Best Inspirational Quotes of Code Geass

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Best Inspirational Quotes of Code Geass

With characters like Lelouch and Suzaku, Code Geass excelled at examining the interactions and politics between Japan and Britain. Each character has a cause to which they are dedicated, and these beliefs guide their decisions and worldviews. After the once-proud nation of Japan is attacked and subjugated by the Holy Empire of Britannia and reduced to an occupied country, Lelouch, an exiled Imperial Prince of the Britannia empire, swears to wrestle Japan to its independence. He comes upon the enigmatic C.C., who grants him the magical ability of Geass. It is centred around prince Lelouch, who was banished and is attempting to create his version of reality with his newly discovered ability, known as Geass.

Best Inspirational Quotes of Code Geass

Here are some of the series’ most memorable quotes.

1. “You will never be able to love anybody else until you love yourself.” - Lelouch Lamperouge

Simply put, it argues that before you can offer love or anything else, you must first possess it. If you don’t know how to genuinely love yourself, you will never be able to love anybody else.

2. “When There Is Evil In This World That Justice Cannot Defeat, Would You Taint Your Hands With Evil To Defeat Evil? Or Would You Remain Steadfast And Righteous Even If It Means Surrendering To Evil?” - Lelouch Lamperouge

To save the Black Knights, Zero and Guilford engage in a battle outside the Chinese embassy. Either way, the evil continues. The best course of action would be to select the course of action that stops more evil. Here, one side loses, while the other comes out on top. In response, Guilford says that, in Princess Cornelia’s honour, he will choose justice. Lelouch may advocate using evil to combat greater evil, but his motivation for doing so has always been to seek retribution on his father. He had already accepted that he was a distinct sort of evil.

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3. “All Men Are Not Created Equal! All Men Are Different! Yes, The Very Existence Of Man Is Discriminatory. That’s Why There Is War, Violence And Unrest.” - Charles Zl Britannia

Charles believed that every person is different from another. Hence, violence, and wars are meaningless.

4. “Time Flows Constantly, It Doesn’t Care About The People Who Are Struggling.” - Lelouch Lamperouge

Lelouch’s entire existence is well summed up by this phrase. His father first, in his opinion, planned to murder his mother. Lelouch’s right to inherit is then revoked, and he is exiled to live a normal life after asking him for an explanation. Apart from his sister Nunally and his companion Suzaku, he had no one to turn to or support him during all of this. That’s not all, either. Lelouch, who is guided by his family, battled the whole Britannian Empire while wearing the Zero mask. He discovered that nobody can halt time. Instead of mourning, he shaped his destiny and left his mark on history.

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5. “Heroines Don’t Kill People To Gain A Boy’s Love. It’s Evil Witches Who Do That.” - Mao.

According to Mao, being the lead or heroine she will never kill for a boy’s love. She true love shall connect her with the boy or else she will just let him go but killing someone to gain love is done by the evil witches.

6. “Our Crying For Them Won’t Bring The Dead Back To Life” - Lelouch Lamperouge

Lelouch spoke these words when Prince Clovis’s unimpressive performance was being forcedly broadcast. No one was buying it as he tried to make everyone feel sorry for the Britannian troops who perished in a battle with Lelouch’s Black Knights. Lelouch was speaking with a buddy about how awful Clovis looked as the audience watched in silence. Lelouch had gone through everything by that point and had developed swiftly. He had experienced combat and saw death. He understands that power must be used to alter the world, sobbing will not. He also wants to gain authority so that no one else has to cry.

7. “I Think Being Able To Openly Take Away The Most Important Thing People Have… ‘Life’… Is The Best Thing That Ever Happened!” - Luciano Bradley

Luciano believed in when life is taken away from someone it should always be taken openly because it is the right and best thing to do.

Luciano-Code Geass-Best Inspirational Quotes of Code Geass

8. “You Can’t Change The World With Pretty Words Alone.” - Lelouch Lamperouge

Lelouch acquires the enigmatic ability to make anybody obey his dictates. Within a short period, his entire world is altered. Lelouch changes from a good-hearted student to a ruthless revolutionary who even kills Clovis. Lelouch is aware that Clovis just speaks to keep the peace; the prince does not pity the populace. Before drawing the trigger, Lelouch tells him these words, signifying that it is no good or evil and that force always prevails. In the end, Clovis’ poetic words were unable to save him.

9. “Will You Let Me Help You In Your Quest to Ensure That No One Ever Again Has To Suffer The Lost Of A Loved One On The Battlefield?”- Princess Euphemia

Princess Euphemia said this because she truly wanted to help others in this fight and win against the Titans.

Princess-Best Inspirational Quotes of Code Geass-Code Geass

10. “The Only Ones Who Should Kill, Are Those Who Are Prepared To Be Killed.” - Lelouch Lamperouge

The difference between the strong and the weak is quite clear in Code Geass. The wealthy commit every form of wrong without considering the repercussions. In the minds of those who are oppressed, this creates resentment and disdain. Many people do, however, give up on hope and accept life as it is. Lelouch is the disobedient sort. He thinks that wrongdoers need to be punished. As a result, when he employs his Geass for the very first time, he orders several haughty British troops to commit suicide, which they do with glee. Although there were alternative methods to escape that predicament, Lelouch chooses to pursue his philosophy of hunting the hunters.

11. “It’s Not That I Want An Ideal Country Or Great Justice Or Anything Complicated Like That. I Just Want To See People Smiling.” - Lelouch Lamperouge

In this series the lead character Lelouch said this because he never wanted some extravagant country with luxury and all other complicated things, All he ever wanted is a place where people can live peacefully and happily.

12. “A Life That Lives Without Doing Anything Is The Same As A Slow Death.” - Lelouch Lamperouge

Lelouch was a typical high school student before CC gave him the power of Geass. Except for his younger sister, he had nothing to live for. He went through the same monotonous motions every day. Nothing new was occurring in his life, and he was far from getting his father. Everyone is chasing something some desire money, some want fame, and yet others seek love. Lelouch is correct when he says that leading a life without making a difference or doing anything is equivalent to not existing and slowly passing away.

13. “The Human Heart Is The Source Of All Our Power. We Fight With The Power Of Our Hearts.” - Lelouch Lamperouge

According to Lelouch that his source of power is his heart, If he is willing to do it with all his heart then with all the power he will achieve it.

14. “Things That Don’t Change Go Extinct.” - Milly Ashford

Milly believed that to maintain the balance of the world everything has to change because the world is constantly changing. If one does not change itself as well then it will eventually extinct.

Milly-Code Geass-Best Inspirational Quotes of Code Geass

15. “If Strength Is Justice, Then Is Powerlessness A Crime?” - Lelouch Lamperouge

Lelouch is undoubtedly a philosophical individual. He analyses things and questions everything’s essence. His philosophy is founded on his perception of good and wrong, not on what the majority believes. The main underlying concept of Code Geass is that while the weak are incapable of standing up for themselves, the powerful get away with anything. Once Lelouch has Geass’s power, he may rebel on his own. Is being weak a crime, he then queries. Although it isn’t codified as law, it is unquestionably the unwritten law in the world of Code Geass. He is just driven to bring about change and ensure that everyone receives justice.

16. “In This World, Evil Can Arise From The Best Of Intentions. And There Is Good Which Can Come From Evil Intentions” - C.C

According to C.C, evils can never rise for a right cause and with good intentions.

17. “If The King Doesn’t Move, Then His Subjects Won’t Follow.” - Lelouch Lamperouge

Lelouch was a talented student even before he started a revolt or attained the Geass. He was aware of human psychology and what motivates individuals to follow orders. He, therefore, understood how to get others to follow Zero. Lelouch was born to be in charge. He says this immediately after Clovis’s ill-conceived remarks. The next step for Lelouch is to meet CC and make a deal with her. As they say, the rest is history. The most powerful country on Earth was eventually brought to its knees by him.

18. “If My Reputation Goes Down For What’s Right, I Don’t Need It.” - Suzaku Kururugi

Suzaku believed that if one’s reputation got bad just for doing the right thing, standing up for the right cause and fighting for good then that meaningless reputation is not needed.

Suzaku-Best Inspirational Quotes of Code Geass-Code Geass

19. “When Will The War End? When Someone Wins.” - Lelouch Lamperouge

When two sides compete for partisan advantage, war results. It is not and never will be a solution. Innocent people and the environment themselves suffer the most. This subject is well represented in Code Geass when Britannia attacks Japan. The Japanese are deprived of their identity, culture and human rights while Japan is colonised. All of it has been personally experienced by Lelouch. He is the person who is most familiar with war’s horrors. To prevent future generations from suffering the same fate as he did, he confronts the Britannians.

20. “The World Cannot Be Changed With Pretty Words Alone.” - Lelouch Lamperouge

To change the world only the world is not enough you have to work harder to change it not just a temporary change but the change must occur from the root level. Only then the world can be saved.

21. “All The Hatred In The World Is Gathered On Me, As Promised. So, All You Have To Do Is To Erase My Existence And Put An End To This Chain Of Hatred. The Black Knights Will Have The Legend Of Zero Left Behind For Them. Schneizel Will Work For Zero. And Now The World Can BeUnified At One Table, Not Through Military Force, But Through Negotiation And Talk. Mankind Can Finally Embrace The Future.” - Lelouch Lamperouge

Without exaggeration, this has got to be the greatest anime sentence ever, not just in Code Geass. The ideal conclusion for a hero who gave all turned his friends against him, and was despised by his people. Lelouch had a habit of being one step ahead of everyone, and he was aware that this was the only way he could succeed. World unity is eventually attained by becoming the embodiment of everything that humanity despises. Humanity may flourish in harmony and peace when there is no strife. It’s the ideal conclusion for a character like Lelouch.

22. “There Are Times In Life When You Have To Distance Yourself From Those You Love Because You Love Them.” - C.C

When you love someone so much that you want to protect them even from the horrors of yourself then you have to create distance between them. C.C choose to keep herself distant from her loved ones just out of love.

C.C-Code Geass-Best Inspirational Quotes of Code Geass

23. “War Is Merely One Method Of Diplomacy. However, It Is The Least Efficient One.” - Bismarck Waldstein

In the series, Bismarck believed another diplomatic way of handling any difficult situation is war. War but not a helpful solution but it manages the situation temporarily.

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