Best Life Lessons of Attack on Titan

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Best Life Lessons of Attack on Titan

Attack on Titan is no longer just an anime series; its popularity has made it something larger than life. It has become a phenomenon and a wonderful anime that everybody knows about. Regardless of the negative criticism and comparisons with other action anime, this series has plenty of praise-worthy elements in it. It is full of social commentary and a visual extravaganza that brings to life the nightmarish reality of wars.

This phenomenon of an anime that the series Attack on Titan is; it has become the best life lesson movies on Netflix. With all the love pouring from different directions in the world this series presents a fairly attractive yet crucial storyline. It is one of the darkest anime series ever made on war but for sure there are words of wisdom waiting to be found in the dark; on the other side of the wall.

Best Life Lessons of Attack on Titan

Best Life Lessons of Attack on Titan come in with a hint of a harsh truth to it. Here we have some takeaways from this success.

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Lessons of Attack on Titan

A hope lost is a battle lost

You may remember the scenes where Eren fails to balance the mobility wires during his cadet training. Mockery and discouragement surround him. He is humiliated and often reprimanded for lacking this bare fundamental skill of being a soldier. But he never gives up and the others realize his inability was a shortcoming of the equipment and not his.

Eren famously stands by the idea of you can win only if you fight. This hero is stacked up with energy and perseverance which makes him an inspirational character. This is an important and best life lesson of Attack on Titan. While an overpowering level of the same perseverance might destroy lives like it does to many characters in the anime.

Life Lessons from Attack on Titan

An ally can be an enemy in disguise

Sometimes friends can be foes in disguise. Attack on Titan has one such arc that testifies to it. Eren always grew up hating the Titans and vowed to kill all of them for he found them the reasons everyone was trapped. Where he is unaware of the fact that two of his friends were an armored Titan and a colossal Titan. He was shocked and betrayed.

Fans might feel bad about this shocker but the takeaway from it is a reality. Even after staying so close to the Titans, he hated them all long. Eren could not identify them by the characteristics that he believed to be a Titan. The life lesson of Attack on Titan about disguised enemies as friends hits the note of distrust in each one of us.

Life Lessons from Attack on Titan

Freedom is a mirage

Finding freedom is one of the central conflicts that the characters in Attack On Titan deal with. The concept of freedom and its meaning of it in context with this series seems like an unattainable illusion. We witness Eren and Armin growing up with the hope to find freedom someday. But the freedom that they want is from an unknown devil they have never been caught up with. The stories and circumstances shape the childhoods of the main characters in the story.

In the series, the sea is presented as a symbol of freedom. A free life without oppression and beyond walls is the aim. In an attempt to conquer the Titans and build a new world, Eren and the other scouts are rather chained to their hatred and preparations for forthcoming battles. Therefore the desire to be free becomes an uncertain chance of circumstance beyond a limit.

Attack on Titan Life Lesson

There is always a price for love

Attack on Titan has several interesting pairs and conflicts within the story. One of the most heartbreaking yet interesting is the parting of Historia and Ymir. They share a really strong bond of friendship and can sacrifice anything for each other. Reiner and Bertolt use Historia as bait to find the truth that Ymir hides.

Also, Levi choosing the life of one of his strong comrades over a lovable one teaches us that love and sacrifice go hand in hand. Even the strong association of the soldiers with the idea of freedom is a form of love. And this love can only be gained after countless lives are sacrificed. In order to protect the ones we love or something we love we might have to give up on some important things in life.

Attack on Titan Best Lesson

History Always Repeats Itself

Violence is never ending and the plot of Attack on Titan proves that well. The major themes of this grand series are set around war and violence that a lot of war-struck countries from the real world relate to. The plot of this series recreates the visuals of the horror of the war teaching us a harsh reality.

One of the key lessons to learn from Attack on Titans is that the cycle of violence and the history of wars repeat itself. A century-long war of perceived freedom fight between Marley and Eldia goes the full cycle when Paladins are portrayed as devils. The never-ending hate, series of attacks, and counter-attacks bring nothing more than destruction and casualties for the people. This unchanging life truth is conveyed well through the dark and destructive visual designs of Attack on Titan.

Attack on Titan Top Lessons

Battles are a no-win for all

The central motive of Attack on Titan does not seem to glorify war it rather shows a darker picture of it all. The emotions and circumstances depicted through the series clearly state that everybody in a war loses something or the other. One of the opponents might emerge victorious but that happens only at the cost of countless lives and years of trauma.

Loss of life and land in war is generally seen as numbers within the real world. Whereas, the reality is far more heartbreaking and dreadful. Without debate, the best lesson to learn from Attack on Titan is that in a war, everyone loses. And the rarely acknowledged yet the scariest truth of war is that it does not end with bloodshed but continues until everything is restored and the psychological impact of losing loved ones settles down. That sums up as a never-ending wait for peace.

Life Lessons of AOT

We are villains in someone’s story

Paladins in Attack on Titan were unaware of the hatred of the world for the longest time. The rest of the world had been blaming them for whatever their ancestors did. All Marleyans perceived that the men beyond the wall were all devils and hated them without any evidence.

Similarly, the characters within the story turn out to do something good for someone and become the villains in the story of others. The series gives the lesson that no matter how hard we try we become the devil of someone’s story. As long as the hatred within Attack on Titan is concerned it only extends and the divisions between these clans become irreparable.

Attack on Titan Best Takeaway Lesson

Trust your decisions

With tough situations come forth some tough choices. There are several battles in Attack on Titan that had us all on the edge of our seats. One of them being Levi against Eren and Misaka. This brutal battle brings a great sacrifice from Levi and a shocker for the fans. With his Two dying comrades on his side; Levi has to save one. His attachment towards one has to be pushed back for it was the right choice.

Keeping aside his emotions a tough call was made by Levi. The emotional turmoil within him states otherwise but to make it through it all he had to keep his emotions out of these major decisions. Certainly, it is a life lesson of Attack on Titan that the bigger the responsibility the tougher are choices but having trust in self can only sail the boat. There are several other instances within the show when Eren, Levi, or other main characters have to move forward just by trusting their intuition.

Lessons from Life Attack on Titan

The plot of Attack On Titan intrigues the audiences with great action and character design. However, the characters within this fictional world teach many life lessons on friendship, and loyalty adding to the reality behind the war. You might have missed out on some of these deeper symbolisms while bingeing the episodes of this anime.

We hope you could relate and find out some meaning within the long storyline just like we did. So, let us know about the best life lessons of Attack On Titans that influenced you.

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