Best Anime Waifus 2022

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Best Anime Waifus 2022

We often see anime fans bantering over waifus on Twitter, Reddit, and even in real life. Love has no boundaries, and some anime fans are emotionally attached to these fictional characters.

Anime creators intentionally make a character lovable and attractive. Most men and women are struggling with their dating life and find solace to get attached to someone.

People do extremes once they get emotionally attached to someone. Akihiko Kondo ( A Japanese Man) married a hologram named Hatsune Miku in 2018. Waifu fills an emotional void that many people find difficult to connect with real people.

In a relationship with a fictional character, you lead it the way you desire. You unlock your imaginative boundaries to have a sense of The Perfect Girl.

This year had many S-tier level waifus, and all deserve to be on this list. Some of your favorite waifus might not make it to the list, since this is the Best of the Best.

Of all the numerous waifus that come with new animes, this year has not been so different. This is my curated list of the Best Anime Waifus 2022.

Check Out the Hottest White Hair girls:

Nezuko Kamado [Demon Slayer]

For all those who believe it is the Animation that carries Demon Slayer. You are wrong, it is Nezuko’s Thighs. She is the definition of the perfect woman. She has super strength, and does not talk (just kidding).

Nezuko- Best Anime Waifus 2022

She was earlier a human and turned into a demon after being infected. She does not let enemies harm her loved ones. Earlier after being infected by a demon, she developed a blood thirst. Later in the show, she gets rid of her blood thirst but remains a demon.

The show has not been completed in visuals yet and there is a lot to expand. This guaranteed, we will get to see Nezuko a lot more.

Nazuna [Call of the Night]

Vampire characters in anime are usually overpowered and just want to suck on blood. Nazuna’s character is different and acts exactly the way vampires should.

Nazuno- Best Anime Waifus 2022

She is broke and spends all her money on beer. There are other waifus in the anime that I like too. Particularly there is something about Hazuka.

Rukia Kuchiki [Bleach]

Short and petite, she has gorgeous purple eyes. She is obsessed with rabbits and draws them.

Rukia Kuchiki- Best Anime Waifus 2022

Rukia is a very eye-catching character. Though some poor writing has ruined her. She still is my favorite character in the show Bleach. Rukia is bad at drawing, but not at drawing our attention. She is kind of a tomboy and gets a bit of hate.

Lucy [Cyberpunk Edgerunners]

Characters like Lucy come once in a blue moon. She has beautiful white hair and light purple eyes. She looks way too cool when she is smoking.

Lucy- Best Anime Waifus 2022

Thus anime left me with a void. And is one to be considered the Best of the year 2022.

Yor Forger [Spy x Family]

There are two types of good waifus, one that can kill you, and the other that can kill you. She is both of them.

Yor Forger- Best Anime Waifus 2022

Apart from being a part-time assassin, she is a good parent.

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Chisato Nishikigi [Lycoris Recoil]

Born to be everyone’s profile pic. She is adorable and has a lovable personality. She is always cheerful and spreads happiness.

Chisato- Best Anime Waifus 2022

Despite having an artificial heart she is the most caring and wholesome character of this entire year

Origami Tobiichi [Date a Live]

She is always plotting something devious and is exciting to watch. Her personality is what brings the comedic element to the show.

Kaguya Sama [Love is War]

Easily among my top three waifus of this year. She is the lead character of the best anime in the romantic comedy genre.

Kaguya Sama- Best Anime Waifus 2022

She is always up to something cute and funny. There is never a dull moment with her. The final episode of season 3 is one of the most satisfying episodes I have ever watched. Finally getting to see what Kaguya always wanted is wholesome.

Marin [My Dress up Darling]

She is the face of the anime in 2022. She is the most iconic, most popular, and undeniably the best waifu of this year.

Marin- Best Anime Waifus 2022

She is the pinnacle of the girl, that everyone desires. She is a cosplayer who hangs out with a loser, which somehow is the best fantasy of all.

Power [Chainsaw Man]

She is shamelessly selfish and greedy. Despite having a bad personality she comes out as one of my favorite characters.

Power- Best Anime Waifus 2022

She is always on the side that is winning, despite it being evil or good. She has no morals and would betray the ones protecting her without hesitation.

Ninym Ralei [Tensai Ouji no Akaji]

Her gorgeous white hair and her character design are banging. I just can not get her image out of my mind.

Ninym Ralei- Best Anime Waifus 2022

She is one of the main characters in the show. She is strict and very particular about time. Her lowered voice to say ‘meow’ has won the hearts of many anime fans.

Akira Asai [Call of the Night]

This middle school girl is an obedient and disciplined student. She is a side character in the show but brings a wholesome vibe to the show.

Though she is not interested in a romantic relationship with Yamori, she is supportive of his dreams.

Mira Suou [World’s End Harem]

Her physical appearance is curvy. She has long purple hair and blue eyes.

Mira- Best Anime Waifus 2022

She is a very calm person and doesn’t share much of her emotions. Her clothing sense brings her to the list of waifus in 2022

Shikimori [Skikimori’s Not Just a Cutie]

Everyone in the show admires her. She is shy but later in the show, she gains confidence after she asks Izumi to be more assertive.

Shouko Komi [Komi can’t Communicate]

She is the Madonna of her school and has a very beautiful character design. She has dark purple hair, which suits her very well.

Komi- Best Anime Waifus 2022

As the title suggests, she has a problem socializing with people and is trying to improve it.

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