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Berserk watch order

The manga book of the same name by Kentaro Miura inspired the 1997 animated television series Berserk. The episodes were animated by Magic and Oriental Light under the direction of Naohito Takahashi. The manga’s first thirteen volumes are covered. Twenty-five episodes of the show were shown on Nippon TV in Japan between October 8, 1997, and April 1, 1998.

The narrative centres on Guts, an orphan mercenary fighter who goes by The Black Swordsman, as he reflects on his time fighting with the Band of the Hawk, a band of mercenaries. Together, they fight their way into the king’s palace under Griffith’s leadership and are thrust into a situation that might change their existence. Griffith is a ruthless, ambitious, brilliant, and elegant guy. Two theme songs—one for the opening and one for the closing—are used for each episode. Tell Me Why by Penpals plays as the opening theme. Silver Fins’ Waiting So Long serves as the closing theme.

Two opening and two closing themes are among the four theme songs used in the show. Inferno by 9mm Parabellum Bullet serves as the season one opening music, while Meimoku no Kanata (Beyond Closed Eyes) by Nagi Yanagi serves as the season one closing music. The opening theme for season two is Sacrifice by 9mm Parabellum Bullet, while the outro is Issai wa Monogatari (Everything is the Story) by Yoshino Nanj ft. Nagi Yanagi.

The main character-Berserk watch order

Many people like watching anime series, and there are several anime and manga series available in a variety of genres. You can better grasp the tale by following the release or viewing the sequence for Berserk. For those looking for the Berserk Watch Order, we have included both the Release Order and the Berserk Chronological Order on one page.

The characters are a big reason why this is so well-liked. If any anime fans choose to watch Berserk, they should do it in accordance with the Berserk Watch Order. The user may readily comprehend the plot by using the Berserk Release Order listed below.

Berserk (1997)

  • Episode 1 - The black swordsman: Guts enter a pub where a female is being abused. All but one of the attackers are killed by him, and he instructs the remaining attacker to inform the Baron of the Black Swordsman’s approach.
  • Episode 2 - The band of the Hawk: Guts recall killing the knight Bazuso as a mercenary in a flashback.
  • Episode 3 - First battle: As a result of Griffith’s victory over Guts, the berserker and philosopher’s alliance known as the Band of the Hawk now includes Guts.
  • Episode 4 - The hand of god: Griffith introduces Guts to the Band of the Hawk and shows him his Behelit.
  • Episode 5 - Sword and the wind: Guts is now Griffith’s army’s leader. Casca criticises Guts for taking chances in the fight even when he triumphs.
  • Episode 6 - Zodd the immortal: Guts lead his soldiers in an attack on a castle that Chuder has taken control of, but the deadly gigantic warrior Nosferatu Zodd the Immortal decimates Guts’ men.
  • Episode 7 - The sword master: Griffith exploits their experience with Nosferatu Zodd to approach the King and his daughter Charlotte, despite the fact that he and Guts are still hurt. Several Hawks, including Guts, believe that Griffith is edging away from them.
  • Episode 8 - Conspiracy: Griffith and Guts keep winning battles, and Griffith is given a count.
  • Episode 9 - Assassination: Griffith and Charlotte become more intimate during the hunt before the former is wounded by a poisoned arrow to the chest.
  • Episode 10 - Nobleman: Guts murders Julius, but is left emotionally wounded when he has to kill Adonis, Julius’ son, to cover up the crime.
  • Episode 11 - Battle engagement: Leading the charge into combat with the Blue Whale Knights are Griffith and the Hawks.
  • Episode 12 - Two people: Casca is cared for by Guts, although she still dislikes him. She describes how Griffith gave her an option in life and helped her preserve herself from being raped so that she might follow him.
  • Episode 13 - Suicidal act: Guts and Casca are located by Adon Coborlwitz and his Blue Whale Knights.
  • Episode 14 - Campfire of dreams: After taking down her assailants, Casca and Guts return to the camp.
  • Episode 15 - The decisive battle: Griffith offers the Hawks to take back the unconquerable Fortress of Doldrey from the Purple Rhino Knights under the command of Gennon, the Chuder governor.
  • Episode 16 - The conqueror: The citadel is taken by Casca, who defeats Adon and the few surviving guards and reveals that the withdrawal was a ploy.
  • Episode 17 - Moment of glory: The Hundred-Year War between Chuder and Midland comes to a close with the Hawks taking back Doldrey.
  • Episode 18 - Tombstone of flames: The Queen and the conspirators think Griffith is dead since they were successful in poisoning him.
  • Episode 19 - Parting: Griffith challenges Guts as he departs, but Guts is able to outwit Griffith and win his release.
  • Episode 20 - The spark: After a year, Guts now resides with the swordsmith Godo and his granddaughter Erica.
  • Episode 21 - Confession: The Hawks’ guts enable them to expel the mercenaries.
  • Episode 22 - The infiltration: Griffith is discovered by Casca and Guts as they enter the prison beneath the Tower of Rebirth to free him. He is there dumb, handicapped, and severely scarred after a year of what seems like infinite agony.
  • Episode 23 - Eve of the feast: Griffith’s awful state has left everyone at the camp desolate.
  • Episode 24 - Eclipse: The God Hand’s four archdemons awaken and tell Griffith that they have decided to make him their final member. Griffith must sacrifice his pals to the Apostles of God’s Hand in exchange for his baptism.
  • Episode 25 - Perpetual time: Assuming their actual forms, the Apostles start the Eclipse banquet by consuming those designated as offerings.


  • Berserk: Golden Age Arc I - The Egg of the King (2012)
  • Berserk: Golden Age Arc II - The Battle for Doldrey (2012)
  • Berserk Ougon Jidaihen III - Kourin (2013)

Guts-Berserk watch order

Berserk (2016 - 2017)

Season One (2016)

  • Episode 1 - The dragonslayer: A lone swordsman named Guts enters an inn where a bunch of bandits are torturing an elf named Puck and a young man with red hair a few years after the events of a solar eclipse, one that predicted the arrival of an angel of evil.
  • Episode 2 - The holy iron chain knights: Guts, who is still worn out from battling spirits, manages to kill some of the Holy Iron Chain Knights who were trying to capture him and engage in combat with their vice commander Azan before succumbing to his injuries.
  • Episode 3 - Night of miracles: Before encountering the estate’s kennel owner, an Apostle, the spirits pass Serpico and take control of hounds that pursue Guts to an abandoned mansion where they slaughter the animals.
  • Episode 4 - Revelations: Guts dreams of seeing his lover Casca burnt at the stake for being a witch.
  • Episode 5 - Tower of conviction: When Guts kills five Kushan scouts on his way to St. Albion, the red-haired boy Isidro decides to join him out of adoration.
  • Episode 6 - Night banquet of burning at the stake: The enigmatic Skull Knight, who reveals the God Hand are using St. Albion as the location of a rite to restore Griffith’s physical form, comes into contact with Guts as he beats his adversaries and the monster foetus saves Casca.
  • Episode 7 - The black witch: Guts makes his way to St. Albion and deploys the soldiers as Luca struggles to save her apprentice Pepe as she is being detained by a Holy Knight.
  • Episode 8 - Reunion in the Den of Evil: The time Guts spends with Casca after their reunion is brief as he fends off the Great Goat while Isidro rescues Casca and Nina.
  • Episode 9 - Blood flow of the dead: Mozgus confines Casca in an iron maiden after Nina identified her as the witch he is looking for.
  • Episode 10 - Hell’s angels: Luca is taken away by the enigmatic watcher, who shows himself to be an Apostle with beheld-like features who calls himself the Egg of the Perfect World.
  • Episode 11 - Shadows of ideas: The Skull Knight carried her to the outskirts, and when Luca returns to St. Albion, the Egg of the Perfect World, out of compassion, swallows the dying Demon Child as he ascends the Tower of Conviction.
  • Episode 12 - Those who cling, those who struggle: The Egg of the Perfect World summons the dead to the Tower of Conviction and sacrifices himself to finish the ritual, transforming the Demon Child into Griffith’s physical vessel as Guts and his gang fight against the stream of corpses with fire while Luca saves Nina below the tower.

Berserk: Golden Age Arc II-Berserk watch order

Season Two (2017)

  • Episode 12.5 - Dai 2 Ki Start Kinen Touban: While Nina and Joachim are reunited, Farnese chooses to abandon her religious beliefs and follow Guts, with Serpico sticking by her side. The Skull Knight wonders if the events that have place would soon transform the world as he returns to Albion’s ruins.
  • Episode 13 - The rent world: When Guts and Puck bring Casca home, they discover that Godo has passed away. Griffith shows up to see how meeting Guts would feel and is happy that he doesn’t experience anything so he can keep on living his fantasy.
  • Episode 14 - Winter journey: Schierke, a teenage witch, keeps an eye on Griffith from a distance. While pursuing Guts, Serpico recalls how Farnese adopted him as a servant for the Vandimion family in spite of the abuse he endured from her, and how he later revealed his paternity to patriarch Federico de Vandimion III.
  • Episode 15 - Banner of the flying sword: Griffith and his new Band of the Hawk, which consists of the banished Bakiraka murderer Rakshas, Grunbeld the Giant, Irvine the Archer, and Nosferatu Zodd, free a Kushan-occupied city.
  • Episode 16 - Forest of demonic beasts: After Casca vanishes, Farnese suffers from depression and loses herself in the jungle while searching for her.
  • Episode 17 - The astral world: After learning of the attacks on Enoch Village, Flora offers Morgan her apprentice Schierke’s assistance and casts a charm to temporarily shield Guts and Casca from spirits.
  • Episode 18 - Fight for survival against the demonic legion: When Guts’ company arrives in Enoch Village, the priest almost turns them away because he thinks Schierke is a phoney, but after Guts explains that Casca is a religious pilgrim, the priest agrees to let them stay.
  • Episode 19 - The Arcana of Invocation: A Kelpie and an Ogre start attacking the settlement. Guts battles the ogre as Serpico battles the kelpie.
  • Episode 20 - The corruption of Qliphoth: The Astral Realm’s Qliphoth region, where humanity’s worst ideas form, is where Schierke realises they have arrived.
  • Episode 21 - The Berserker Armor: As the Skull Knight prepares to fight Griffith’s Apostles after they breach Flora’s barrier, she shows a set of Berserker armour she has preserved throughout the years.
  • Episode 21.5 - The witch’s recollection: Guts are aware of the tremendous damage to his body, but he has lost interest in feeling agony as the armour starts to take the shape of the Beast of Darkness.
  • Episode 22 - A journey begins in flames: Guts go all out once the armour removes his restrictions, hurting Grunbeld while also damaging his shield and hammer.
  • Episode 23 - Proclaimed Omens: Guts and company continue on their trek to Skellig, an island that sits in between two-dimensional realms and is home to both elves and wizards.
  • Episode 24 - City of humans: As Guts’ gang approaches the city of Vritannis, Schierke is disturbed by Isidro about her witchcraft attire.


  • Berserk - Recollections of the Witch (2017)several anime and manga series are available in various

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