Best Anime Endings for Motivation

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Best Anime Endings for Motivation

We are well aware of the healing nature of classical music. Sad music tends to evoke relaxed or depressive thoughts. Heroic music as some researchers suggest boosts motivation.

When you wake up to start a day or are down tired at end of the day. Good music is a morale booster and a relaxing pill. It moves you out of your bed, to start a day afresh as well as calms you down at night.

Numerous anime Endings have been on the top of the billboards and are not limited to a certain genre

So in this article, I have curated and discussed a list of the Best Anime Endings for Motivation.

Check Eds for relaxing:

Wind [Naruto]

It was the first ending song for Naruto, performed by Akeboshi. It was the ED for the series for the first 25 episodes.

It is a very emotional song, watching Naruto back when he was a child hits you differently. The path that overly enthusiastic child took to become the next Hokage is inspiring.

Naruto ending- Best Anime Endings for Motivation

The lyrics delve into figuring out oneself and to keep reaching for your dreams as hard as you might fall.

This closing theme captured the core tenants of Naruto with one iconic chorus. And an array of instruments that are full of yearning, hope, and a bit of tragedy.

Samurai Heart (Some Like It Hot!!) [Gintama]

Performed by SPYAIR, it is one of the best EDs of the series.

The guitar chord is electrifying and beautiful visuals are on display in every frame. The dramatic instrumentation gives this song liveliness. Dripping in the rain, the characters look badass.

The song perfectly summarises the life of a Samurai. It makes me want to take out a samurai sword and start my training right away.

Roundabout [JoJo’s Bizzare Adventure]

Roundabout is a quirky 70s progressive rock song by the band YesW. It was one of the songs that Hirohiko Araki (creator of JoJo’s Bizzare Adventure) listened to while writing the manga.

JoJo Bizzare Adventure- Best Anime Endings for Motivation

It fits in almost all the circumstances, but its weirdness sums up why it stands with JoJo. The song seems ready-made for the different transitions in the visuals. The frames have the typical JoJo imagery that blends with this song well.

The song is fun, it’s weird, memorable, and exactly how the ending of JoJo should be.

Hastunetsu [Haikyuu!!]

The manga drawings in the visuals stand out. The music makes us feel what the characters are going through. The raw quality of the vocals is in sync with the heart wrenching flashbacks to Krasuno’s tournament loss.

Anime’s main focus is on dealing with defeat and rivalry. Which is given justice by this Ed.

The chorus reminds us that real stakes do not lie in the final score and focus on how Hinata and Kageyama will focus to overcome their defeat

Datte Atashi No Hiro [My Hero Academia]

Performed by the very talented LiSA, the lyrics are specifically written for this show

My Hero Academia ending- Best Anime Endings for Motivation

It is filled with charming visuals and pretty much to adore. The main cast is in a fantasy world with colorful costumes. It is quirky but doesn’t fail to add a meaningful touch at the same time

Lost in Paradise [Jujutsu Kaisen]

This Ending song takes the idea of funk to special grade status and beyond. It has got a sick beat and an abundance of style.

Jujutsu Kaisen ending- Best Anime Endings for Motivation

The brassy sound and the rap segment are undeniably rocking combinations. The modern style of art shows how much fun this anime is. Gojo busting that move is the best thing I have seen in a while.

This song ignites an artist inside of me to be imaginative and design something new.

Life [Dr. Stone]

The song has a mellow vibe to it. It is good on its own but acquires a different meaning when played over with the visuals. The animation also utilizes blurry images of the real world.

As the whole world is turned into stone, there is something deeply poetic in every episode of this series. This storyline is given a final touch every time with this beautiful music.

The music reminds us of the beauty of life and a reminder that Dr. Stone will not be the same next time.

Fly me to the Moon [Neon Genesis Evangelion]

The ending to Neon Genesis Evangelion was released in 1995. Performed by Claire Littley, Kotono Mitsuishi, and Yuko Miyamura. It is a beautiful song with minimal visuals.

Neon Genesis Evangelion ending- Best Anime Endings for Motivation

A full moon is shown throughout the ending as the credits roll by.

The song is loved by the fans and some even credit it to be iconic.

Torches [Vinland Saga]

It is the first ending song for the anime Vinland Saga. Performed by Japanese pop singer Aimer. It is a soothing song with lively visuals.

Vinland Saga ending- Best Anime Endings for Motivation

The ending gives a summary of all the episodes that have passed and what is to come. Thorfinn is shown across the visuals as he grows to become a true warrior.


Honorable Mentions: Broken Youth by Nico Touches The Walls [Naruto: Shipppuden], Hunting for your Dreams [Hunter x Hunter], The Real Folk Blues [Cowboy Bebop], Ride Or Die by Sky Peace [Boruto: Naruto Next Generations].

As new animes come along, new ED songs pile up. If you think I missed any of your favorite songs you can comment down below.

This is my list of the Best Anime Endings for Motivation.

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