Best Anime EDs/Endings while travelling

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Best Anime EDs/Endings while travelling

Anime endings may be a beautiful way to end a series. They are the frosting on the anime cake. There are some important exceptions to this rule, but the icing on the cake comes when viewers have just finished watching an especially suspenseful episode of their favourite anime series. As a method to relax after the adrenaline rush, the music and animation in the majority of anime endings are meant to be calming in their unique way and the best way to relax while travelling.

Best Anime EDs/Endings while travelling

Some of the greatest anime closing songs ever heard while travelling is included in this article. Viewers may even develop a liking for certain music they had never heard before.

1. Haibane Renmei

Haibane Renmei’s director is Tomokazu Tokoro. The most visually stunning anime is this one. It’s amazing how much thought and creativity went into creating every component of the presentation. When viewers are viewing it for the first time, the suspense is subtle and difficult to detect. Throughout the series, it intensifies. Every episode of Haibane Renmei appears to raise new issues that are never addressed. It starts slowly and mysteriously and ends slowly and mysteriously. The last song, Blue Flow, was loved by the viewers just like the series. The last track from the Haibane Renmei anime, Blue Flow, was written by Kou Otani and performed by Heart of Air.

Best Anime EDs/Endings while travelling-haibane

2. Jujutsu Kaisen

Jujutsu Kaisen is directed by Sunghoo Park. This series had one of the most memorable and exciting series finales in television history. It’s always fun to see the rotoscoped figurines move to a lovely soundtrack. Viewers will never forget the opening credits, no matter how many times a show airs. In the case of Jujutsu Kaisen, however, this is true in the last scene. Most people would not grow tired of watching it because it is entertaining enough. ALI Band, who performed with rapper AKLO, was the Lost in Paradise vocalist.

Best Anime EDs/Endings while travelling-jujutsu kaisen

3. My Hero Academia

My Hero Academia is directed by Kenji Nagasaki. There are numerous reasons to believe that this series is the finest anime of the contemporary period. One of the best-known and most adored shonen anime series of the contemporary period is My Hero Academia, which many fans consider to be the finest anime of the modern era overall, regardless of genre. Every anime fan adores the series’ fourth season’s theme tune. Sayuri sings and wrote the song “About A Voyage.”

Best Anime EDs/Endings while travelling-my hero academia

4. The Flowers of Evil

Noboru Iguchi is Flowers of Evil’s director. One of the 2013 films that generated the most discussion was Flowers of Evil or Aku no Hana. It was popular, but for all the wrong reasons. There was nothing about the series that viewers could applaud, and there was a lot to condemn due to the creative direction, the unlikable actors, and the subject matter. Despite the series, the closing theme music is among the finest. Asa-Chang and Junray are the singers of the song, “A Last Flower.”

Best Anime EDs/Endings while travelling-the flowers of evil

5. Claymore

Hiroyuki Tanaka is the director of Claymore. This underappreciated anime series boasts a strong narrative and an intriguing group of characters. Although some fans say the conclusion was a flop since it veered into its narrative instead of waiting to let the manga continue, the battle in this show is equally stunning. In any event, the music is superb, with Danzai No Hana’s final theme, in particular, sticking out. Given Claymore’s underappreciation, more anime lovers should view it and listen to the excellent final song. Danzai No Hana’s vocalist was Riyu Kosaka.

Best Anime EDs/Endings while travelling-calymore

6. Fire Force

Atsushi Ohkubo is a Japanese manga artist who produced the Fire Force manga series. Despite popular opinion, Fire Force is a superb anime. To begin with, the animation is great. Most individuals, however, jump to conclusions and declare that fanservice is offensive just because it was done improperly once. Many anime fans, however, like the ending music. The last song of the second season is Veil, performed by Keina Suda.

Best Anime EDs/Endings while travelling-fire force

7. Kill La Kill

The Kill La Kill series is directed by Hiroyuki Imaishi. Kill La Kill offers some amazing action and a timeless tale. Due to the uncommon creative approach and odd idea, many people gave up, but once you start reading, there is no turning back. The first song to conclude Kill la Kill is Gomen ne, Iiko ja Irarenai (Sorry I Can’t Be A Good Child?). The last song was sung by Miku Sawai.

Best Anime EDs/Endings while travelling-kill la kill

8. Assassination Classroom

The creator of the Assassination Classroom television series is Eiichiro Hasumi. Despite of the anime’s title, which suggests a nasty and maybe perfect thriller, Assassination Classroom is a fascinating and touching tale. Oh my gosh, it develops into something incredible throughout its two seasons after beginning as something just lighthearted and hilarious. All fans of anime like the song that ends each episode, Hello, Shooting Star.

Best Anime EDs/Endings while travelling-assassination classroom

9. Inu Yasha

The isekai anime InuYasha was a huge sensation before the series about characters being moved to other worlds became extremely popular. The programme was directed by Masashi Ikeda. This famous series is a must-see for any fan of superb action-comedy anime. Fukai Mori, one of InuYasha’s better theme songs, is delightful to listen to. Because the song is so beautiful, long-time watchers of the programme recall it with nostalgia. Fukai Mori was performed by Do As Infinity, a pop band.

Best Anime EDs/Endings while travelling-inu yasha

10. Psycho-Pass

Gen Urobuchi wrote the script for Psycho-Pass, which Naoyoshi Shiotani and Katsuyuki Motohiro co-directed. For its gripping storytelling and mastery of narrative twists, this anime merits a standing ovation. The story’s idea is comparable to that of the blockbuster film Minority Report as well as to iRobot. The dystopian future depicted in Psycho-Pass has harsh crime deterrents and punishment measures. The viewers adore the music that plays at the conclusion, Monster Without a Name. It was written by Supercell’s Ryo and performed by the EGOIST band.

Best Anime EDs/Endings while travelling-psycho pass

11. Ergo Proxy

The script for Ergo Proxy was written by Dai Sata and directed by Shk Murase. Ergo Proxy is one of the lesser-known yet excellent psychological anime epics. Each of the top psychological anime series is worthwhile to see. Similar to the series, the series’ closing theme music isn’t among the best in the anime community. The British progressive rock band Radiohead performed the song, which is titled Paranoid Android.

Best Anime EDs/Endings while travelling-ergo proxy

12. Bleach

Shinsuke Sato directed the anime series Bleach. Bleach was formerly one of the most well-known anime series of all time. Many anime fans, particularly those who have committed Bleach fans until the show’s quality began to deteriorate, have a soft spot in their hearts for the Soul Society arc. However, this should not reduce the anime’s majesty. The series conclusion, which includes the song Aoi Tori, also known as Blue Bird, is very memorable and gives many committed fans a nostalgic trip down memory lane. Fumika sang the last song, Aoi Tori.

Best Anime EDs/Endings while travelling-bleach

13. Death Note

Tetsuro Araki is the director of Death Note. The Death Note openers are remembered by most as among the loudest and most obvious anime openings they’ve ever seen. Both are notable in their rights, but that shouldn’t detract from the quality of the concluding tracks. In this regard, Alumina, the season one conclusion song, is remarkable. The music breathes new life into Death Note’s terrifying imagery, giving the last moment a distinct vibrancy. The song Alumina is performed by Nightmare.

Best Anime EDs/Endings while travelling-death note

14. Fairy Tail

Every lover of the shonen anime genre must have seen Fairy Tail, a genre classic. It is hardly a breakthrough shonen series, yet it is astonishing due to its delightful power scaling and engaging battle. Fairy Tail’s original music is also excellent, with Pierce being one of the best battle shonen anime ending themes. Throughout the series, the musical skill of EMPiRE, a wonderful idol group, is clear. Masaya Fujimori is the anime’s director.

Best Anime EDs/Endings while travelling-fairy tail

15. Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood is the second anime adaptation of Bones’ Fullmetal Alchemist manga series. It is directed by Yasuhiro Irie. However, it remains faithful to the manga, and most fans consider Brotherhood to be the best adaptation of the series. Not only does the series have outstanding animation and graphics, but it also has better music than anything else on the market. Its last song is especially touching, giving spectators a chance to collect their thoughts after seeing each presentation. Uso (Lie), the first season’s final concluding song, was performed by SID.

Best Anime EDs/Endings while travelling-fullmetal alchemist

16. Vinland Saga

In Japan, Makoto Yukimura is the creator and illustrator of the historical manga series Vinland Saga. For a long time, there was no anime adaptation. Many people regard the dark fantasy series as one of the finest manga ever created. As a result, fans were overjoyed to learn that Wit Studio will be in charge of translating this masterpiece. It also helps that this concert has outstanding music, with the opening and closing songs each being standouts in their own way. Torches is an amazing anime episode finale song because, like the Vinland Saga soundtrack, its epicness increases with time. Aimer is the voice behind Torches’ most recent single.

Best Anime EDs/Endings while travelling-vinland saga

17. Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure

Naokatsu Tsuda is the director of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure. The epic fighting sequences, countless quotable quips, bizarre powers, and likeable characters of the long-running shounen fight anime JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure most likely drew in new fans. However, because the series is extensive, newcomers will need to watch or read Parts 1 and 2 to properly comprehend what is going on before continuing to the endlessly memed battle between Dio and Jotaro in Part 3. In 1972, Roundabout, a song by the British progressive rock band Yes, was recorded as the series’ last tune.

Best Anime EDs/Endings while travelling-jojo’s bizarre adventure

18. Neon Genesis Evangelion

Fly Me To The Moon is one of the best-known songs of all time. Although Frank Sinatra’s interpretation of the song is likely the most well-known, it has been sung by several different performers throughout the years. However, the performance of this song in the ending credits by Neon Genesis Evangelion is also extremely fantastic. The artist’s gloomy voice provides weight to the finale and indicates how thought-provoking Neon Genesis Evangelion may be. Hideaki Anno is the series’ director. Although Claire sang the last song, Fly Me to the Moon, it was initially performed by Bart Howard in 1954.

Best Anime EDs/Endings while travelling-neon genesis

19. Cowboy Bebop

Cowboy Bebop is directed by Shinichir Watanabe. The soundtrack and themes of the show, as well as many other parts of it, are fantastic, making it one of the finest animes ever created. As a result, it seems reasonable that the show’s last song would be significant in its own right. Given how memorable the movie’s entrance is, it’s tough to picture Cowboy Bebop’s concluding song having the same impact. The Real Folk Blues, on the other hand, does an excellent job of encapsulating the essence of Cowboy Bebop, serving as the perfect epilogue to each thought-provoking episode. The Seatbelts performed Real Folk Blues.

Best Anime EDs/Endings while travelling-cowboy bebop

20. Clannad

Osamu Dezaki directed Clannad, one of the finest animes ever made. Endearing and wholesome moments in the programme beautifully balance its occasionally sombre and tragic overtones, producing a bittersweet experience. This is evident even in the final song, Dango Daikazoku. It’s a lovely song that captures the spirit of Clannad, resulting in an anime that stands alone as incredible. Chata was in charge of the song’s performance.

Best Anime EDs/Endings while travelling-clannad

21. One Punch Man

One Punch Man is Shingo Natsume’s director. One Punch Man never takes itself too seriously, which is one of the main reasons it succeeds so well. One Punch Man pulls it off because the basic idea is so absurdly unbelievable that it reads more like a parody. The One Punch Man series’ last song is adored by the audience, much like the entire series. The song I’ll Find You Sooner Than The Stars has been sung by Hiroko Moriguchi.

Best Anime EDs/Endings while travelling-one punch man

22. Attack On Titan

The fourth season of Attack on Titan was flawless, with the first half building the framework for a thrilling conclusion. The show’s relentless assault of dramatic scenes might be tough to take in at times, but the emotional rollercoaster is worth it. The show should end with a sorrowful song since it perfectly reflects how dark and dreary the events of Attack on Titan have become. Fans are looking forward to the release of the final season to see how this wonderful series ends. Yuko Ando performs the film’s closing song, Shock.

Best Anime EDs/Endings while travelling-attack on titan

23. From the New World

The director of the From the New World series is Masashi Ishihama. This television series is completely unpredictable and full of twists and turns. The anime starts slowly, but it picks up speed after the true mystery is revealed. Each episode is brilliantly rounded off with the series’ concluding theme music, a melancholy yet upbeat pop-rock song with bends and slides that sound amazing. The series opening theme, Broken Apple (Wareta Ringo), is performed by Watanabe Saki.

Best Anime EDs/Endings while travelling-from the new world

24. The Perfect Insider

The director of The Perfect Insider series is Mamoru Kanbe. The Perfect Insider (Subete ga F ni Naru), is regarded as the first genuine mystery anime. There aren’t many fans of this series, but everyone loves the ending soundtrack. The background music for the song Nana Hitsuji is a challenging math-rock tune with quirky images.

Best Anime EDs/Endings while travelling-the perfect insider

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