Best Inspirational Quotes of Attack On Titan

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Best Inspirational Quotes of Attack On Titan

One of the most economically successful anime series ever produced is Attack on Titan. What happens to a boy’s life after he lost his parents to the titans is the subject of the movie Attack on Titan. A 15-year-old boy named Eren Yeager is the main character. He lived with his parents and sister before monsters known as titans decimate hamlet one day. To combat and eradicate Titans, a species of enormous humanoid monsters that previously assaulted his hamlet and slaughtered everyone he loved, Eren Yeager enlists in a scout unit.

Best Inspirational Quotes of Attack On Titan

Here are the few best inspirational quotes from Attack On Titan.

1. “I Can Do This. No, We Can Do This! Because We’ve All Been Special Since The Day We Were Born. We’re Free!” - Eren Jaeger

Eren believed that not only he but every one of them are free and special. If they all together decide to do something they will achieve it. Just never stop believing in yourself.

2. “No One Knows What The Outcome Will Be. So, Choose Whatever You’ll Regret The Least.” - Levi Ackerman

This adage is priceless for those who struggle with decision-making. Because the future is uncertain, every decision has repercussions. Levi suggests relying on one’s judgement and choosing the course that one will regret the least.

3. “No Matter How Messed Up Things Get, You Can Always Figure Out The Best Solution.” - Eren Jaeger

When the problem arrives Eren are the best person to understand the problem and to come up with the best solution for that problem. Eren is the just decision-maker of his problems, just never stops believing in himself.

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4. “This World Is Cruel, And It’s Also Very Beautiful.” - Mikasa

Mikasa admits to herself these words as a realisation. Although the world may be terrible, she understands that it was also lovely. Eren comes to mind, along with her promise to never give up on him. Mikasa does a great job of explaining the two sides of what we all refer to as “the world.”

5. “Even In Moments Of The Deepest Despair…I Guess We Can Still Find Hope, Huh?” - Hange Zoe

Instead of complete loss or absence of hope and giving up, being hopeful is better. Hange believed that you will lose your will if you lost your hope but hopefulness gives you the energy to fight for and to achieve what you want.

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6. “Everyone Had To Be Drunk On Somethin’ To Keep Pushing On … Everyone Was A Slave To Somethin’.” - Kenny Ackerman

Kenny developed a vicious personality as a result of his lifelong pursuit of power. In his final hours, Kenny briefed Levi about his observations about the world’s depressing state. When asked why he didn’t inject himself and turn into a titan, Kenny responds that everyone needs a reason to exist. It doesn’t matter if it’s power, family, or a child everyone is a slave to something. Kenny was also free from all types of servitude. Despite being the bad guy, Kenny managed to win the crowd over. Behind a steady look, he masked his feelings. When he addresses his nephew Levi in his parting remarks, the audience gets one last look at his vulnerable side.

7. “Nothing Can Suppress A Human’s Curiosity” - Eren Jaeger

Eren believed that Mankind is the most curious kind in the world. Their strong desire to learn something or to know is very deeply rooted inside each one of them.

8. “You’re Gonna Care What Other People Think And Be Someone You’re Not Your Whole Life? You’re Fine As You Are. So, Talk In Your Own Words.” - Ymir

Ymir comes out as pompous, cynical, and aggressive at first. She later reveals a more mature side, though. She has a remarkable talent for reading people, and she is brusque in her criticism of those who are not being true to themselves. This quotation appears in the Second Season, 104th Training Corps storyline. She knew right away that Sasha wanted to seem polite in front of her friends, so she hid her accent and assumed an incredibly formal tone. She offers Sasha and the audience some wise counsel in response to this. Ymir strongly believes in being proud of who she is, and she encourages others to do the same.

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9. “You Understand, Don’t You? One Day Or Another, Everyone You Care About Eventually Dies. It’s Something We Simply Can’t Accept. It’s A Realization That Could Drive You Insane.” - Hange Zoe

Death is a reality that affects everyone at some time in their life. The fact that everyone eventually passes away is a hard pill to take. It’s a revelation that, as Hange claims, drives people nuts. Nobody is ever truly prepared to deal with death, whether it be their own or that of a loved one.

10. “Endure It. Don’t Let Go.” - Armin Arlert

Armin said that you should bear the suffering patiently, you must allow yourself to continue and tolerate your sufferings instead of running because if you run from your suffering eventually you will forget but if you suffer it then you can never forget and you will take the take steps and the best actions will be held.

11. “If You Win, You Live. If You Lose, You Die. If You Don’t Fight, You Can’t Win!” - Eren Jaeger

Overcoming fear is one of the hardest obstacles a person must face. However, Eren’s comments can inspire anybody to bravely face their fear. Eren rescues Mikasa’s life from the underground mafia at her home, but one of the guys manages to strangle her in his arms. Eren talks next, pleading with Mikasa to fight and aid him in this distressing and upsetting situation.

Eren-Best Inspirational Quotes of Attack On Titan-attack on titan

12. “I Knew…You Were More Of A Hero Than Anyone Else.” - Eren Jaeger

Eren had the belief that each person is unique, free, and capable of doing whatever they desire. Just remember to always believe in yourself.

13. “As Long As We Continue To Fight, We Are Not Defeated!” - Miche Zacharius

Miche possessed a brave heart and a cunning intellect. He oversaw a significant Scout Regiment division as its section commander. Miche consoles Nanaba as they prepare to battle through the predicament and recognises the existence of Titans within Wall Rose thanks to his extraordinary sense of smell. He was briefly able to regain his composure by thinking back to his remarks before being engulfed alive in his panic and tears. The conflict was maintained by his powerful remarks. Nobody is vanquished as long as someone is fighting.

14. “Do You Always Want To Live Hiding Behind The Mask You Put Up For The Sake Of Others? You’re You, And There’s Nothing Wrong With That.” - Ymir

Thinking of how others will judge and react if you show your true self should not bother you. In the fear of other judgements, you will lose yourself, which is not worth it.

15. “I Don’t Like The Terms ‘Good Person’ or ‘Bad Person’. It Is Impossible To Be Entirely Good To Everyone. To Some, You Are A Good Person, While To Others, You Are A Bad Person.” - Armin Arlert

This quote has such an impact because it expresses a harsh but essential truth rather than a beautiful one. Armin exhorts his fellow troops to have faith and fight, saying that only those who are prepared to make sacrifices can make a difference. It forces the audience to confront the hard truth of the price of change and the bravery to give up all they hold dear.

Armin-Attack on Titan-Best Inspirational Quotes of Attack On Titan

16. “I Don’t Have Time To Worry If It’s Right Or Wrong, You Can’t Hope For A Horror Story With A Happy Ending” - Eren Jaeger

When you know from the beginning that the end of any situation will not be good then you should stop hoping for a happy ending situation where everyone is happy and contented. You have to accept the reality.

17. “If There Are Humans Who Can Bring About Change, They’re Those Who Are Capable Of Abandoning Everything. People Who, When Required To Surpass Even Monsters, Are Capable Of Tossing Aside Their Very Humanity.” - Armin Arlert

Everyone acts the way they do in the actual world for a variety of reasons. And nobody can determine whether anything is proper or bad. This knowledge Armin shares with Annie Leonhart, who, despite being the villain of Attack on Titan, spared him in a brave deed. The two are having a thoughtful conversation in a serene setting.

18. “If You Think Reality Is Just Living Comfortably And Following Your Own Whims, Can You Seriously Dare To Call Yourself A Soldier?” - Eren Jaeger

A soldier is always prepared for the worst situation no matter how difficult decisions they have to take. If being a soldier you are taking sudden desire or change of mind, especially one that is unexplained and unusual then you are not a soldier.

19. “It Doesn’t Matter How Strong The Opposition Is. It Doesn’t Matter How Fearsome The World Is, It Doesn’t Matter How Cruel The World Is. Fight!” - Eren Jaeger

Both the environment and the message are very important. Everyone is inspired by Eren’s undying bravery and attempts to preserve mankind. This remark gives us a glimpse into Eren’s mind and what drives him to fight constantly.

20. “You Can’t Change Anything Unless You Can Discard Part Of Yourself Too. To Surpass Monsters, You Must Be Willing To Abandon Your Humanity.” - Armin Arlert

According to Armin, if you want to fight with your cruel opponent with your kind heart then you will lose no matter how good you are.

21. “The Only Thing We’re Allowed To Do…Is To Believe That We Won’t Regret The Choice We Made.” - Levi Ackerman

Whatever steps or decisions have been made are alright done so it is meaningless if you regret your steps after it is done. So, don’t burden yourself with this kind of emotion.

Levi-Best Inspirational Quotes of Attack On Titan-attack on titan

22. “Their Lives… Were They Meaningless? No, They Weren’t! It’s Us Who Gives Meaning To Our Comrade’s Lives! The Brave! The Anguished Fallen! The Ones Who Will Remember Them Are Us, The Living! We Die Trusting The Living Who Follow To Find Meaning In Our Lives! That Is The Sole Method In Which We Can Rebel Against This Cruel World. My Soldiers, Rage! My Soldiers, Scream! My Soldiers, Fight!” - Erwin Smith

According to Erwin, losing your comrade, your confidant, or your partner can be hard but does not mean the life that life was meaningless. No, not at all. All of their achievements will be cherished and remembered by you and will be respected by you and everyone will respect them as well because of you.

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