Best Life Lessons of Mob Psycho 100

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Best Life Lessons of Mob Psycho 100

Mob Psycho 100 has reached to massive success owing to its great design, likable characters, visually enthralling action sequences, and detailed OP. Over the journey of two seasons fancy to come across some oddly motivating life lessons from this anime series. This manga/ anime brought to life a perfect blend of comic and intense sequences that very closely identify with real life. The characters and situations have a lot of lessons to learn from Mob Psycho 100.

Lessons of Mob Psycho 100

Between the well-choreographed action scenes and an intense plot line, we can find the best life lessons from Mob Psycho 100. We have brought to you some life lessons that are taken away from the life of Mob.

Lessons from Mob Psycho 100

Actions Define Words Refine

We have often heard a person should be defined by actions and not status, Mob Psycho 100 takes up the challenge to make people learn this one. Shigeo Kageyama alias Mob cannot be solely seen as a powerful individual due to his psychic abilities.

This powerful ESPer is gold in both actions and intentions. His determination to earn a place in society with his nature and not by misusing his powers is the best life lesson of Mob Psycho 100. It simply states that skill and fame cannot decide the greatness of a person but actions can.

Lessons by Mob Psycho 100

Everybody has one chapter they can’t read aloud

All of us have problems to deal with. That does not negate the problems of people around us or make them less troublesome than ours. In Mob Psycho 100 too, each character has their struggle and inner turmoil. For example, Shigeo finds it hard to interact or is socially awkward and Ritsu is jealous of the immense power his brother owns.

Also, the antagonist Reigen deals with the inner demons that lead him to manipulate people specifically Mob. No matter how big any individual’s problems are Mob Psycho 100 shows us that they cannot be equated with the effect and cause of someone else’s problem. It propagates the life lesson of being open to the possibility of others going through something too.

Best Lessons of Mob Psycho 100

Don’t Suppress, Just Express

It is often seen in Mob Psycho 100 that Shigeo’s power is very intense and when it is matched with 100% rage it can break loose hell. This rage outburst of Mob is the result of suppressed emotions. His past experiences of hurting close people under the influence of emotions lead him to suppress them.

The emotions should be dealt with appropriately specifically when they are as intense as the rage and all vengeance that one contains back. Bottling up these emotions might lead to momentous outbreaks that are beyond control. For Mob, his psychic powers added to the internal disaster.

Life Lessons from Mob Psycho 100

Violence is never the Solution

Another big takeaway from Mob Psycho 100 is that violence is never the answer or solution to anything. Reigen might be a deuteragonist but he teaches Shigeo to refrain from hurting anyone.

Considering that to restore righteousness Mob had lesser options he took this advice in a positive sense. With the guidance of his master Mob learned to use his powers against evil. Following the valuable advice, Mob tries to look for non-violent alternatives in every situation rather than relying on his anger-induced power outburst.

Lessons by Mob of Mob Psycho 100

With power comes great responsibility

With the immense amount of power that Mob possessed manipulation in the wrong direction could have easily let him be the villain. And for that matter, he could have been a terrifying villain. But his determination and a principled mentorship by Reigen led him to control his powers and mind from submitting to evil.

After learning about the amount of destruction his power could cause Mob mastered the art to control his emotions. The responsibility of using the power correctly made Mob loved by several anime lovers.

Lessons to learn Mob Psycho 100

Conversations can solve Conflicts

In real life, we often hear that communication is the key to a peaceful life. And when we see Shigeo applying it to situations it becomes a life lesson. Even though Shigeo has immense psychic powers he avoids using them unless he’s left with no options. He learned to embrace and control his emotions.

Viewers witness him making conversations to understand the situations and sometimes his own emotions in a better manner. This life lesson helped him follow the principle of not using violence until necessary. So, sometimes talking things out is probably the best solution out there.

Life Lessons to learn from Mob Psycho 100

Accept your weaknesses and power alike

Binary and opposite exist everywhere even within our personalities. Most of the time we accept our talents and show them off but forget about counting on our weaknesses. Shigeo is known as an overpowered main character with his abilities of telekinesis and exorcism. Yet this hero also has some weaknesses. One of the best life lessons to learn from Mob Psycho 100 is embracing both sides of our personalities.

Mob is the testimony to incredible levels of a psychic power but On the contrary, he lacks physical strength. He is pitifully poor when it comes to physical activities like sports. He may not be the best in everything but the tendency to work hard makes him a better person every day. Despite the weaknesses, he knows how to prevent them from shadowing his performance only because he knows about them.

Life Lessons: Best of Mob Psycho 100

Only the right people would stay back even in the wrong times

Mob Psycho 100 has created its mark within the hearts of animal lovers with great character development and a multi-dimensional story. This anime series has relatable characters that learn from their mistakes and their relationships formed through the course of the series.

Shigeo is a testament to the effect of good company. The readily giving nature of Shigeo aka Mob transforms and has a positive impact on Reigen. From a socially awkward person to building the capacity to forgive the mistakes of Minori and Mogami. This main character with immense psychic abilities is a righteous hero and does stand by it open and his friends when they go wrong.

Mob Psycho 100 Life Lessons

Change is the only Constant

Mob Psycho 100 successfully proves it’s never too late to change. The characters within the series are flawed and consequently, make mistakes. Reigen is one of the characters who changed to a drastic level. The positive influence of Mob transformed his persona and made him realize that becoming a role model is not as easy as it sounds.

The character arc and growth shown within the plot help us revaluate our life decisions and career choices. It gives us the life lesson to adapt to change and work on self-growth without losing our abilities. Reigen and Mob are testaments to the power of change.

Life Lessons from Anime Mob Psycho 100

You only gain what you earn

Shigeo Kageyama aka Mob is an extremely powerful main character which psychic powers but that does not make him perfect. He initially becomes so busy trying to learn about the psychic powers that everything else is forgotten. He constantly lives with the guilt of not earning skills for the larger part of his life.

His socially awkward personality and his suppressed emotions added to his shortcomings. We witness him join the body improvement club to start his journey of physical transformation and self-improvement. The commendable level of self-awareness in Shigeo gives us the lesson that some things can only be gained by earning them.

Life Lessons to take from Mob Psycho 100

There are several themes and complex issues that the series deals with. If viewers read between the lines and observe the plot closely there are plenty of life lessons within this entertainer too. The breakout success of Mob Psycho 100 is a result of the number of niches and ideas it touches. By using ordinary characters with extraordinary abilities the makers have fulfilled their purpose of propagating that everyone is special or can become so by working on some aspects of their personality as Mob does.

Tells us about some lessons you learned for life from Mob Psycho 100.

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