Best Anime OPs/Openings that slap

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Best Anime OPs/Openings that slap

The opening of an anime is important to stage the overall theme of any anime. It introduces us to the characters and showcases what the anime can delve into. A catchy OP adds to the popularity of any anime. With so many new anime released every year, we get as many OPs. So some are bound to be overlooked.

So here is the list of the Best Anime Ops that you can bang on.

Mob Psycho 100

Mob Psycho has set the epitome of any anime OP can hope to accomplish. With dozens of manga references, it is packed with loads of beautiful animations and clever credit placement.

Mob Psycho 100- Best Anime OPs/Openings that slap

The OP is an original opening by Mob Choir feat Sojou no Hana. It opens by showing some characters’ eyes prominently Mob’s. There are very few hard cuts in the OP which repressed me. It shows creative ways to integrate the credits, appearing in the vacuum tube, and breaking apart in the water. Credits have been creatively used to balance out elements in many frames.

The cornfield image in the OP is a reference to the cover of the Manga second Tankobon volume. Here Mob and his brother are shown floating accompanied by comedic reactions of the Telepathic Club.

The Brocolli in the OP also refers to one of the covers of the Manga, in which Mob reaches his 100 percent and a psychic tree bursts out.

The lyrics showcase Mob’s adulting and how one might feel if he has special powers.

The OP does its job, introducing us to the characters and diving into the quirky nature of the anime.

Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood [Again by YUI]

The opening starts with the entire backstory of the Full Metal franchise. The visual storytelling surprises you with every successive shot. All the frames in the OP have a deeper meaning. Frames with substance are stylish and make you jump off your couch.

Elric Brothers- Best Anime OPs/Openings that slap

It is a spectacular song and builds an interest curve. The lip sync of characters also has a meaning attached to them.

The only this the OP does wrong is the presentation of credits. The credits look bland and don’t exactly go with the frame.

The lyrics show the emotional hook the story has to offer. The OP perfectly pictures the dark turns the anime is about to pave.

Guren No Yumiya [Attack on Titan]

Visual Chaos summarises it perfectly. Brought by the band Linked Horizon, it peaked on the billboard list in Japan.

It brings the hype as no OP does, and allows the interest curve to follow. It starts with very high intensity and the song makes you want to go slicing Titans in maneuver gear. The vocals and the frame shots give it an immense sense of scale.

Scout Regiment- Best Anime OPs/Openings that slap

OP starts with a German chorus as Wall Maria is broken open. The close-up of Eren, Mikasa, and Armin shows how the Titan attacks have devastated their lives.

The soldiers are shown as orderly opposed to the erratic shot of the Titans. The physics of every movement is spot on, as the maneuver gears soar through the sky. The camera movement makes you feel the momentum. The movements of characters in different frames showcase their personalities.

We are! [One Piece]

Song by Hirosha Kitadani intriduce the Pirate Career of Luffy. It was used as the first opening for the anime. The catchy tunes and lyrics make to surrender to the grand world of One Piece.

Straw Hat Pirates- Best Anime OPs/Openings that slap

The OP introduces us to the main characters of the anime and depicts their personalities. The world of One Piece is vast and is given quite a good introduction by the OP. It showcases the horrors of the sea and that the voyage is not going to be an easy one.

The excitement of Luffy and his ambitions are at the center of the lyrics.

Ah Yeah!! [Haikyu!!]

It makes you hype up and the animation is really good. It strives for strong execution and passes the interest curve angle.

The OP drops right into the action. It makes us anticipate the games on the bigger stage and grander level.

Hinata and the gang- Best Anime OPs/Openings that slap

Hinata is shown to now have a clearer view of the court. Hinata’s body is given faithful body mechanics and detailed physicality. It shows how much the anime is in love with Volleyball.

The second to last shot of Hinata soaring high is exciting. It mirrors the earlier shot of the crow taking flight as gym lights shine down. The animation on display is beautifully detailed.

Kikai Kitan [Jujutsu Kaisen]

From one of the most exciting new shounen anime Jujutsu Kaisen, this OP is definitely one to bang on. Zipping between intense action scenes and dark comedy without missing a beat, The anime is similar to its OP in this way.

With a vaguely eerie tone in its music, it does not fail to bring the hype. The song slaps, the characters drip and the fashion art style is gorgeous.

Jujutsu Kaisen- Best Anime OPs/Openings that slap

KakaiKitan opens with Itadari in a subway car as he is awakened by Sukuna’s power pulsing through his body. The next shot shows the golden glow of Tokyo city which fades into a cursed-looking red color.

The heroes of the anime are later introduced standing alone in different corners of the city

The OP shows Yuji’s first battle with a cursed spirit in which he is struggling.

It easily stands among the openings that slap hard.


Here is my list of the Best anime OPs. It was not possible to put all the openings that slap due to constraints. Though I can assure you that you can vibe and feel the hype in the openings.

Some honorable mentions:

Hikaru Nara [You Lie in April], Ambiguousp[Kill La Kill], Sheishun Kyousoukuoku, Orange Mint [Tsukimonogatari].

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