15 Excellent Yuri Light Novel Recommendations Available in English

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Yuri genre is now the most sought thing in a light novel. The fascinating ideas of a girl who loves romance make people highly interested in reading these works. The authors of various light novels have worked on the plots with different ideas and a touch of uniqueness to each. So, if you are looking for GL-centric plots with a twist. Then we have for you 15 Excellent Yuri Light Novel Recommendations Available in English.

Side-By-Side Dreamers: 15 Excellent Yuri Light Novel Recommendations Available in English

Side-By-Side Dreamers

Saya Hokage is a high school girl suffering from severe insomnia. Hitsuji is another girl who can put anyone into a deep sleep as by acting the lover in a dream. When Hitsuji and her group of Sleepwalkers come across Saya, they include her in their group. As the Yuri light novel unfolds the team of sleepwalkers comes across different challenges. Side-By-Side Dreamers has a strong sense of psychological and Girl Love trope. The unexpected darkness that surrounds their life brings the challenge to defend the sleep of all mankind.

Seriously Seeking Sister! Ultimate Vampire Princess Just Wants Little Sister

In the continent of Ephenia, there was a feared tribe of vampires. These vampires one known by the name of True Bloods. Their strength allowed them to rule supremely over all tribes. But with time they vanished from the face of the Earth for over a millennium. They were considered vanished until the time the royal daughter of True Bloods awaken in the daylight of the modern day. Unlike other Yuri light novels, the wish of the protagonist in this one is to find and have a cute young sister.

I’m in Love with the Villainess: She’s so Cheeky for a Commoner

The next Yuri light novel in the recommendation list is titled I’m in Love with the Villainess: She’s so Cheeky for a Commoner. Claire Francois has everything anyone would want beauty, brains, and the blood of nobility. Claire thinks highly of herself due to her royal blood. All she wants is to be prepared for societal change. Until the day a commoner girl Rae enters the elite academy and challenges her authority. Claire is so fixated upon her audacity and intellect that she does not realize that Rae is slowly contributing towards altering her personality and life.

LOVELY! My Adorable Mamecchi; 15 Excellent Yuri Light Novel Recommendations Available in English

LOVELY! My Adorable Mamecchi

When everybody has their eyes set on the charming Hikaru, there is only one person Hikaru wants in life and that is Mamecchi. The Yuri Light Novel turns childhood friendship into a journey of affection. The protagonist has a contradictory personality to her adorable childhood friend. There is something surely cooking between these two friends. Will Hikaru, be able to muster up the courage to say out loud her love for Mamecchi to the world?

Girls’ Love of the Dead

Female Lead Mizuki has a massive crush on a girl called Rin. Girls’ Love of the Dead begins her journey by trying to kill herself and therefore sneaks into an abandoned school building. She follows Rin in that abandoned school because she has lost her memory and most probably turned into a zombie. The Yuri light novel goes to another extent when Mizuki mimics the zombies and tries her best to convey her feelings to Rin. But the girl’s love tale soon turns into a bigger picture when the truth behind the death of Rin starts to unfold.

Stars Twinkle In Tomorrow World

Stars Twinkle In Tomorrow World follows the adventure of two girls surviving in a ruined world. Yuki Minato was tagged as a witch due to her dark days. Even in high school, she tries to be normal but on the second day of school, she finds out that the world is reaching doom. All the streets have started to fill up with lifeless things and there are moving corpses all around. But in these streets filled with undead let Yuki find out a certain magic spell left by her missing father. The protagonist meets a girl named Honoka during her adventure and these two together set out to save the world.

End Blue: 15 Excellent Yuri Light Novel Recommendations Available in English

End Blue

End Blue is an original Yuri light novel written by Hitoma Iruma. This collection of Yuri’s short stories has a very vivid thematic scheme. Belonging to the girl’s love demographic the light novel presents some stories that explode this relationship and how all of the bonds are tested through different situations. End Blue is a must-read light novel if you are a fan of short but touching stories.

Yurizen! Salon: Shirayuri’s Comforting Food Therapy

Did Miiko cross paths with Doctor Shirayuri because of fate or was it the need of the hour? The protagonist Miiko works too much until her pain forces her to rest. Her elements have started to affect her professional life. The extreme effects of the ailment required her to do something at the earliest possible. So Miiko plans to visit the very talented and beautiful doctor of herbal medicine that is doctor Shirayuri. The doctor might have the solution to all the problems of this girl including her medical ones. The element of GL love in the light novel mixed with the doctor-patient concept just makes this one far more interesting than any other girl romance.

Bloom Into You: Regarding Saeki Sayaka

All along her life in elementary school, Sayaka Saeki felt proud of herself as she thought that she is an ideal child. Just like any parent expects, this girl participates in every contest, she has the best grades along with her model etiquette. Sayakas’s life goes well until she receives a confession from someone in her class. Soon, the girl has a shift from a competitive spirit to a cooperative one. In the events following her change in the yuri light novel, the readers can witness her changing with the unusual feeling of affection. Because she does not want her feelings to take control of her ever again this overachiever student revives herself as an independent girl in high school. Will the time convince her to pursue things the emotional way once again?

Did I Seriously Just Get Reincarnated as My Gag Character?! : 15 Excellent Yuri Light Novel Recommendations Available in English

Did I Seriously Just Get Reincarnated as My Gag Character?!

A university student Tooru Aikawa spends a larger part of his day attending school and thereafter working at the local convenience store. But the only time the guy feels alive is when he is competing against many players in the VR game known as Real World Online. But his normal life turns into an adventure when he is hit by a bus and reincarnated as a game character. To his dismay instead of the invincible warrior that he loved he has become the beautiful dragon Princess who is treated merely as a gag character. This Yuri light novel turns into a fantasy adventure when the protagonist finds out that the capabilities of the character he is turned into are more than what appears.

Adachi and Shimamura

Adachi and Shimamura the titular leads of this Yuri light novel are inseparable friends. The girls attend the same high school, play together and chat all the long about their favorite things. They are happy in each other’s company and share the best bond one could have in the form of friendship. Everything goes on smoothly till Adachi’s friendship starts blooming into a romantic attraction. The girls’ love romance takes a step each day into changing the life of the main characters. To know whether Adachi gets the reciprocation of her love read this light novel set in school life.

The Magical Revolution of the Reincarnated Princess and the Genius Young Lady

Princess Anisphia tries to develop a unique theory of her named magicology. Because the princess is unable to use magic abilities in the present life she uses the memories of her past life. While testing how to fly out her new broom she comes across the magical genius who was publicly humiliated after her engagement was broken. The Princess kidnapped the girl for herself and a new adventure begins as the fantasy light novel turns into a yuri trope.

A Lesbian Elf and a Cursed Princess:15 Excellent Yuri Light Novel Recommendations Available in English

A Lesbian Elf and a Cursed Princess

A Lesbian Elf and a Cursed Princess as the title suggests is a yuri light novel adventure involving an elf and a cursed Princess. The protagonist Rem is an elven girl who mistakenly reaches a human-civilized town after flying from home. In this strange place, she meets the cursed Princess. These two women sympathize with each other’s situation and embark on an adventure to break the curse on the Princess. The dangerous adventure with a girl’s love romance will keep you on the edge of your seat if you like reading something full of fantasy.

The Story of Unforgettable Witch

The protagonist knows that even if she disappears one day her feelings will not go anywhere. Though the everyday life of the protagonist is not much crowded with things every day something strange happens. This mysterious Yuri light novel is full of clumsy feelings and mysterious twists. The girls’ love story based on school life is full of engaging moments and themes.

Strike Witches: Suomus Iran-ko Chuutai Series

Strike Witches take place in a world full of magic that is very similar to Earth. In the Yuri light novel, every young woman receives magical abilities and it disappears with age. Their ability allows them to do simple things with magic like creating a protective magic field or moving objects by jinxing them. India of discovery when their land pieces and invasion from the imperial army the protagonist has a major role in protecting the place. The mecha military and science fiction and events mixed in this fantasy romance make it go among the most engaging reads of the last years of 2000’s first decade.

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