20 Best Satisfying Anime Moments

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20 Best Satisfying Anime Moments

Once you invest your time in any show, you grow up with the characters. You get emotionally attached to them. A bond develops with time, you feel their sadness, joy, disgust, anger, and all the rush of different emotions. We get excited about their victories and devastated when they struggle.

For some, the most satisfying moments are the aesthetics in the Ghibli movies. We want to be there, see all these small things happening, and feel them firsthand.

Some find it satisfying when the main character has a thrilling action sequence with the villain. Some find it in the idea of revenge.

In this blog post, I will share the 20 Best Satisfying Anime Moments.

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Ichigo Tossing Aizen [Aizen]

When we think of Bleach, we think of magical swords, over-the-top powers, and reality-warping stuff. This incident is tamer as compared to the standards set by this shonen anime.

Leading up to this moment, we have seen Aizen in one mood, calm and in control. He seems so calculated with his plans, there is no way to rattle his plans.

In the end, it feels amazing to see him lose in that instant.

Naruto gets recognized by the village [Naruto Shippuden]

It was a long time coming moment. It is one of the most satisfying and rewarding moments in the entire series. Naruto has always been the Underdog. He started as the noisy annoying kid who dreamt of becoming Hokage.

Naruto gets recognized by the village- 20 Best Satisfying Anime Moments

Along the way, he had no shortage of rivals and was always a step behind Sasuke.

It was amazing to see him showered with love and become everyone’s hero.

Takamura’s Rage against Hawk [Hajime no Ippo]

Takamura is one of the most awesome characters from Hajime no Ippo. At this point in the anime, he had to go through a lot to chase his dreams.

Hawk, the WBC junior middleweight champion spends most of the arc in the build-up to this eventful fight.

Seeing Takamura just unleash his rage on his opponent as well as the resulting beat down feels so satisfying.

Gabriel Miller’s Death [Sword Art Online]

Throughout the anime, we have been told to hate Gabriel Miller. None of the villains can match the sheer evil this person possesses.

Gabriel Miller- 20 Best Satisfying Anime Moments

He is a mass murderer, a sociopath hiding inside a cold calm facade.

Waking up as a ghost after physically dying, he finds himself reunited with the childhood friend that he murdered. He is then dragged into hell by the thousands of people that he had killed.

Malty’s Punishment [The Rising of the Shield Hero]

Similar to the villain above, similar is the fate of the villain of this anime.

It is manipulative people like Malty who we need to be aware of. She falsely accuses Naofumi of rape and threatens to kill his sister.

After putting Naofumi through hell this was something that she deserved. Naofumi shows mercy on her life and rather asks to rename her “Bitch”.

Kaneki vs Jason [Tokyo Ghoul]

It is something about these revenge plots that keep us coming. Tokyo Ghoul is not a revenge plot but when Kaneki finally snaps at Jason and accepts his Ghoul powers. It is a site to witness.

Kaneki vs Jason- 20 Best Satisfying Anime Moments

Kaneki for so long had been trying to run away from his identity. Accepting that he had become a part of ghoul society was not easy. After torturing by Jason, he loses it and gives him a beatdown.

It was a very satisfying end to the first season.

Luffy Punching Celestial Dragon [One Piece]

It is a trademark Luffy moment. He punched down a celestial dragon to take revenge for the Fishman. One Piece also shed light on the topic of racism and stands against this crime.

Captain Levi vs Beast Titan [Attack on Titan]

It was a masterclass on Titan slaying by Professor Levi. Context plays a big part here but still as a standalone moment it feels amazing.

Captain Levi vs Beast Titan- 20 Best Satisfying Anime Moments

Levi sliced every part of the Beast Titan, It was one of the most satisfying moments in the entire show.

Mustang’s Rage [Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood]

Great anime characters are forever immortalized by trademark moments that everyone will remember them by. There are so many of these trademark moments to Mustang. If I had to choose one, it would be his fight against Envy.

The fight is so fulfilling and the intensity of the fight is at a different level.

Gun vs Pitou [Hunter x Hunter]

It is the most satisfying moment in the whole Hunter x Hunter. Gon takes this fight above the levels of expectation.

Gun vs Pitou- 20 Best Satisfying Anime Moments

The scene is surreal and the resulting beatdown is satisfying to the core. It is the showcase of what peak anime can be. It seems that the roles of the Hero and the villain have been swapped.

This scene adds a complex layer to the character development of Gon.

Deku vs Overhaul [My Hero Academia]

This scene from My Hero Academia set Twitter on fire. With help of Aries, Midoriya could sustain 100% of “One for All”.

Deku vs Overhaul- 20 Best Satisfying Anime Moments

Midoriya was able to lay down the mother of all smackdowns on the wannabe Yakuza. This scene was a blinding display of animation and awesomeness.

This anime was beloved by many, but this fight turned it into a mainstream shonen.

Ultra Instinct [Dragon Ball Z]

When this episode premiered, it managed to crash streaming servers everywhere. Crunchyroll was unable to hold the weight of Goku showing off his newfound powers of ultra instinct.

Watching Goku once again reach a higher level to take on the unbeatable Jiren. It was satisfying and a feast for the eyes. It took anime fans way past their tipping point.

Datsuya’s Material Bust [ The Irregular at Magic High School]

When Political warfare gets serious, things become quite complicated especially if you are talking about an entire alliance of enemies.

Material burst is the most powerful forces of destruction in this anime universe.

The destruction it can cause is very scary. The way Datsuya uses it is cool and the cold looks he gives are satisfying

Anos vs Zepes [The Misfit of Demon King Academy]

This demon lord showcases his power to his weak descendants by killing someone without even lifting a finger. If he does not have fun, he revives the poor victim.

Anos vs Zepes- 20 Best Satisfying Anime Moments

With such powers in control, you can make some brave speeches that you often hear. There is this twisted satisfaction in watching Anos cakewalk through all his opponents.

Escanor’s Introduction [Seven Deadly Sins]

This shonen show is well regarded to let its characters use their power at limits and are allowed to run wild. The powerful showcase of power in the fight between Escanor and the two commandants is insane.

Escanor- 20 Best Satisfying Anime Moments

Escanor comes out of this two-on-one situation completely uninjured. It is the biggest flex in all of the Seven Deadly Sind anime.

Luffy Uses Conqueror’s Haki [One Piece]

Whenever you talk about overpowered anime protagonists, Luffy doesn’t often make the list immediately. Compared to the different animes that have been released like One Punch Man, the assumption is fair too.

Luffy Uses Conqueror’s Haki- 20 Best Satisfying Anime Moments

Watching Luffy walk through hundreds of Fishmen and treat them as rookies. It was satisfying to watch him easily walk through.

Gojo vs Jogo [Jujustu Kaisen]

These two powerhouses in the anime fight early in the anime. This paves a path that allows every future battle to hold a weight and tension that is required to create a strong connection with the audience.

Gojo vs Jogo \[Jujustu Kaisen\]

The fight perfectly fits into this list. It shows the terrifying extent of Gojo’s powers. This already cool character is given the ability of space manipulation,

Utsoro vs Everyone [Gintama]

When Utsoro was introduced, he easily defeats the main cast. When he faced the entire cast of the show, he did not even sweat despite all of them. He is the most broke antagonist and decisive fights against him show how insane this guy is.

The strongest of all the characters is no match to him at all. Utsoro wrecked everyone like it was nothing.

Mob Goes ??? % [Mob Psycho 100]

One of the hallmark moments in Mob Psycho comes when Mob goes beyond his limits. In this stage can release his psychic powers in many forms. He loses control of his consciousness and lets his powers run wild.

Mob goes ???%- 20 Best Satisfying Anime Moments

Looking at the sheer destruction mob is capable of without moving a finger is a sight to behold.

What might happen, if he becomes capable to harness this amount of power when conscious?

Saitama vs Lord Boros [One Punch Man]

The most epic moment in the One Punch Man Series is this fight of Saitama against Boros ( The Leader of Dark Matter Thieves). Much like Saitama, the intergalactic villain deals with an existential crisis after becoming so powerful.

Lord Boros launches an attack on Earth as a remedy to his existential crisis

The visuals are stunning and the music in the background adds to the feels.

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