two self-assured lesbians named Hae Seong and Eun Ha enjoy making fun of Dae Gyu, a helpless straight lad. The characters Jiho and Ina are the focus of a remake of the original film titled “Do You Want to Play the Truth or Dare with me Reboot.” The two parts do not relate to one another. So, you may watch them independently. The gorgeous work Do You Truth or Dare With Me is a lesbian narrative with humour and wonderful scenes.

NO 9-15 Best Lesbian K-Drama Series (and Movies) to Watch

10. Family Plan

One day, two high school students devised a scheme to create a kid who resembled both of them. Nine years have passed, and their plan is now being carried out as one of them is getting married.

NO 10-15 Best Lesbian K-Drama Series (and Movies) to Watch

11. A Girl At My Door

The police academy graduate Nam Young is followed in the film “A Girl at My Door” as she is dishonestly relocated to a tiny coastal community. She meets Do Hee, a depressed girl who lives in the town, there. Young Nam makes little adjustments to her new environment up until the day Do Hee’s grandmother perishes after falling off a cliff near the sea. Young Nam invited Do Hee to be with her so that she would be safe from her violent stepfather. However, as Young Nam comes to know her, things grow stranger.

NO 11-15 Best Lesbian K-Drama Series (and Movies) to Watch

12. Graduation, Present + Proposal

The lesbian storyline of Ji Yeong and Min Ah, two high school female classmates, is told in the Korean short film “Graduation, Present + Proposal.” The story depicts timid young Min Ah wrapping graduation presents for Ji Yeong, her crush. But can you picture getting a beer can as a present? Min Ah’s thoughtful graduation present is just two beer cans. Min Ah, meanwhile, never anticipated being the first to become inebriated. But the surprise doesn’t stop there! Min Ah receives an unexpected response from Ji Yeong, her crush. What may that be? “Graduation, Present + Proposal” is a must-watch if you’re in the mood for a nice, fluffy lesbian movie.

NO 12-15 Best Lesbian K-Drama Series (and Movies) to Watch

13. The Handmaiden

Sook-Hee is given the job of handmaiden to Hideko, a Japanese heiress who lives in the country with her uncle during the Japanese occupation. The Sook Hee was employed by a con artist acting as a Japanese Count who is trying to marry Hideko for her inheritance, but these nobles are unaware of this. Instead, they believe the Sook-Hee to be a thief.

NO 13-15 Best Lesbian K-Drama Series (and Movies) to Watch

14. Our Love Story

Yoon Joo is a student of art who is now working on her capstone project. She meets Ji Soo at a trashed store while looking for supplies. She is attracted to the girl after their first meeting, and soon they begin dating. She has never really loved dating guys; she finds it much more fascinating to date women.

NO 14-15 Best Lesbian K-Drama Series (and Movies) to Watch

15. Lily Fever

Kim Kyung Ju runs over to her friends’ house in a frantic quest for her passport. She gets invited inside to check for it even though her companion is on her way out. She does caution her to watch out for her home visitor, though. She encounters Se Rang within, a young woman who turns her entire life upside down.

NO 15-15 Best Lesbian K-Drama Series (and Movies) to Watch

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