Best Inspirational Quotes of Madara Uchiha

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Best Inspirational Quotes of Madara Uchiha

Masashi Kishimoto developed Madara Uchiha, a strong character who rose to become the formidable head of the Uchiha clan and among the most dreaded antagonists in the Naruto Shippuden series. Madara became known as a famous fighter thanks to his intelligence and the “chakra” he wielded. Since he was a young boy, Madara had to stand up for himself in the face of every opposition. As a result, he developed a perfectionist attitude and didn’t let up until he had done everything perfectly. He established Konohagakure, a community free from kid fighting.

During the Warring States Period, as Madara Uchiha and his brothers were growing up, they were forced to fight their worst enemies, the Senjus, on the battleground. After losing three of his five brothers in these confrontations, Madara was left with his younger brother, Izuna, with whom he engaged in continual rivalry to improve.

Hashirama Senju, who later became Madara’s friend by helping to create the village of Konohagakure of peace, was introduced to him during a particularly dark period in the series Naruto. But Madara just desired dominance, whereas Hashirama sought peace via pleasant relations. Despite having the same objective, they had to engage in conflict due to their opposing ideologies, which led to Madara’s demise. Madara faked his own demise, fled, and then reappeared using more potent methods. Anyhow, his intentions fell through, and in the end, he saw the error of his arrogant ways and made peace with Hashirama before his passing.

Naruto Shippuden-Best Inspirational Quotes of Madara Uchiha

Here are some best inspirational quotes of Madara Uchiha from the series Naruto Shippuden. Through this quote, we can see how Madara’s beliefs changed gradually.

1. “People Cannot Show Each Other Their True Feelings. Fear, Suspicion, And Resentment Never Subside.”

One person can never show what they truly feel or their true emotions to others because that will be treated as a weakness

2. “Love Is Not Necessary; Power Is The Only True Necessity.”

The actual true necessities are power not even love. According to Madara, power gives one more ability to influence behaviour but for Madara love did not.

3. “When A Man Learns To Love, He Must Bear The Risk Of Hatred.”

When a person learns the emotion of love at that point he even understands the feeling of hatred and anger as well.

4. “Balance Is What Keeps The World Going.”

Balance is the most important factor in the world. Balance keep the world equally good and bad.

5. “Only With Strength And Unyielding Power Can One Stand Up To Even The Mightiest Of Foes.”

With only robustness and a proper amount of resistance to force and pressure one can fight with the most powerful opponents as well.

6. “What Good Is Power If You Are Unable To Stand Up For Those Who You Love? The Purpose Of Power Should Be To Help You Protect Your Loved Ones. If Not, Then That Power Is Futile.”

Power should always be used for standing up for loved ones. If one cannot use their power for the people they love then that power is useless.

7. “Too Much Of Anything Never Turns Out To Be Healthy.”

If anything gets too much in amount then it will turn out to be unhealthy.

8. “Don’t Improvise What You Cannot Handle.”

You should never improvise on something that you cannot handle. All understand your limits.

9.“Forgive And Forget, And You’ll Be A Better Human Being.”

Whatever the thing is you should always forgive and forget because that helps you to grow and to become a better person in all aspects.

10. “The Uchiha Is A Clan Destined For Revenge.”

The Uchiwa is a clan of fire that is released by the user of this clan and their habit is to take their revenge.

11. “No Matter How Powerful Your Opponent Is, If You Foresee Their Moves, You’ll Be Able To Defeat Them.”

If you can be aware of beforehand or can predict the moves of your most powerful opponent and you can easily defeat them.

12. “How Good Can There Be In Power If You Cannot Protect Those You Love?”

Being in power if you cannot protect and save your loved one then that is not a power that is the weakness.

Best Inspirational Quotes of Madara Uchiha-Naruto shippuden

13. “Power Is Not Will, It Is The Phenomenon Of Physically Making Things Happen.”

Will of becoming powerful is not a solution it is a process of hard work and patience and only then one can achieve power.

14. “Wake Up To Reality! Nothing Ever Goes As Planned In This World.”

Whatever you have planned for the future it might not go accordingly because in the real world everything is different.

15. “Things Never Go According To Our Comfort But Run According To Their Schedule.”

Following the plans and maintaining the time is the only thing that we can do because other than that nothing is in our hands

16. “Be Strong Enough To Be Someone Who Even The Demons Would Fear.”

You work so hard that you can become the most powerful one that your opponent including the demons would fear you not just because of your power but also because of your will.

17. “He Had To Fight You And Die Before Your Eyes, Sasuke.”

Sasuke Uchiha a member of the Uchiha clan has power in his eyes and Sasuke have to work hard to make the growth of the power and keep fighting with his own ability and keep on growing. Hence, you should always keep on working on your ability.

18. “It Will Be A New World, A World Of Truth, Not Lies.”

A new world will be built and that will be built with all the truths and with hard work. There will be no lies and cruelty.

19. “As I Walk Towards My True Dream, I Will Enjoy Fighting With You.”

The more you will work hard on your abilities and skills the more powerful you will get a fair chance with your opponent.

20. “The Strong Devour The Weak, That Is The Law Of The Shinobi World.”

In the Shinobi world, the strongest always wins and crashes the weaker one. So be the strongest and do not get crashed.

21. “Every War Begins With A Talk.”

Every war or conflict begins with simple talk that gradually turned into a heated argument and hence the war begins.

Naruto Shippuden-Best Inspirational Quotes of Madara Uchiha

22. “When A Man Dies With Pride, He Only Thinks Of The Good Things He Has Done, But He Forgets The Problems He Has Left Behind.”

You should always flow the path of good only then you will be proud of your actions. When you will die you will die with only pride and the good things you have done and all the problems you have faced will be meaningless and will be forgotten.

23. “Love And Hate Are Two Sides Of The Same Coin.”

Madara referred that even though love and hate are opposite and has different mean altogether but they are strongly related to each other.

24. “Would You Consider Dying Together Teamwork As Well”

For the team, if you die just to fight for your teammates and flows the plan so that your team wins then that is the sacrifice that you being a teammate can do.

25. “When A Man Learns To Love, He Must Bear The Risk Of Hatred.”

When a person learns the emotion of love at that point he even understands the feeling of hatred and anger as well.

26. “Talking About Peace Whilst Spilling Blood, It’s Something That Only Humans Can Do.”

Madara refers to the contradictory situation of mankind. Only man can fight and shed the blood of other men for the cause of peace. which is ironic.

27. “The Longer You Live… The More You Realize That Reality Is Just Made Of Pain, Suffering, And Emptiness.”

If you live long then you have to go through all the motions including pain, suffering, emptiness and hatred. Feeling these negative emotions for so long time in unbearable pain for you or any man.

28. “I’d Be Lying If I Said Things Are Going According To My Plan… But Beggars Can’t Be Choosers, Right?”

When you are going through a crisis period and you have only a few options to choose for the best step so that your plan works you cannot be picky. You have to be calm, composed and wise enough to choose the right one.

Susanoo-Best Inspirational Quotes of Madara Uchiha-Naruto Shippuden

29. “Sometimes Falling Back Is The Best Way To Achieve Happiness And Love.”

For achieving love, and making your loved ones happy sometimes you have to lose or take a few steps back because at the end of the day only this happiness matters nothing else.

30. “The Selfish Desire Of Wanting To Maintain Peace Causes Wars And The Risk Of Hatred Is Born To Protect Love.”

Every time there is light in our world, there are also shadows. There will always be losers as long as there is the idea of winners. War and hatred are generated out of the self-centred desire to keep peace in order to defend love. So, simply love and spread the love at the end of the day.

32. “The Concept Of Hope Is Nothing More Than Giving Up. A Word That Holds No True Meaning.” - Madara Uchiha

Madara stated that hoping for coming is not a solution. Hoping is equal to giving up and you should always keep on trying harder.

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