Best Anime FMC with Black Hair

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Best Anime FMC with Black Hair

Black-haired people are the most dominant humans on Earth, making up 75-84% of the population. So, to add vibrance to any character different hair colors are added.

Diversity has become synonymous with anime. We all are in love with characters with vibrant hair colors. Colorful hair colors catch our attention fast. Hair color in Black is seen as kind of bland in their comparison.

Listing more than 20 such FMCs, this blog post will change your opinion. Black Haired characters like Mikasa (Attack on Titan) have added to the image of these FMSs in recent years.

This blog will talk about the Best Anime FMC with Black Hair.

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Shinomiya Kaguya [Kaguya Sama: Love is War]

She is the main character of the anime Kaguya Sama: Love is War. The chemistry between Kaguya and Miyuki forms the core of the story. This black-haired FMC is loved across the globe.

Kaguya Sama- Best Anime FMC with Black Hair

She is the vice president of the student council and a member of the archery club. She had a personality change after she joined the student council and began to talk a lot to people.

Her major goal across the anime is to make Miyuki confess his affection for her.

Yaoyorozu Momo [My Hero Academia]

This Black Hair FMC is a superhero teenage girl in the show “My Hero Academia”. Her straight long black hair is usually tied in a spiky ponytail. She has thin and sharp Onyx colored eyes which go well with her mature physique.

Momo- Best Anime FMC with Black Hair

She stood first in the Quirk Apprehension Test, which solidifies her quirk skills. She can wield numerous weapons and is skillful with combat skills.

Dororo [Dororo]

The show Dororo is impressive on multiple levels, the OP/ED combo conveys the tonal gradient that the show shows emotionally. The show elevates beyond its impressive technical laurels in its characters.

The character Dororo is the important emotional core of the show. Her partnership with Hyakkimaru develops throughout the anime.

She is an innocent-looking thief, who wanders around to steal for a living. Across the anime, she is shown as mischievous and causing a lot of problems.

She was born to bandits, her parents raised her as a boy from birth. It reflects in her behavior as she refuses to acknowledge herself as a girl. She refuses to act or wear feminine.

Hino Rei [Sailor Moon]

Well known as the Sailor Mars, her character is written and illustrated by Naoko Takeuchi [Author of Sailor Moon Manga].

Hino Rei- Best Anime FMC with Black Hair

The Guardian spirit of the planet Mars possesses a powerful fire beast attacking power. When she is not in her sailor uniform she is a Shinto Priest and expert exorcist. She is deadly even without her superpowers.

Her first encounter with Usagi starts on a sour note, she later becomes Usagi’s closest friend and confidant backing her leader no matter what the mission.

She has pale skin with big beautiful eyes. Her long black hair enhances her beauty.

Kiryuuin Satsuki [Kill la Kill]

She is the President of the student council of Honnoji Academy. She is regarded to be the most powerful in Honnoji Academy. She is the definition of beauty with brains. She is highly intelligent and possesses superhuman strength.

Acting as the main antagonist at the start of the show, she has a typical dark magical girl vibe to her with a twist.

Nico Robin [One Piece]

She is the most important character in One Piece. Yeah, I know what this sounds like. And I have my reasons. She invokes emotions as no one else in the story does. A sense of destiny and importance that is usually reserved for the main character or main antagonist is associated with Robin.

Nico Robin- Best Anime FMC with Black Hair

The lone survivor of the genocide on the island of Ohara, throughout her life Robin has been marked as the “Devil child”. She is the only one who can decipher the language of the ancient kingdom, the only one capable of learning the truth about the void century.

She has a calm and quiet personality and is the most mysterious of the Straw hats.

Yomiko Readman [Read or Die]

Yumiko is cute, super cute actually. She has been animated beautifully and her movements to mannerisms show what her character is. Even when a car flips over, she doesn’t notice when reading. And you call yourself a bibliophile.

She has the power to manipulate and control paper. Even, making these papers bulletproof when required.

She is socially awkward and makes a perfect match for being a secret agent.

Shinna Mayuri [Steins Gate]

Steins Gate is so good because each of the characters feels completely real. The anime understands who these characters are and all these quirky little bits that make it feel like not a story but an actual group of idiots hanging out in a shitty apartment.

Shinna Mayuri- Best Anime FMC with Black Hair

Mayuri brings innocence and quirky nature to the show whenever things go too dark.

Mikasa Ackerman [Attack on Titan]

When all of her family was murdered and she was left alone. Eren rescued her and she, later on, lived with his parents. She joins the military and later the Survey corps.

She is considered one of the best soldiers of the Survey corps along with the likes of Captain Levi.

Mikasa- Best Anime FMC with Black Hair

She puts all of her joy in a few people, so much so that when she thinks Eren is dead, she loses the will to live. Only finding the willingness to live in the preservation of Eren’s memories.

Yukinoshita Yukino [Yahari Ore no Seishun Love Come Wa Machigatteiru]

She has long black hair with Purple highlights with blue eyes. She founded the Service club and was later joined by Hachiman Hikigaya.

She believes that it is the duty of people with exceptional abilities to help others. She is smart and talented, which can be noticed across the anime.

Hinata [Naruto]

In the eyes of many, she is not a well-written character, on the surface, she seems to be just a meek girl always crushing badly on Naruto.

When she was first introduced, she was a shy little girl, who was to be Head of the Hyuga Clan. Within her own family she a disappointment, since she was overshadowed by her cousin.

Her love for Naruto made her a stronger and more independent individual. She got a significant change in her personality after marrying Naruto. She became more assertive and strict, and more importantly, she is an inspiration for her children.

Shoko Komi [Komi Can’t Communicate]

She is the main character of the show Komi can’t Communicate. She has a slender body with beautiful long black hair.

Komi- Best Anime FMC with Black Hair

She is the Madonna of her class and quite popular. There is only one problem, she has a speaking disorder. It is very difficult for her to speak. She is improving herself and trying to socialize.

Komi is an interesting character leading the cast for a unique anime.

Rukia Kuchiki [Bleach]

Captain of the 13th division, she is one of the most powerful characters in the show.

Without the presence of this character, it is difficult to imagine the anime. She has a short stature and a petite build. She has a tomboy vibe to her, which gets her a lot of hate.

She is obsessed with rabbits and likes to draw. But, is very bad a drawing.

Nezuko Kamado [Demon Slayer]

She carries the weight of Demon slayer anime alone on her thighs. She spends most of her time in a box and comes out whenever necessary.

She was infected by a demon and turned into one herself. Tanjiro decides to not lose hope and travels to seek help for her sister.

She does not let her close ones get hurt even though she develops a blood thirst. Later in the show, she sets free from her blood thirst after not consuming it for many months.

Yor Briar [Spy X Family]

She works as a clerk at the Berlin city hall and lives another life in which she is an assassin known as Thorn Princess. Yor is married to Forger and becomes the adoptive mother of Anya so that they can both fulfill their tasks.

Yor Briar- Best Anime FMC with Black Hair

Not just an assassin, she is a good mother too.

Chi Chi [Dragon Ball]

She is the princess of the Fire Mountain and spouse to Goku. She has 2 children- Gohan and Goten.

Chi Chi- Best Anime FMC with Black Hair

She had a very significant character development in the anime. Earlier she used to be a shy and reserved girl and as the anime progresses she becomes tough and fierce in her actions.

Mio Akiyama [K-On]

She is the lead lyricist of the band Ho-kago Tea Time. She is a left-handed musician, bassist, and vocalist too. Often in disputes or problems, she is the voice of reason in the band.

Mei Misaki [Another]

Misaki is one of the smallest in her class. She has pale skin and black hair. This anime is a gateway into the Japanese horror genre. Misaki and Kouichi investigate strange deaths at their school.

Rory Mercury [GATE]

Well known as Rory the Reaper, she is a demi-goddess. She is one of the 12 selected apostles. Despite her showing a friendly personality, she also has a sadistic and violent side to her.

Sakurajima Mai [Rascal Does Not Dream of a Dreaming Girl]

Sakurajima is the main female character in the show. She is highly intelligent and of helping nature.

Sakurajima Kai- Best Anime FMC with Black Hair

She is selfless, which reflects in her actions. She can also travel back in the time.

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