20 Memes Of 2022 Fall Anime That Are Not Coming Slow

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Are you satisfied with memes media? Over the past several years, hundreds of anime memes have appeared. You may have noticed several online, along with their explanations.

Since anime is so well-liked, its characters, narratives, and story themes have inspired a variety of memes.

But how are these memes created? Many pictures and video clips from anime series are used to produce some fantastic works of art in the form of memes.

Anime memes are not only for anime viewers but also for manga readers, dubbed watchers, and even for T.V. show viewers.

Here are some of the most popular and well-known anime memes and explanations of what they imply.

Fall Anime Memes

  1. Looking Dumb After One Hour Sleep

Looking Dumb After One Hour Sleep

Mob’s present face is 100% face. When Mob’s emotions reach 100%, his feelings come bursting to the surface, giving him a tremendous power boost. The percentages represent Mob’s emotions growing. After seeing this meme, I can tell that Mob currently Mob just woke up after an hour’s sleep.

  1. Confused Me!

Confused Me!

Shintaro Midorima, a wise character from Kuroko’s basketball, usually has blunt or rude nature. Midorima sees the situation in a different way and used to suspect it just like he is doing right away.

  1. Pretending Zangetsu

Pretending Zangetsu

You cannot deny it because we all do this, especially when no one is around. People who are a noob and are not like us, close weebs, don’t understand anything like this.

Let’s pretend our knife is Zangetsu again.

  1. Bleach; The Best Anime

Bleach; The Best Anime

As of right now, BLEACH: Thousand-Year Blood War Part 1 has been selected as the finest anime of the Fall 2022 season. Throughout its whole run, the anime was excellent, and Pierrot’s translation of one of the main three anime’s last arc was outstanding. Through the course of the season, 48,598 people cast votes, and after Bleach, Mob Psycho 100 III came in second.

In the present meme, just as Titan is chasing people, Bleach hunts other anime the same way.

  1. My Mom When We Were Kids!

My Mom When We Were Kids!

Our parents are usually strict with us, but when it comes to our children, they immediately get soft and sweet. Parents can’t see their grandkids cry, unlike us (their own kids) whom they scold themselves on the wrong things. It is called Grandparents LOVE.

  1. Macaroons!


This meme indirectly tells us not to be sweet to Princess’s friend because the Princesses won’t allow that.

  1. Power’s Confidence Is Just LIT!

Power’s Confidence Is Just LIT!

When Denji makes Power notice that her Jordans are fake, she immediately declares him wrong with her great self-confidence. However, the reality is the reverse, and you know it better. Power’s character throughout the series is blunt and carefree. She does not think before acting and also remains confident in her words because she believes Fiends have a high I.Q., and her I.Q. level is more than 1000.

  1. The Real F.R.I.E.N.D.S

The Real F.R.I.E.N.D.S

I don’t know if you have seen F.R.I.E.N.D.S. or not, but I have seen it in the form of Chainsaw Man. In the anime, Denji’s Devil Hunter group represents the clear picture of true friends, especially after returning from a rage hunt. Though, they all remain ready to kill each other in a difficult situation, just like when they get ready to kill Denji at Gun Devil’s request.

  1. Tanjori’s Head Is Hard!

Tanjori’s Head Is Hard!

The main literary justification for Tanjiro’s hard head is to symbolize his persistence and fighting technique. Tanjiro repeatedly demonstrates that he can keep moving forward and fighting even when all else looks gone. Tanjori has done a lot of head-butts, but he loses when a mere book hits on his head. It is called mellow drama.

  1. Zooming Anime Faces

Zooming Anime Faces

It occurs often. When you zoom out on a character’s face, it appears to be really well-designed and animated, yet when you zoom in on the face, there is a terrible silence. With a zoom-in, faces become blurry or have less pronounced postures.

  1. My Girlfriend!

My Girlfriend!

This meme depicts two faces of a character at different times in a series.

  1. Anya And Forger Are Well-Coping With Each Other

Anya And Forger Are Well-Coping With Each Other

Twilight, a.k.a Loid Forger, adopts Anya from the orphanage, but she develops a strong attachment to him and is constantly trying to help him in order to stay with him. In the current meme, Anya is doing just like Forger to stop Yor’s terror, similar to how we do. When Mom enters the room unexpectedly, and we are watching anime late at night, we also act in the same manner. That’s hilarious!

  1. Queen Dies!

Queen Dies!

But we want to survive just to make it to next year.

  1. Don’t Even Talk About Fall Anime Girls

Don’t Even Talk About Fall Anime Girls

2022 was a great year for anime hype as it gave many leading female characters that made anime superb. But it was about spring and summer anime; what about the fall? Fall anime was far beyond amazing, especially in terms of leading female characters.

Don’t forget about Power and Makima from Chainsaw Man when you talk about the best female characters in anime. And yes, these two leading beauties are from an anime that came in the fall season.



Marin’s character from “My Dress-Up Darling” is cute and innocent. She is the most popular girl in school but yet is not the smartest and often talks dumb.

  1. Dogs Of Fall 2022 Are Cute

Dogs Of Fall 2022 Are Cute

I personally find this meme funnier because of the way out two main heroes are acting.

  1. If My Love Is Not Accepted, I Will Tear Apart The World

If My Love Is Not Accepted, I Will Tear Apart The World

  1. My Brain Is Not Listening To My Heart

My Brain Is Not Listening To My Heart

2022 was a great year because it produced many female leading characters, and we cannot deny that we have built a crush on them.

  1. Do You Watch Anime Too?

Do You Watch Anime Too?

  1. Near Is Genius!

Near Is Genius!

In the anime Death Note, everyone values Near and listens to him. So, when he said Light is Kira, his words were marked.

Concluding Remarks!

This was all about crazy anime memes. Memes are necessary for leading a healthy life. Stay with us if you want to read more memes like this.

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