Best Anime EDs/Endings That SLAP

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Best Anime EDs/Endings That SLAP

The current world of anime is bursting at the seams with fantastic animation, incredible soundtracks, gorgeous character designs, and gripping tales to guarantee that viewers are engaged from the very beginning of the episode onward. The ending credits, with their unforgettable ending songs, With their unforgettable ending songs, the ending credits. This rule has several significant exceptions, the cherry on top being when fans finish watching an exceptionally gripping episode of their favourite anime series.

Most anime’s endings have music and animation that are intended to be soothing and unwinding in their special manner, a way to wind down after the adrenaline. Although there are several significant exceptions to this rule, most famous anime endings follow the predetermined formula exactly. These articles are all about some of the best anime closing music ever. With their unforgettable ending songs and this rule having several significant exceptions in sending credits, this rule has several notable exceptions.

Best Anime EDs/Endings That SLAP

Here is the list of best anime series ending songs that are loved by everyone.

1. Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, directed by Yasuhiro Irie, is the second anime adaptation of the Fullmetal Alchemist manga series created by Bones. However, it stays true to the manga, and most fans would suggest Brotherhood as the finest adaptation of this series. The series has not only superior animation and graphics but also better music than anything else out there. Its last song is exceptionally moving and provides viewers a moment to collect their thoughts after seeing each show. The last ending song of the first season is Uso (Lie) and it was performed by SID.

Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood-Best Anime EDs/Endings That SLAP

2. Fire Force

Atsushi Ohkubo is a Japanese manga creator who created the manga series, Fire Force. Although many might disagree, Fire Force is a fantastic anime. To start, the animation is fantastic. However, most people leap to conclusions and claim that the fanservice is tasteless just because it was done incorrectly once. However, many anime fans adore the closing song. Veil, sung by Keina Suda, is the last song of the second season.

Fire force-Best Anime EDs/Endings That SLAP

3. My Hero Academia

My Hero Academia is directed by Kenji Nagasaki. There are numerous reasons to believe that this series is the finest anime of the contemporary period. One of the best-known and most adored shonen anime series of the contemporary period is My Hero Academia, which many fans consider to be the finest anime of the modern era overall, regardless of genre. Every anime fan adores the series’ fourth season’s theme tune. Sayuri sings and wrote the song “About A Voyage.”

My Hero Academia-Best Anime EDs/Endings That SLAP

4. Bleach

The anime series Bleach was directed by Shinsuke Sato. Bleach was formerly one of the most well-known anime series ever. Many anime viewers, especially those devoted to Bleach fans until the point where the show’s quality drastically declined, still have a warm spot in their hearts for the Soul Society arc. That should not diminish the anime’s magnificence, though. The series finale, which features the song Aoi Tori, also known as Blue Bird, is particularly noteworthy and provides many devoted viewers with a sentimental trip down memory lane. Fumika sang the closing song, Aoi Tori.

Bleach-Best Anime EDs/Endings That SLAP

5. Attack On Titan

Attack on Titan’s fourth season was complete perfection, with its first half laying the groundwork for a suspenseful climax. The show’s constant barrage of intense scenes might be difficult to take in at times, but it’s well worth the emotional rollercoaster. Ideally, the programme concludes with a mournful tune since it perfectly captures how depressing and gloomy Attack on Titan’s events have grown. Fans are eagerly anticipating the release of the final season to see how this incredible series concludes. Shock, the song that closes the film, is sung by Yuko Ando.

shock-Best Anime EDs/Endings That SLAP

6. Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure

The director of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure is Naokatsu Tsuda. Long-running shounen fight anime JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure’s legendary battle sequences, numerous quotable quotes, crazy powers, and endearing characters probably lured in new viewers. The series is lengthy, though, so novices will need to watch or read Parts 1 and 2 to fully understand what is happening before moving on to the endlessly memed struggle between Dio and Jotaro in Part 3. Roundabout, a song by the British progressive rock band Yes, was recorded as the series’ last song in 1972.

roundabout-Best Anime EDs/Endings That SLAP

7. Erased

The director of Erased is Tomohiko Ito. One of the greatest television series ever produced is this gorgeously sketched, excruciatingly stressful, humorous, romantic, thrilling, and frightening series. It’s like all the best TV shows and films you’ve ever watched rolled into one. But the closing theme is the most cherished tune. The Erased series’ singer is Sayuri.

tomohiko-Best Anime EDs/Endings That SLAP

8. Death Note

Death Note is directed by Tetsuro Araki. Most people recall the Death Note openings as some of the loudest and most overt anime openings they’ve ever seen. Both are noteworthy in their particular ways, but that shouldn’t detract from the calibre of the closing tracks. Alumina, the season one finale song, is outstanding in this sense. Death Note’s eerie images are given fresh life by the soundtrack, which gives the final scene its unique vitality. Nightmare is the voice behind the song Alumina.

death note-Best Anime EDs/Endings That SLAP

9. One Punch Man

One Punch Man is Shingo Natsume’s director. One Punch Man never takes itself too seriously, which is one of the main reasons it succeeds so well. In contrast to anime, where the humour often feels forced or out of place, One Punch Man pulls it off because the basic idea is so absurdly unbelievable that it reads more like a parody. The One Punch Man series’ last song is adored by the audience, much like the entire series. The song I’ll Find You Sooner Than The Stars has been sung by Hiroko Moriguchi.

One punch man-Best Anime EDs/Endings That SLAP

10. Clannad

Clannad, one of the best animes ever produced, was directed by Osamu Dezaki. The show’s endearing and wholesome moments wonderfully balance its occasionally gloomy and depressing undertones, creating a melancholy experience. This is seen in even the closing song, Dango Daikazoku. It’s a fantastic song that captures the essence of Clannad, making for an anime that stands alone as being amazing. Chata delivered the song’s performance.

clannad-Best Anime EDs/Endings That SLAP

11. Jujutsu Kaisen

Sunghoo Park is the director of Jujutsu Kaisen. This series features one of the most memorable and entertaining series finales ever. It’s always entertaining to see the rotoscoped figures move to a nice tune. No matter how many times a show airs, viewers will never miss the opening credits. However, in the case of Jujutsu Kaisen, this is true in the last scene. Most viewers wouldn’t get bored watching it repeatedly because it’s catchy enough. The Lost in Paradise vocalist was ALI Band, who collaborated with rapper AKLO.

jujutsu kaisen-Best Anime EDs/Endings That SLAP

12. Claymore

Claymore’s director is Hiroyuki Tanaka. This underrated anime series has a compelling cast of characters and a solid plot. Although some viewers believe the finale was botched since it diverged into its plot rather than pausing to let the manga continue, the combat in this programme is also breathtaking. In any case, the music is fairly fantastic, with Danzai No Hana’s concluding theme standing out in particular. Given how underappreciated Claymore is, more fans of anime should see it and listen to the fantastic closing song. Riyu Kosaka played the singer for Danzai No Hana.

claymore-Best Anime EDs/Endings That SLAP

13. Bungo Stray Dogs

Takuya Igarashi is Bungo Stray Dogs’ director. Bungo Stray Dogs was well received by the Japanese public. The manga had sold 4.1 million copies as of late 2016. Even this series of exceptions to this rule is fantastic and hilarious. All of the characters are used quite effectively. Everything is simple to learn and pretty great overall. The closing song, however, is appreciated by all viewers. The opening theme for the Bungo Stray Dogs anime, Namae wo Yobu yo (I’ll Call Your Name), was sung by Atsushi Nakajima’s seiy, Yto Uemura, and performed by Luck Life.

bungo stray dogs-Best Anime EDs/Endings That SLAP

14. Vinland Saga

Makoto Yukimura is the author and illustrator of the historical manga series Vinland Saga in Japan. It did not get an anime adaptation for a very long time. Many people consider the dark fantasy series to be among the best manga of all time. Thus, fans were delighted to see Wit Studio in charge of translating this masterpiece. The fact that this show has fantastic music, with the opening and closing songs being standouts in their own right, also helps. Torches is an excellent anime episode closing song because, like the soundtrack in Vinland Saga, it grows in epic over time. Aimer is the voice behind Torches’ last song.

makoto-Best Anime EDs/Endings That SLAP

15. Neon Genesis Evangelion

One of the most recognised songs of all time is “Fly Me To The Moon.” Although Frank Sinatra’s rendition of the song is perhaps the most well-known, several other musicians have performed it over the years. However, Neon Genesis Evangelion’s rendition of this song in the closing credits is also quite good. The artist’s voice, which has a melancholy quality, lends weight to the conclusion and gives a hint as to how thought-provoking Neon Genesis Evangelion may be. The series’ director is Hideaki Anno. Although Claire sang the last song, Fly Me to the Moon, Bart Howard originally performed it in 1954.

fly me to the moon-Best Anime EDs/Endings That SLAP

16. Cowboy Bebop

Shinichir Watanabe is the director of Cowboy Bebop. The show’s score and themes, as well as all other aspects of it, are amazing, making it one of the best anime ever made. Therefore, it stands to reason that the show’s last song would also be noteworthy in and of itself. It would be difficult to imagine that Cowboy Bebop’s ending song would have the same impact given how unforgettable the movie’s entrance is. However, The Real Folk Blues does a fantastic job of capturing the essence of Cowboy Bebop, acting as the ideal coda to each thought-provoking episode. The Seatbelts played the Real Folk Blues song.

shinichir-Best Anime EDs/Endings That SLAP

17. Gintama

It’s astonishing to see how serious and compelling Gintama can get at times for a series that nearly always prioritises humour. After all, the programme does contain some of the best shonen arcs in anime history. Samurai Heart is one of Gintama’s most memorable theme tunes. It’s a superb combination of an ending that depicts Gintoki’s journey and remarkably develops his character. SPYAIR, the rock band, sang the song that closed the Gintama series, Some Like It Hot!

samurai heart-Best Anime EDs/Endings That SLAP

18. Inu Yasha

Before series about characters being transferred to other planets became incredibly popular, the isekai anime InuYasha was a tremendous phenomenon. Masashi Ikeda served as the show’s director. Any lover of quality action-comedy anime should see this legendary series. One of InuYasha’s better theme tunes, Fukai Mori, is enjoyable to hear. Long-time viewers of the show still recall the song with nostalgia since it is so gorgeous. Do As Infinity, a pop band, performed the song, Fukai Mori.

fukai mori-Best Anime EDs/Endings That SLAP

19. Log Horizon

Shinji Ishihira Junichi Wada is the director of Log Horizon. For quite some time, it has been impossible to avoid watching isekai anime, and Log Horizon is no exception. Log Horizon stands out despite being in such a crowded field because of its superb writing and compelling characterisation. Your Song, the show’s moving closing theme, is a beautiful way to wrap up each episode’s mayhem. Log Horizon is an excellent place to start for those who want to watch isekai anime but don’t know where to begin. The song’s singer was Yun Chi.

your song-Best Anime EDs/Endings That SLAP

20. Fairy Tail

Every fan of the shonen anime genre must have watched Fairy Tail, which is a classic in the genre. It may not be a groundbreaking shonen series, but because of its enjoyable power scaling and exciting combat, it still manages to be breathtaking. It also helps that Fairy Tail has a fantastic original soundtrack, with (Pierce) being one of the finest combat shonen anime ending themes. The musical prowess of EMPiRE, a fantastic idol group, is evident throughout this series. The anime’s director is Masaya Fujimori.

pierce-Best Anime EDs/Endings That SLAP

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