20 Best Moments of One Piece

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20 Best Moments of One Piece

One Piece is one of the most-watched anime series in the present time. The series includes thousands of episodes across different arcs. Having scratched through this grand-scale project, I understand there is a lot of greatness to choose from.

It is one of the most well-written and imaginative shows I have seen in a while. There are so many great moments to talk about, it sounds like one is exaggerating.

One Piece builds on the drama and delivers up to it. The world-building in the anime is exceptional. The character design is flawless. Tell me a man, who can’t fall in love with these characters.

There is a lot to choose from, very emotional scenes, brilliant comedy, and the most badass moments in anime history. It is so hard to break this greatness down to 20 moments, so let’s revisit the anime and find out.

In this blog post, I talk about the 20 Best Moments of One Piece till now.

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Zoro Taking Luffy’s Pain

The Nothing Happened scene in Thriller Park is one of the best moments in Zoro’s arc.

The scene takes place shortly after the straw hats unite effort to defeat Moria and his gigantic Zombie Oars. This is the scene from episode 377 of the TV show.

Zoro Taking Luffy’s Pain- 20 Best Moments of One Piece

Moria was defeated by Luffy, and Kuma was given orders to capture the straw hats and kill the remaining witnesses. So, no word of Moria’s defeat spreads.

Kuma offers the people on the island to be spared if Luffy is handed over. The Straw Hats refuse but are blown away by Kuma.

Kuma’s powers are at another level as compared to all of the crew members. Zoro realizes this and offers his life instead of Luffy’s. Sanji comes to give his life instead but is knocked down by Zoro.

Kuma uses his devil fruit powers to send Luffy’s pain to Zoro, who stands still despite the hurting pain. Kuma acknowledges Zoro and leaves. Sanji later comes rushing and asks Zoro about what happened. Zoro replies “Nothing Happened”.

Nico Robin says “I want to Live”

Iconic scenes are all about making us feel something and losing ourselves in the fictional world.

It is the highlight of the Water 7 - Ennis lobby arc. In this episode, we get to know Robin’s true personality and dreams for the very first time.

What makes Robin’s words so powerful are not the word themselves, but the chain of emotional events that lead up to this moment.

Seeing Luffy this involved and determined, we can’t help but become involved in Robin’s rescue. The flashbacks into Robin’s life make the scene even more emotional.

Punching the Celestial Dragon

Celestial Dragons are considered sacred by the World government. Even threatening them is considered a war crime.

Punching the Celestial Dragon- 20 Best Moments of One Piece

Luffy after all the Celestial Dragon’s blabbering is fed up and throws a strong punch at him. The scene is incredibly satisfying as the dragon goes off flying. It is a reminder that Luffy will go to any extent to protect his friends.

Shanks Saves Coby

With the War at the Marine Ford coming to an end both sides are reeling from the scope and impact of the battle. Coby stands up to Akainu in the hope of stopping the fight and tending to the wounded.

The redhead Pirate shows up and stops Akainu from attacking and wins the hearts of the fans.

The Death of WhiteBeard

One of the defining Pirates of his era. Whitebeard was a dominant force who kept the peace with his strength and the respect of thousands.

The Death of Whitebeard- 20 Best Moments of One Piece

Although he could not survive after being repeatedly struck by Akaniu’s Magma and the entirety of the Blackbeard pirates’ assaults.

He goes off like a Champion and confirms the existence of One Piece.

Sakura Blossoms

It is one of the most beautiful moments in Straw hats’ journey. When Chopper decides to join Luffy’s crew, he is given a send-off by Kureha. Kureha makes Kiriluk’s vision come true by flooding the Kingdom with Sakura Blossoms.

It is a stunning visual that fulfill’s the Doctor’s promise of healing everyone’s heart. Chopper is left in tears at the end of the episode.

Laugh Tale

Rogers in his prime as the king of the Pirates and the existence of One Piece has remained a mystery. We have been given hints here and there. It all faded in comparison to the arrival of Roger on the final island.

Laugh Tale- 20 Best Moments of One Piece

The moment is very wholesome as all the Rogers Pirates burst out laughing.


The aftermath of the marine ford was heart-shattering for Luffy losing his brother right before his eyes. However, he knew his crew was waiting for him. He was able to bring himself back from the brink.

Luffy appears in front of the world as he pays his respects to the Pirates and Marines who lost their lives. He sent a message to straw hats to meet in two years and become stronger.

Death of Ace

Episode 483 of the TV show shattered the hearts of millions across the Globe. The most hard-hitting departure in anime history so far. Ace giving his life to save Luffy was heartbreaking on many grounds.

Ace gives his final goodbye with a smile on his face. The sudden loss and grief brought Luffy to the brink of madness.

Zoro Vs Mihawk

Zoro challenges Mihawk to duel, seeing the chance to fulfill his dream of becoming the Greatest swordsman. Mihawk easily defeats Zoro but acknowledges his determination.

The conversations and the dialogues in this scene are fantastic and enhance the effect of other artistic elements at this moment.

Zoro vs Mihawk- 20 Best Moments of One Piece

Zoro and Mihawk both represent their religions, Buddhism and Christianity respectively.

Zoro first time in the story publically acknowledges and honors Luffy. Zoro has realized Luffy’s true love and respect for him as he apologizes for worrying his captain.

Luffy vs Katakuri

This battle felt oddly different from most of Luffy’s fights. Katakuri introduces us to the concept of Future sites, where he can look seconds ahead into the future and react accordingly.

This was one of the most challenging fights Luffy has ever faced. It is a 1v1 against an opponent who is extremely rational and takes calculated risks.

Although Luffy won the fight, Katakuri came out of the fight as a true winner. Katakuri regained his sense of who he is and was pulled from his loneliness and isolation.

Straws Reunited

The crew meets after a time gap of 2 years. All the characters become stronger, especially Luffy. Luffy learned the ways of nature and developed his fourth gear of a Bouncing Behemoth.

Kuma “Kills” The Straw Hats

In Episode 405 of the show, the Straw hats are defeated by Kuma. Kuma sends all the crew members in different ways using his Devil Fruit powers.

Luffy at the end breaks down and cries. The Warlord Kuma goes on to say that he will now never reunite with his crew.

The Going Merry Goes Away

When the exhausted Straw hats are on the verge of death. At the last moment, they are saved by their ship.

The Pirate boat arrives in a heartwarming and tear-jerking scene that brings the adventure of Enies Lobby to a worthy end.

Nami asks for Help

Arlong arc is arguably the first major major arc to properly test Luffy and the newly formed Straw hat Pirates. Nami breaks down and asks Luffy for his help.

Nami asks for Help- 20 Best Moments of One Piece

Luffy had been waiting to hear these exact words from her. As Luffy leaves his hat with Nami, the crew marches toward Olin park. This scene in the show marks the moment when the Pirates become a family.

Luffy’s Fourth Gear on Doflamingo

You know the fight is getting real when Luffy unleashes a new gear technique. In the Dressrosa arc, Luffy goes up against Doglamingo (One of the Royal seven warriors of the sea).

Luffy’s Fourth Gear- 20 Best Moments of One Piece

To face him, Luffy changes into a bouncing behemoth with tribal tattoos. The way Luffy fades Doflamingo’s smirk by smashing him deserves a standing ovation.

The crew realizes that there is still a long way to go, to achieve their dreams.

Luffy Defeats Crocodile

Crocodile is one of the most influential antagonists to face the Straw Hats Captain. The last they both faced was phenomenal.

The Alabasta arc’s villain faced defeat at the hands of Luffy. This Sandman was the toughest villain Luffy faced at the early stage of his journey.

Zeff’s Selfless sacrifice

The Captain of Cook Pirates was a mentor to our favorite chef Sanji. It is later revealed in the story that Zeff lost his leg while he was trying to save Sanji.

Zeff- 20 Best Moments of One Piece

This changed our perspective towards this grumpy chef. He had a very sad backstory which made us sympathize with him.

Luffy Stands up to the 3 Admirals

In episode 467 of the series, Luffy stands up to the 3 Admirals. This confrontation showed that Luffy is not scared to fight anyone for his loved ones.

Luffy against the three admirals- 20 Best Moments of One Piece

The artwork and the pacing of this scene were in sync. The heroic music in the background made the moment intense.

Im Sama’s Debut

Holder of the Empty throne made his debut during the Reverie arc. He is speculated to be the strongest in the entire world of One Piece.

His appearance in the show makes us known of the bigger problems the crew is yet to face.

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