Best Inspirational Quotes of Eren Yeager

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Best Inspirational Quotes of Eren Yeager

The presence of Eren Yeager spices up the plot of Attack on Titan. He is one of those characters who began as a hero but did not end up being one. Within the story, there are many unique and complex characters but none can match the complexity of Eren Yeager. The fascinating journey of development for this character brings upon our title; the best inspirational quotes of Eren Yeager.

Quotes of Eren Yeager

Here are some of the best quotes that Eren voiced and his fans remembered.

Inspirational Quotes of Eren Yeager

I Want To See And Understand The World Outside. I Don’t Want To Die Inside These Walls Without Knowing What’s Out There!

To understand Eren from Attack on Titan, we need to understand this one. This line very beautifully expresses the angst within the people protected behind the walls safeguarding themselves from the brutal Titans. This inspiring quote from Attack on Titan summarizes the conflict within the series.

On the other hand, it embodies the idea that humanity will always strive and hope for better things beyond its reach. Eren’s famous quote is filled with optimism and the will to explore. The idea of fascination hidden behind the quote drives him and others to fight for the longest time against the Titans.

Eren Yeager Quotes

I Don’t Have Time To Worry If It’s Right Or Wrong, You Can’t Hope For A Horror Story With A Happy Ending!

After Eren realizes that Annie is a female Titan, he is taken aback. This inspirational quote is born when the survey corps get involved in the battle to tackle this threat. Eren realizes that he cannot waste any time discriminating right from wrong. His overpowered hatred for the Titans brings to him the idea that his friend was fighting against humanity when he was trying to protect it.

It has a very deep meaning that something that began in the wrong way might probably have an unhappy ending. Eren does take a while to accept this but makes a decision that suited the circumstance best.

Inspirational lines of Eren Yeager

If you win, you live. If you lose, you die. If You Don’t Fight, You Can’t Win!

The Attack of Titan has several inspirational quotes by Eren Yeager. Most of them are concerned with battles but a few of them fit into the day-to-day circumstances that we go through. This might seem like a battle cry but sometimes the reality serves no less than a war for us. The quote hints at trying to fight against the struggle to reach a step closer to ending it.

The first part of the sentence might not be that relatable. But combining the idea of winning or losing adds context to this inspirational quote. This is one of the few quotes by Eren that should be remembered in tough times.

Eren Yeager Inspirational Quote

So If We Kill The Enemy, The One Waiting For Us On The Other Side, Will We… Finally Be Free?

This quote from Attack on Titan is one of the most remembered quotes of Eren Yeager. It reflects upon the illusionary idea of freedom that Armin and Eren grew up with. Even though this motivation might sound more like a question but it inspired the main characters to take up complex battles. Even though it’s an idea hard to fathom but it alludes to questioning the motive behind a task taken up.

In our daily life, we also question certain actions of ours midway the destination. This inspirational quote promotes introspection of the motivation before it’s too late.

Inspirational Quotes of Eren

How Could Anything Be More Important Than Keeping Humanity From Being Wiped Out?

It pretty much tells the viewers about the reason behind the battles in Attack on Titan. This one seems ironic coming from Eren; the manga readers would know why. However, it rampages the facade of power in the real world.

Eren brought this one up when the survey cops are hunting down the Colossal Titans and Minister Nick does not wish to cooperate with the information he has. Eren voices the principle ideas that every humanist in the real world believes in.

Quotes of Eren Yeager(AOT)

No matter how messed up things get, you can always figure out the best solution

In Attack of Titan, things are pretty messed up. And these Inspirational Quotes of Eren Yeager make it a bit better. The everyday struggle of the characters in the series might be far away from what viewers face on a day-to-day basis. But the quotation fires up the spirit to get things in the right place.

Just like the plot and lives of Eren or Armin we also land up in the worst of situations. Then, this quotation inspires us to survive reality and get going. So even though the problems are as mighty as the Titans but they surely have competition with your best solutions.

Quotes of Yeager Eren

You Have The Freedom To Defend The World’s Freedom And I Have The Freedom To Continue Moving Forward.

This is a testament to the most heartbreaking battle between the inseparable characters in Attack on Titans. Eren is on a rampage to destroy the world. And this quote by Eren Yeager is proof that he won’t stop unless he finds his way out. Once the heroic character now turns out to be the darkest in the entire series.

The determination that Eren holds up regarding moving forward is the warning bell of destruction for the world within AOT. Fans were baffled to see this powerful character being on the radar of the Survey Corps.

Best Quotes of Eren Yeager

We’re Born Free. All Of Us. Free. Some Don’t Believe It, Some Try To Take It Away. To Hell With Them!

Freedom and battle are reoccurring words concerning the Attack on Titan. No one loves to be bound or ruled over and that is the fabric Eren is made of. Freedom and life are not meant to be controlled but the Paradis Island survived through a different reality.

Eren inspires the idea of freedom and becomes the determined protagonist, loved by otakus. This is the battle cry and motivation that Eren uses to channel his hatred for the Titans into a win.

AOT- Eren Yeager Quotes

If you think reality is just living comfortably and following your own whims… can you seriously dare to call yourself a soldier?

Nothing comes easy in life especially when it comes to the life of a soldier. Battles require risking life in every moment. Eren has a very typecast rigid image of a soldier that is reflected through this quote. From the other perspective, it clearly states that reality does not boil down to living comfortably or following dreams. It requires more than anything the spirit to fight and sacrifice.

This battle cry or inspirational quote of Eren Yeager is evidence of the complexity of life and battles.

Eren Yeager Quote from Attack on Titan

Fight to live, risk it all for even a glimmer of real freedom! It doesn’t matter what’s waiting outside the gate, or what comes in! It doesn’t matter how cruel the world can be, or how unjust! Fight. Fight. Fight.

Among the famous quotes of Eren Yeager is this one filled with rage. This voice is the thought that he repeats throughout the series to fuel his hatred. His passion to fight and defeat the Titans to move forward remains constant throughout the story. Regardless of the situation, this character is ready to battle and conquer the world.

The constant fight that fans witness throughout Attack on Titans is put together behind these lines. This is the motivation that he carries forward to every battle and passes on to his comrades regularly.

Quotes of Yeager Eren

What Is the Point If Those With The Means And Power Do Not Fight?

The one who has power has the potential to bring about change. For a larger part of the series, Eren believes that power is to be put to use to bring up the weaker people in society. He believes in its primary aim to build rather than destroy. Even though he ironically uses his power to avenge the Titans yet this quote states otherwise. Attack on Titan brings about a conflict of power and oppression. And Eren plays the guardian of humanity against the monstrous Titans.

Best lines by Eren Yeager

At this rate, I’ll die without doing one damn thing.''

Eren was too full of vengeance to die a common death. After being almost executed at the hands of a spiteful Titan, Eren survived. His only aim was to stop the Titans from killing anyone else like they killed his mother. He truly believed that everything would come to an end if he died at the hands of a Titan without getting his revenge. He had set out with a goal to achieve and his determination would not let him die in peace.

Best Quotes by Eren Yeager

“You are not a slave. Nor are you a God. You’re just a human.”

This inspirational quote by Eren Yeager reminds us of the origin. He reminds Ymir of the human identity that was cursed with the power of Titans. Often in life, people forget their stature as a human and become self-proclaimed Gods or on the contrary, accept being a slave to someone. Putting an end to this, the memorable line is a must-remember quote to keep you grounded and real at all times.

Best Quotes: Eren Yeager

You don’t have to obey anyone. You can decide. You get to decide! You choose!

This one is not to be remembered word by word. The quote beholds the authority that a person has even before being burdened by others’ expectations. We sometimes lose ourselves to the wishes of other people and become chained in the obligation to satisfy them. There are some decisions and choices in life that are solely made to be your own. Even Eren’s decision to take against the world and bring destruction to the humanity he once believed in; was his own.

Best Quotes from Eren Yeager

You’ll Never Know. If You’re Not The One Who’s Continuing To Take That Path… Unless You Keep Moving Forward.

Eren with this line has talked about the importance of taking up challenges and tough paths in life. This great line is very motivating and close to reality. It is the journey that Eren takes forward that makes him reach what he wants. Counting on to the other idea an authentic experience cannot be gained without traveling a tough road and moving forward.

Do let us know about the quote you believe in; from this list.

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