Best Inspirational Quotes of Hikigaya Hachiman

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Best Inspirational Quotes of Hikigaya Hachiman

A shy adolescent in a school setting, Hikigaya avoids interacting with his classmates and others around him out of fear of rejection and his experiences in his past. Hikigaya is a lonely boy who refuses to be seduced by illusions of youth. His counsellor made him join a service club to help him modify his attitude. But he is a brilliant philosopher who articulates his view on what the true goodness of a person is, among other things.

Yahari Ore no Seishun Love Come wa Machigatteiru-Best Inspirational Quotes of Hikigaya Hachiman

These are the following inspirational quotes that are spoken by Hachiman Hikigaya in the anime Yahari Ore no Seishun Love Come wa Machigatteiru.

1. “Fake friends are like shadows. They follow you in the sun. But leave you in the dark.”

Hachiman Hikigaya is a logical person and he believed that one should understand between true friends and fake friends because, at the end of the day, fake friends will leave.

2. “If to be truthful is to be cruel, then lying must surely be an act of kindness. And so, kindness is a lie.”

Truth is always difficult and cruel but because it is a difficult thing you decide not to do it is not a solution then your act of kindness will be a lie.

3. “If the truth is a cruel mistress, then a lie must be a nice girl.”

No matter how difficult it is to say the truth out loud but it is always better than choosing lies.

4. “There are things that cannot be taken back. But the world will keep spinning whether you laugh or cry.”

Once you have done something you cannot unchange it because time has passed.

5. “There’s no way to make things convenient for everyone. So the only option is to find a compromise.”

The best option is to settle any dispute by mutual concession rather than arguing and trying to convince everyone to agree with your decision.

Yahari Ore no Seishun Love Come wa Machigatteiru-Best Inspirational Quotes of Hikigaya Hachiman

6. “No one does wrong to another just for the pleasure of doing wrong. Wrong is done to gain some benefit or advantage to the wrongdoer.”

In this series, Hachiman believed that if you do wrong that is just because doing wrong gives you pleasure.

7. “Everyone has something they hold dear, something they never want to lose. That’s why they pretend. That’s why they hide the truth. And that’s why they lie.”

Every person has either comfort food or a comfort thing or even comfort clothes or loved ones. This can be an act of weakness which is why they do not want to reveal it and for hiding it they choose to lie.

8. “There are some people who don’t want a solution. Some want things to stay the way they are.”

Not everyone wants to solve their problems just because they have to face them to solve them or it. They just keep it as it is.

9. “Food tastes best when you don’t have to work for it.”

Through this line, Hachiman Hikigaya referred to that no one wants to waste the money that is earned by them.

10. “Frankly being nice as this guy is almost like a mental illness in itself.”

Hachiman Hikigaya referring this line to one of his friends because being nice to him is difficult for Hachiman and he is openly expressing his discomfort.

11. “If you two are gonna start an argument, could you do it without randomly hurting my feelings?”

When Hachiman’s two close friends were arguing and fighting over something in which he doesn’t want to get involved he said this because those random hurtful comments were difficult for him to take.

12. “I don’t want other people to mention my ‘self’. Besides if I can be changed with a few words, then that wouldn’t be my ‘self’ would it?”

Hachiman Hikigaya never gets influenced by others’ convincing hence, he said this just to make everyone clear that he will not change if he doesn’t feel like it’s necessary.

Yahari Ore no SBest Inspirational Quotes of Hikigaya Hachiman-Yahari Ore no Seishun Love Come wa Machigatteiru

13. “School trips are simply a simulation of adult social life.”

For children, small school trips are like adult social life because on these trips there are fewer restrictions and vengeance for which children can enjoy and take some of the reckless steps of their life.

14. “If there are things you learn with friends, there must also be things you learn without friends. They must be of equal worth. Two sides of the same coin.”

Hachiman had the opinion that if you can learn things with friends, you can also learn things without them. They must have comparable value. The identical coin on both sides means there will always be options.

15. “Fake people have an image to maintain, real people just don’t care.”

According to Hachiman Hikigaya, although fake individuals have a reputation to uphold, real people just don’t care because they have nothing to hide.

16. “Everyone is a slave to their past. No matter how much you wish to move forward, the events of last year will bear down on you like the light of the stars as soon as you glance up.”

Everybody, according to Hachiman Hikigaya, is a slave to their history. No matter how hard you want to move on, as soon as you look up, the events of last year will come crashing down on you like the brightness of the stars.

Yahari Ore noBest Inspirational Quotes of Hikigaya Hachiman-Yahari Ore no Seishun Love Come wa Machigatteiru

17. “There are people who ruin the atmosphere just by existing, you know.”

Hachiman Hikigaya’s recurring thought is that certain individuals, you know, simply by existing, degrade the environment.

18. “There was no meaning to things that were only superficial. That was a single belief that both I and she once shared.”

Things that are just cosmetic, according to Hachiman Hikigaya, have no real significance. Once upon a time, she and he both had that one notion.

19. “Forcing yourself to like something you don’t like brings sorrow.”

Sadness results from forcing oneself to like something you don’t like.

20. “Unable to laugh or to banish your past, you carry it ceaselessly in a corner of your heart, waiting for it to resurrect at an inopportune moment.”

You always keep your past in a corner of your heart because you are unable to joke about it or let it go, waiting for an unfavourable circumstance to bring it back to life.

21. “In this world, the pursuit of dreams leads to a life so painful and frustrating the mere thought of it is enough to merit a sigh.”

According to Hachiman Hikigaya, pursuing one’s aspirations in this world results in a life that is so difficult and discouraging that just thinking about it makes one groan.

Yahari Ore no Seishun Love Come wa Machigatteiru-Best Inspirational Quotes of Hikigaya Hachiman

22. “Even if it’s said, it won’t be understood.”

Even if anything is uttered, according to Hachiman, it won’t be comprehended.

23. “I don’t think ignorance is necessarily a bad thing. The more you know, the more problems you have.”

According to Hachiman Hikigaya, ignorance isn’t always a negative thing. You have more issues the more you know, and you don’t know because you always ignored them.

24. “As a veteran on this battlefield of life, I’ve gotten used to losing. That’s why I always hate nice girls.”

According to Hachiman, he became accustomed to losing as a veteran on this battlefield of life. That is why he usually detests nice girls because of this. This line shows his maturity towards life.

25. “The past makes you wanna die out of regret and the future makes you depressed out of anxiety. So by elimination, the present is likely the happiest time.”

Both the past and the future make you want to die from regret and worry, respectively. Therefore, the present is perhaps the happiest moment by elimination.

26. “There are no inherently bad people. Everyone believes that myself included.”

There are no innately wicked individuals, according to Hachiman. Everyone, including himself, has this belief.

27. “People will rationalize their behaviour whenever they become tainted with evil; they’re not supposed to be evil. In order to preserve their twisted integrity, the world becomes twisted.”

Hachiman believed that every time someone is contaminated with evil, they will try to explain their actions. They’re not meant to be bad, after all. The world gets twisted in order to maintain its perverted integrity.

Yahari OreBest Inspirational Quotes of Hikigaya Hachiman-Yahari Ore no Seishun Love Come wa Machigatteiru

28. “Someone you praised as ‘cool’ until yesterday is ‘stuck up’ today; someone you respected as ‘smart and knowledgeable’ is now scorned as someone who ’looks down on bad students’, and ’energetic vigour’ becomes ‘annoying and overly carried away’.”

Hachiman said that someone you formerly hailed as cool is now rude. Someone you once admired for their intelligence and expertise is now derided as someone who looks down on poor pupils, and their enthusiasm turns obnoxious and overbearing.

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