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Best Dark Manhwa

A bland storyline with some dark twists can change your whole perspective towards it. Anime shows like Attack on Titan and Neon Genesis Evangelion have used the dark side of the characters to make the storyline intense.

Manhwa has diversified itself in all genres. From sci-fi, fantasy, and action to harem it has something for everyone. Manhwas have effortlessly blended Dark themes into it.

These Dark Manhwas are not just limited to pessimistic viewpoints but show mind-blowing plots. The dark tone is not just added by violence but by psychological and emotional threats.

In this blog post, I have curated the list of Best Dark Manhwa.

Check out some Dark anime:


The protagonist’s father is a serial killer and he is his unwilling partner. He is stuck in a life of misery. In school, he is bullied for his calm nature and poor appearance. At home, he has to face the horror of his father’s presence.

Bastard- Best Dark Manhwa

His father from the outside seems a well-established reputed man but in reality, he is a psychopath.

The protagonist is forced to help his father in all these murders. But, he refuses to join hands when the next victim is his classmate.


Dante is a Korean high school kid who is bullied in the school through Dante’s eyes we experience the cruelty which he has gone through in his life.

Then later, Tae Bin is introduced. He is a picture-perfect guy who is well-rounded in almost every single activity. Later we see Dante’s crush falling in love with Tae bin.

Dante tails Tae bin to the rooftop and notices that Taemin is looking for something. A dice appears in front of Dante. This dice when rolled can change the dicer’s fate.

Dear Boy

Yong Ju is bullied by his classmates. He decides to take revenge on them. But, fails miserably and gets beaten up. He even tries to commit suicide by jumping off the rooftop.

Dear Boy- Best Dark Manhwa

Yong gets into a coma. His brother tries to seek justice. The Manhwa shows how teachers’ interest more towards improving school than children leads to such horrible situations.

The Manhwa is filled with gruesome violence compared to its setting in a normal high school.

The Pale Horse

This Manhwa talks about the cruelty and violence human beings are capable of. The story follows Rose a beautiful French girl. People bully her and call her a witch’s daughter.

People believed that Rose’s mother was a witch who cast evil spells and ate people. Rose is constantly attacked by the villagers and bullied.

The Manhwa reflects on the nature of public opinion and how it can destroy lives. The story is very valid in recent times when opinion is influenced by an algorithm.

Killing Stalking

The story takes a darker turn on love. When love turns into an obsession, it can create madmen.

Killing Stalking- Best Dark Manhwa

Yoon Boom a high school student is obsessed with his classmate Sangwoo. Yoon takes it so far to even enter Sangwoo’s home. Inside Sangwoo you could sense a cruel, madman which also reflects in his room.

This Manhwa is very disturbing and takes darker turns one after another.

Save Me

The main character, Hyeongoh is very bright in academics. He is constantly bullied by his classmates. He has no friends to help him, tackle such situations. Later in the story, he has someone to help him in these situations, to stand by his side.

The Manhwa dives into how bullying can affect the mental peace of a human. It also explores how terrible treatment can lead to unending suffering.

The Flowers of Evil

The Manhwa explores the complexities of any relationship. The characters in the Manhwa are obsessive, manipulative, and complex. The story revolves around Se Joon and Se Wa. Both are siblings. Se Joon is considered psychotic and obsessive over his brother.

This Dark Manhwa is chilling and makes us think of love as a concept that blurs rational thinking.

Tower of God

This Dark Adventure Manhwa follows the story of a boy named Twenty-Fifth Bam. He has spent almost all of his life in a tower and has a friend named Rachel.

Tower of God- Best Dark Manhwa

Twenty-Fifth Bam sets on a journey to the top of the tower to retrieve his friend. With each floor, the intensity and difficulty of the task increase. The Manhwa follows the theme of betrayal and despair.

Here is a List of similar Dark anime:

After-School War Activities

When the sky is covered by strange purple things that pose a threat to human lives. South Korean government forces all capable men to join the military. The people recruited include high school and college students.

The youth is forced to emotionally grow up fast. Childhood is left behind and children are forced to fight for survival.

Level Combination

This Manhwa is coming out of age story where the main character feels no purpose in life. The story is set in a dystopian world. The people at this time are struggling with issues like finances and food. Despite the technological improvements through robots and androids.

Level Combination- Best Dark Manhwa

The story ends on a tragic note. It is a must-read for Dark Manhwa fans.

Love Parameter

The main character in the story, Young Hoon is a nerd and has had a very tough time with ladies. He gains a pair of glasses that give him the power to approach any woman romantically.

Things start to go wrong with him, as he gets stuck in some very dark situations and relationships.


The story revolves around Leon, who can see through any voice as colors. He identifies people by the color of their voice. He starts getting nightmares and all these nightmares see the face of reality. Leon encounters all these nightmares in his part-time job.

He learns about an organization called Catharsis that helps people fight their fears. Leon gets entangled in this world while he fights his fears.

The Manhwa is dark and scary. If you do not have a strong heart, prefer to stay away. And when reading away from the window.

Terror Man

The protagonist of the story, Ming Jung Woo has a special power to see the path that leads to an unfortunate future. He spots such misfortunate events in the timeline and tries to stop them. People see him as a terrorist and fear him.

Terror Man- Best Dark Manhwa

Ming has suffered a lot in his life. He lost his parents and was left only with his babysitter whom he considers family.

The Manhwa takes darker twists as the story progresses and becomes intense.

Hardcore Leveling Warrior

It is the exact opposite of solo leveling. In my opinion, Hardcore Leveling Warrior has a much better storyline than solo leveling.

The most powerful player in the game loses all his powers and has to start from level one. The main character is a scumbag and you actually want to see him fail.

Hardcore Leveling Warrior- Best Dark Manhwa

The story has a lot of complexities which is a good thing. And it is strategic in all the fights that happen. The cast is vast and many of them have their stand-out moments.

There is a lot of mystery to the characters and the forces that go behind the world of Hardcore Leveling Warrior.

The Beginning after the End

King Arthur is the main protagonist of the story. He is powerful and has wealth, prestige, and all the material things one can aspire for. But under this strong facade, there lurks a human who is devoid of any purpose and will.

He is reincarnated into a new world as Arthur Laywin. He now has a second chance to live the life he has desired.

Villian to Kill

There are two types of people with special abilities, villains who are driven by their evil desire and “psychers” who pursue justice and work against villains.

Villian to Kill- Best Dark Manhwa

The main character is a psycher with a very good heart but one day when he visits his friend in Greece. Things take a wrong turn.

Cassian ends up in a body of a high school boy who has just become a villain.

66,666: Advent of the Dark Mage

A powerful dark mage was defeated and sealed in a battle against the twelve Gods. He wakes up from his sleep after 66,666 years in a body of a newborn baby.

Dark Mage- Best Dark Manhwa

Now he plots to take revenge on the 12 Gods who had sealed him away.

Change the World

Saito, the main character decides to kill himself at the end of the year. He meets his polar opposite, Mitsumune. She totally transforms his life and future.

The Murderers

Three murderers are hired by a company to kill people. They can kill people any way they want, but they have to leave the body for harvesting.

Superior Day

The main character lives next door to an infamous serial killer. To make matters worst, he is forced to kill him by another serial killer.

The Manhwa is gory and the suspenseful plot keeps you tied to your seat. It is easy to understand the character and sympathize with him. The antagonist is interesting too. The murders in the Manhwa are horrifying and shake you to the core.

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