Best Life Lessons of Chainsaw Man

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Best Life Lessons of Chainsaw Man

Ironically, the harsh, violent shonen adventure Chainsaw Man offers viewers many important truths about life. Tatsuki Fujimoto’s vicious shonen manga and anime series is called Chainsaw Man. Chainsaw Man uses antihero characters, startling deaths, and odd comedy to create a borderline shonen parody that is a happy deconstruction of shonen standards in many ways. Because of this, Chainsaw Man isn’t necessarily uplifting or empowering. Fans of the anime and manga alike may learn valuable lessons from Chainsaw Man about life. Fans could learn a few life lessons from Chainsaw Man even though the characters are warped rogues or monsters.

Chainsaw Man-Best Life Lessons of Chainsaw Man

Here are some pragmatist or even cynical life lessons in Chainsaw Man, but there are others that are rather uplifting.

1. Each Person Should Be Aware Of Their Own Strengths and Weaknesses

It’s beneficial for people to grow personally and conquer their flaws. But one should also be honest with oneself about any flaws or inadequacies they may have and take appropriate action. Denji acts in such a way in Chainsaw Man, even though it makes him appear foolish. Denji is aware that despite his lack of schooling and low critical thinking abilities, he is a skilled combatant. He is modest enough to accept such and gives the planning to his more intelligent partners. While his teammates develop a plan for him to follow, he could even take a sleep.

2. Everyone Is Hiding Their Own Suffering

When Aki Hayakawa, a swordsman, slugged Denji and urged him to quit his employment at Chainsaw Man, it left a bad first impression. Although Aki appeared to be a jerk, he is trying to hide the agony of having lost his whole family to demons. He’s acting because he’s now frightened of losing Denji as well. Despite his impolite actions, Denji is also like that. He masks the sorrow of losing his father as well as the most fundamental comforts of life by acting like a hilarious punk. Everyone who encountered Denji or Aki should be ready to understand the truth about their secret suffering.

3. One Step At A Time Is All That Life Requires

When they make lengthy plans to grasp their destiny, certain individuals or anime characters flourish. People who are INTJ or its cousin, the ENTJ, for example, are inherently good at it. But for an ESTP like Denji from Chainsaw Man, preparing ahead is overrated. Denji demonstrates that it’s OK to live one step at a time and make decisions as they are made. This is simpler, more useful, and more pleasant for him and other characters than having to plan far into the future. In difficult circumstances, it may be advisable to make plans just a few hours or even minutes in advance.

4. It’s Alright To Dream Big

Numerous tales encourage readers to aim high and enjoy life to the fullest. For many supporters, that may be uplifting and motivating, but it’s not for everyone. It’s okay for some people to not or not be able to dream large. Dreaming tiny might be preferable to dreaming big depending on a person’s situation, personality, or emotional condition. When a person’s modest goals come true, they can provide them happiness. Additionally, pursuing small ambitions is simpler and less expensive. Denji demonstrated this by having dreams about reasonable a bed to sleep in and food in rather than fame and money.

5. Great Power Calls For Great Sacrifice

Fans of Spider-Man are aware that great power also comes with great responsibility. Even for villains who crave power like All For One and Orochimaru, a great power has a price. Gaining tremendous power requires giving up one’s own time, effort, money, and other resources, whether for good or ill. When Denji lost his pet Pochita, Chainsaw Man demonstrated that he could live and go on to become Chainsaw Man. Later on in the manga, when people were killed to make a deal with the dark devil, the antagonists demonstrated this point once again. It’s a comparable conversation that makes Fullmetal Alchemist come to mind.

Best Life Lessons of Chainsaw Man-chainsaw man

6. Second Chances May Make All The Difference

Many anime characters only rose to greatness because someone else gave them another chance. Giving individuals a second opportunity since some will misuse it. However, second chances frequently provide the unlucky individual with an opportunity to make a return. Chainsaw Man demonstrates how far people like Denji may progress given another opportunity. Despite appearing dangerous, Makima was considerate enough to welcome Denji as her new subordinate. Denji made the most of this second chance and experienced a multifaceted rebirth.

7. Even The Humblest Individuals Can Become Great Ones

In “rags to riches” narratives, the most inspirational stories show a zero becoming a hero. Tanjiro Kamado, a common coal merchant, rose to prominence in the demon slayer corps, and Naruto Uzumaki transformed from a troublesome loser to a Hokage. In Chainsaw Man, Denji behaved similarly. Starting from nothing, he battled for what he desired and eventually achieved it. Denji is a strong, infamous hero even though, unlike All Might, he is not a picture of peace. As Chainsaw Man, Denji has gone a long way, demonstrating that anyone can succeed if they work hard enough.

Chainsaw Man-Best Life Lessons of Chainsaw Man

8. People Are More Complex Than Is First Appearance

Numerous anime series educates viewers that even the most solid first impressions may be drastically off. People should be prepared for the fact that characters like Chainsaw Man, Byakuya Kuchiki or Itachi Uchiha’s Power always have more to them than initially appears. Power, as an illustration, is more than just a violent renegade. She has a special bond with her beloved cat Meowy and is a devoted friend to all animals. If Denji had turned away from Power the minute he first saw her, he would have never understood that.

9. Friends Or Allies Might Turn Into Adversaries

Optimistically, Chainsaw Man shows viewers that a foe, adversary, or outlaw could turn out to be a friend. On the other hand, an ally or buddy could turn wicked or prove to be unreliable. When the wrong person is trusted, calamity can often result. It’s a good idea to use caution when forming acquaintances. Denji was disabused of his belief that Makima, his employer and rescuer, could be trusted. Later, when Makima assumed the role of the control devil, she caused chaos, and Denji was compelled to battle and kill her.

10. Enemies Might Transform Into Allies

In shonen anime, friends and foes aren’t necessarily loyal allies. Exciting anime story twists sometimes feature the redemption of a villain or hostile adversary, such as Prince Vegeta turning Goku’s antihero comrade. Chainsaw Man uses Power, a fiend character, similarly. Power initially disliked Denji and even turned him over to the bat demon in exchange for a bargain. Power then experienced a change of heart and afterwards turned into Denji’s tough but devoted ally. Even if someone first comes across as unpleasant or useless, they may change their tune at the opportune moment.

11. Simple Dreams Are Also Important

We have these people mostly devils who have these supposedly insignificant dreams. Denji is a former human who longs for a routine existence. Power, who yearns for her pet to return. Makima, also known as The Control Devil, yearns for a family. Lastly, there is Pochita, The Chainsaw Devil, who just dreams of giving embraces. These straightforward fantasies are what most people take for granted. Things that were necessary yet were either overlooked or not given due respect. Food, housing, relationships, family the list is endless.

Chainsaw Man-Best Life Lessons of Chainsaw Man

12. To Follow Their Main Goal

When Denji eventually receives his wish in episode five, he learns that it is not as wonderful as he had thought. He realises how little, meaningless, and disappointing it has turned out to be and determines that working for his objective has been more thrilling and rewarding than receiving the payoff. Although it is hard to top the shocker that was episode one, Gun Devil makes an effort to do so in episode five, which is spectacular. Although Aki’s past was revealed earlier than anticipated, it could have been required for the storyline to advance.

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