Best Anime/Manga that has racism in it

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Best Anime/Manga that has racism in it

Over the years, the stature of anime has reached out to a larger part of the world than it initially intended to. As the anime audience continues to grow the need for more inclusive work and representation also does. Anime and race are blazing topics among anime lovers. At par with the canceling of misrepresentation in real life, the fans of color want anime to transcend the bounds too.

When people argue about racism in anime it is commonly a case of misrepresentation. A larger part of the perspective about black people was formed through the animations created by white people in cartoons and that’s what continues the chain of racist depiction. While people are still trying to fix racism in the real world anime fans are confronting the makers of anime.

Even the best anime that has racism in it is brought up in public with criticism from the audience. Here are some of the most popular anime that deal with racism

Killer B from Naruto: Best Anime that has racism in it

Killer B from Naruto

A section of Naruto fans debates over the ethnicity of Killer B. The diversity of characters is vast in the Naruto universe but they are confrontations about the stereotypical depiction of characters of color. B seems non-Japanese from the way he behaves or looks. His unusual conversations in rap style and visible dark skin tone bring up the speculation of it not being of a Japanese race. Following the debate, fans count him as a stereotype creation.

On reflection, it can be considered borderline racism.

Dragon Ball Z: Best Anime that has racism in it

Dragon Ball Z

Even though the fandom denies any racist involvement of Dragon Ball Z there is a character that sparks the argument. Dragon Ball Z universe is blamed for the dark iconography in Mr.Popo’s design. It is often targeted as a racist work because it resembles a golliwog an outrageous caricature of dark people. The intent behind the character might be clear of it but its resemblance with Jim Crow era representation brings it in a negative light.

Code Geass: Best Anime that has racism in it

Code Geass

Britannia’s thought process in this vintage classic has a dark retrospect to it. A couple of identified race-bend ideas in the series concern the Japanese people. The storyline has it that the Japanese land that was conquered by Britannia was renamed area 11. Later on, the people are called 11 monkeys as a derogation. They are visuals of the exploitation of the enslaved masses.

Tokyo Ghoul: Best Anime that has racism in it

Tokyo Ghoul

Central to the creation of Tokyo Ghoul is a close-knit system of oppression. The kind of racism shown in this one is very similar to what we have in the real world. The segregation is based on preconceived notions about the Ghoul population. Not spoiling the show for you this one convincingly replicates the racism and the system that goes behind it in the real world.

Blue Exorcist: Best Anime that has racism in it

Blue Exorcist

Discrimination cuts you off from the world. Rin from Blue Exorcist is a character that feels the disconnect and hostility of people. His perceived demonic origin or energy gives rise to the thematic conflict of isolation.

Simon from Durarara: Best Anime that has racism in it


Simon from Durarara again finds himself at the center of the racist conflict. Even though the character has been shown as a man of black Russian origin the character design seems like an offense to some people in the audience. Once again the character is faintly similar to golliwog dolls. The speculations of the character being racist design springs from its dark skin color.

The Promised Neverland: Best Anime that has racism in it

The Promised Neverland

Promised Neverland has a much-discussed and unarguably stark racist design of the character Sister Krone. The character design strongly resembles the colonial representations of colored people. The huge lips, unusually structured face, and a very stereotypical Afro hairdo leave no stone unturned in making her a racist implication. Moreover, the costume that she adorns resembles that of a minstrel image from the 90s white films.

One Punch Man: Best Anime that has racism in it

One Punch Man

Season 1 of the hit One Punch Man gets at the center of criticism for yet again a stereotypical black portrait. The newly introduced characters in the season Blackluster are undoubtedly race bend. His gigantic body structure with big lips and of course dark skin is the thing to call out. The racist caricature of the character of color does offend people.

Redo Of Healer: Best Anime that has racism in it

Redo Of Healer

Another anime that has oppression, discrimination, and abuse in its fabric. Jioral Kingdom is a fictional setting very well received like the real world. On the surface, the Kingdom seems righteous and peaceful. But the progress in the story arc reveals the deep-rooted discrimination and racism in it. Like age-old imperialist ideas of the real world, the Kingdom also believes in enslaving people for their supposed progress.

The Rising Of The Shield Hero: Best Anime that has racism in it

The Rising Of The Shield Hero

Pseudo-feminism is the topic that The Rising Of The Shield Hero depicts. Increasingly the wrong use of sympathy and rights given to women in the real world hamper lives as visualized in the story. Naofumi Iwatani faces discrimination due to false allegations. Also tackles depression and seclusion.

We also have some minor mentions

Cross Ange: Best Anime that has racism in it

Cross Ange

Norma in the series is synonymous with the word muggles from Harry Potter. The people with the inability to do magic are isolated and segregated from society. Again prejudices prevail based on ability and ethnicity.

Space Brothers: Best Anime that has racism in it

Space Brothers

There is a strong racist representation that is made for fun, but it isn’t funny at all. The persistent use of racialism and ethnic stereotyping is visible as the black astronaut is referred to as ‘Buddy gorilla’. Factually the animal cosplay of characters denoting a color skin person with stereotypical traits does not go well.

Bonus: Anime News

Spy x Family does not have any mention of racist tendencies as such but recently a controversy sparked around it. A Twitter redraw fanart of Anya brought about outrage among the biased people in the community. Spy x Family like anime that chooses not to get stuck with geopolitical issues is somehow brought into a negative light by crazy fandoms.

Spy x Family: Best Anime that has racism in it

Let us know if you know about some lesser-known racism in anime conflicts.

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