Best Dark Anime Like Akame Ga Kill

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Best Dark Anime Like Akame Ga Kill

The shonen fantasy series Akame Ga Kill! is well-known for being a grim and ruthless one in which no one is immune from the hunting of death. After the launch of the series, Akame Ga Kill! became a tremendous smash and continues to dominate various popularity rankings. Anime fans still long for action-packed animation that had surprising turns and strong characters. There were several compelling narrative aspects, and when it became obvious that no more episodes would be produced, everyone was disappointed. Fortunately, a few series may replace the vacuum since they are as inventive and engaging.

Best Dark Anime Like Akame Ga Kill

Even though Akame Ga Kill! was a highly creative anime, there are other series that are as good as Akame Ga Kill! and some of the anime names are mentioned in this article.

1. Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

The fictional early 20th-century alchemy was highlighted in Fullmetal Alchemist. After alchemy went bad, Edward and Alphonse are looking for the philosopher’s stone to get their bodies back. The Law of Equal Exchange serves as the underlying tenet of brotherhood. The Elric Brothers made an effort to get their mother back, but they failed miserably. Alphonse and Edward Erlic had to embark on a long journey to right their wrongs. They came across innumerable fascinating personalities and formidable foes while looking for the Philosopher’s Stone.

Edward & Alphonse-Best Dark Anime Like Akame Ga Kill

2. Jujutsu Kaisen

Akame Ga Kill and Jujutsu Kaisen are quite alike. It involves locating the demon Sukuna’s bodily parts, each of which contains abilities extremely reminiscent of the birth of Imperial Arms. The protagonist’s literal objective in the continuous, unfinished story is to pass away. These anime are very, very similar to one another in terms of dark, brutal fighting and terrible deaths, while Jujutsu Kaisen has better scripting and a better-developed plot.

Yuji Itadori-Best Dark Anime Like Akame Ga Kill

3. Tokyo Ghoul

A horror anime is named Tokyo Ghoul. The fight between humans and ghouls makes its murky morality between sides more obvious than everywhere else. It’s intriguing in that regard since the main character himself finds it quite difficult to choose a side. Bloody and of the highest calibre, the action is excellent for fans of horror. It has fatalities, a considerable number of them, but not an excessive number. This anime was set in a gloomy alternate Tokyo where humans and ghouls coexisted. Those animals relied on eating humans to exist; some took great pleasure in murdering, while others hardly managed to get by.

Hinami-Best Dark Anime Like Akame Ga Kill

4. Fate/Apocrypha

If anime enthusiasts desire a lot of death, Fate Apocrypha is the ideal programme for them. It centres on a conflict between teams of seven individuals over the Holy Grail. Despite being pushed into turmoil and forced to fight, the protagonist is illiterate. The viewers receive a good-looking power system with Noble Phantasms, which is an excellent alternative to Imperial Arms. Additionally, both of these anime feature a fantastic mentor that is as sick as they come.

Sieg-Best Dark Anime Like Akame Ga Kill

5. Vinland Saga

The story of Vinland Saga is all about Thorfinn, a man seeking to get revenge on a specific Viking. The issue is that if it overthrows a villainous monarch, he will finally have to cooperate with him. This anime does not include any superpowers, despite its entirely mediaeval backdrop. There are the gore, blood, organs, sinew, and pulmonary system, as Nikolai Belinski put it. Both hype and war are everywhere. Additionally, the protagonist’s father trained him to empathise with and make peace with his adversaries, which differs from Akame Ga Kill’s strategy of engaging in life-or-death combat.

Thorfinn-Best Dark Anime Like Akame Ga Kill

6. Attack On Titan

The initial aspects of Attack on Titan that are similar to Akame ga Kill are its simplicity, incredible action, and hard-core terror. But it goes further than that. Up until the anime, the viewer learns the origins of the titans, the anime is about fighting and slaying enormous, zombie-like titans who devour humanity. The moral quandaries and side-picking get stronger as the seasons go on. It becomes challenging to pick a side and give it your wholehearted support. It truly makes for a wonderful suggestion to folks who desire something comparable to Akame Ga Kill because of all of the blood and death it has.

Eren-Best Dark Anime Like Akame Ga Kill

7. Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Golden Wind

Modern Italy serves as the setting for JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure volume five. To overthrow the gang’s boss and gain control of the organisation, Giorno Giovanna joins a faction of the mafia. Instead of assassins vs. a monarch, it’s a gang vs their utterly awful boss. Even more entertaining than Imperial Arms, stands are very imaginative powers that never grow old. Although there are a lot of blood, gore, and many types of death, the colours are vibrant and the violence never becomes monotonous.

Giorno-Best Dark Anime Like Akame Ga Kill

8. Berserk

Guts are the subject of the anime and manga Berserk. In this series, there is both a nasty traitor on the adversary side and betrayal and mercenaries on our side. Both shows are extremely depressing and dramatic, with top-notch action. For every one of these series, the period is pre-industrial and mediaeval. Despite having distinct identities, the major protagonists must navigate a lot of darkness even if it wasn’t anything they wanted.

Guts-Best Dark Anime Like Akame Ga Kill

9. Seven Deadly Sins

Another non-modern tale featuring castles rather than towns is here once more. The state’s filthy troops are known as the Holy Knights. Therefore, it seems to reason that bandits with literal names derived from crimes would endeavour to stop them. The purpose and ultimate goal of Akame Ga Kill are most closely associated with this narrative. There are extremely good fights, a light tone, and just enough seriousness to make it fascinating.

Meliodas-Best Dark Anime Like Akame Ga Kill

10. Bleach

Another anime that opens with the main character going up against the greater power is Bleach. Due to his friend’s injury, a Shinigami, he fills in for her at work. He must battle the higher powers of the Soul Reaper who have sentenced her to death for performing her duties with a human. Over time, we also learn that they committed several dubious acts, like eliminating Quincies and killing innocent Hollows. There is top-notch action, a subtly terrifying gloom, and plenty of blood and gore.

Ichigo-Best Dark Anime Like Akame Ga Kill

11. Demon Slayer

With its poignant plot, top-notch animation by studio UFO table, and chic, turn-of-the-century Japanese setting, this blockbuster series is sweeping the anime world by storm. When his family is killed, Tanjiro Kamado is forced to enter the terrifying realm of demons and blood; there is no turning back at this point. While the ruthless Muzan Kubutsuji looms large, Tanjiro must use the power he never knew he possessed to combat flesh-eating demons and find a way to bring his demon sister Nezuko back to humanity. Never before has monster hunting been this fierce.

Tanjiro-Best Dark Anime Like Akame Ga Kill

12. Soul Eater

The anime Soul Eater is about weapon masters and their human-shaped weapons. The gloomy appearance and distinctive power designs are mostly where it has similarities with Akame Ga Kill. There are bizarre but eerie emotions around, and despite being informal, the atmosphere is gloomy. Akame Ga Kill fits under the same category. It’s also difficult to decide whether to root for the male or female lead in any of these series because Soul and Maka, much like Akame and Tatsumi, are both equally important to the plot.

Maka-Best Dark Anime Like Akame Ga Kill

13. Black Clover

The location of Black Clover, a great shonen, is where it most resembles Akame Ga Kill. It’s not all that dark. The anime is mediaeval in style, or a little more modern, which places it in the same era as Akame Ga Kill. Additionally, it concerns magicians. The applications and variations of this magic are incredibly varied and inventive. These shows represent two sides of the same coin, which makes them intriguing. The King in Black Clover is incredible. The remainder of the upper class is awful and prejudiced.

Asta-Best Dark Anime Like Akame Ga Kill

14. Shaman King

These anime’s visual aesthetics are one thing in common with Akame Ga Kill. Their aesthetics appear to be rather comparable. Shaman King battles may also be rather bloody. The power system doesn’t lag either. In this anime, soul weapons have replaced imperial weaponry.

Yoh-Best Dark Anime Like Akame Ga Kill

15. Claymore

Every character in the show Claymore possesses the same weapon, except demons. Death occurs often, and over the second part of the series, Clare opposes, not supports, the organisation. There are several similarities between it and Akame Ga kill, including the Tatsumi of this anime.

Clare-Best Dark Anime Like Akame Ga Kill

16. Hunter x Hunter

The series’ central character, who is searching for his father, travels on a difficult trip marked by darkness and an intense struggle for survival. There isn’t an epic assassin girl, but there is an epic assassin guy, who is to Gon what Akame is to Tatsumi in terms of a decent love interest. Arguably, this anime is superior.

Gon-Best Dark Anime Like Akame Ga Kill

17. Kill la Kill

Although Kill La Kill and Akame Ga Kill! are very different from one another, they do have certain commonalities. Both of them include intriguing secrets, are consistently interesting, and feature spectacular battles. After discovering a clue that could point to the assassin of her father, Ryuuko Matoi enrolled in the Honnouji Academy. Satsuki Kiryuuin, the president of the student council, and her devoted supporters, the Elite Four, ran this unique school. Ryuuko became entangled in the school’s power play as she was conducting her investigation.

Ryuko-Best Dark Anime Like Akame Ga Kill

18. Kongou Banchou

A stranger who gets involved in a struggle that is not his establishes his gang and engages in conflict with the organisation to have it destroyed. All characters have a unique talent, except the wrecking ball man who is merely extremely brilliant if that counts. To top it all off, this series also has an edgy side character female.

Akira-Best Dark Anime Like Akame Ga Kill

19. Yona Of The Dawn

The protagonist of the anime Yona of the Dawn, Yona, has a bloody past similar to that of the other characters she meets. The sad parts in this anime are unexpected. The protagonist learns that the nobility who initially appeared to be pleasant people were deadly monsters. It shares the same carefree atmosphere as Akame Ga Kill since the characters are pleasant and the programme is generally attractive.

Yona-Best Dark Anime Like Akame Ga Kill

20. Castlevania

The vampires in Castlevania represent an evil gang, and the hunters are attempting to eliminate them. This allows for a very similar horror experience to current anime. This one has a gritty secondary character who also utilises a sword in battle. The series has a lot of death and brutality, which heightens the horror element. Undoubtedly entertaining to see.

Dracula-Best Dark Anime Like Akame Ga Kill

21. Mirai Nikki

In this anime, the lead character Yukiteru Amano spends his time writing in his journal as a lonely high school student. The characters Deus Ex Machina and Murmur turned discovered to be genuine, contrary to what viewers had assumed. Yukiteru was presented with an odd chance by the god of space and time and its servant. To win, they had to track down and murder the other 11 kids who were included in the journal that they provided to him. The victor was given the right to succeed Deus Ex Machina as a deity.

Yukiteru Amano-Best Dark Anime Like Akame Ga Kill

22. Magi

The anime series, Magi has a very similar protagonist to the unique series Akame Ga Kill. One of the characters in this series is a political element because both of them are heavily influenced by governments and their conflicting moralities. The closest weaponry resembling Imperial Arms that viewers will ever see are most likely djinn weapons. Although Akame Ga Kill is set in the Middle Ages and the Magi series is placed in the Middle East, there is also a pre-industrial background.

Alibaba-Best Dark Anime Like Akame Ga Kill

23. Kekkai Sensen

In the narrative Kekkai Sensen, a Japanese boy travels to New York to join a group called Libra and ends up getting into fights as a result. many conflicts. Yes, there is also blood.

King of Despair-Best Dark Anime Like Akame Ga Kill

24. Guilty Crown

In the not-too-distant future, GHQ stepped up to take care of things in a repressive manner, ten years after a horrific epidemic ravaged Japan and new authorities took over to restore order. A guerrilla group called Funeral Parlor was established to rescue people from fear. As nothing was ever simple, their struggle against the government was fraught with difficulties. Fans adored this show for its intricate setting, the wide array of fascinating characters, and the wonderful love story. For many years, Guilty Crown was one of the most-watched anime.

Shu Ouma-Best Dark Anime Like Akame Ga Kill

25. Blue Exorcist

The fate of humanity was in jeopardy because Satan desired to rule Assiah. Demons needed human possession to pass between the two realms. Because he couldn’t find a suitable vessel, Satan sent his son instead. The little child had no concept of how significant he was while he was growing up. Rin Okumura decided to become an exorcist and battle evil after realising that he could have the secret to destroying the world.

Rin-Best Dark Anime Like Akame Ga Kill

26. Goblin Slayer

Goblins aren’t usually portrayed in fiction as pranksters or cheap, low-level foes for the heroes to annihilate. In this brief series, goblins are portrayed as the world’s worst pests cruel, destructive monsters that frequently burn, loot, and ransack human settlements, including farms. The Goblin Slayer must thus confront these little monsters and slay them without compassion.

Onna-Best Dark Anime Like Akame Ga Kill

27. The Rising of The Shield Hero

Numerous isekai works have a sandbox approach to storytelling. They are lighthearted tales in which the strong hero may leisurely explore their new universe. This isn’t the case in the series The Rising of the Shield Hero. Naofumi Iwatani, the main character, is a bitter but resilient underdog who faces overwhelming odds from the outset. Even the people who called Naofumi to the Melromarc kingdom are not behind him. He must instead rely on his own cunning, bravery, and magical shields to defeat hordes of lethal creatures and spirits.

Naofumi-Best Dark Anime Like Akame Ga Kill

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