Best Manhwa like Solo Leveling

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Best Manhwa like Solo Leveling

The equivalent of Anime in Japan is Manhwa in Korea. Both these comics and animation styles have their origin in the Chinese word of Manua. Japan was exposed to the American style of comics, which shaped its Manga and animation style. Similarly, Korea was exposed to the Japanese culture of Manga and anime.

To this date, both Manga and Manhwa have a global audience. With Manhwa like Solo Leveling being the face of this culture.

At a first glance, it might seem that Solo Leveling is based on the classic theme of a Loser getting these immense powers. But, when you go through it, you can feel the layers of emotions and the story arc it carries.

Korea is in no way behind Japanese anime in terms of quality and content, if not ahead.

Here in this blog post, I will talk about the Best Manhwa Like Solo Leveling.

Check Out:

Hero of His Opinion

This intense Manhwa is full of twists and turns. Created by Oro Prizivayushiy the pacing and artwork of this Manhwa are outstanding. The writer understands how to build suspense, and works well with it.

The main character was once a feared Demon Lord. In 2nd reincarnation, he was born a normal boy. Now, the ironic part, he is made the hero of the world in which he was a Demon Lord.

The unpredictable nature of the main character makes this Manhwa an interesting read.

Nano Machine

This sci-fi Manwha is created by Hanjungwolya and Geumgangbulgoe. This action, adventure Manhwa has a martial arts element to it.

Nano Machine- Best Manhwa like Solo Leveling

The main character is part of a Demonic cult. A descendent of his from the future comes and inserts a nanomachine inside his bloodstream.

Later, Cheon Yeo Woon goes on an adventure. Meanwhile, figuring out the Nano Machine. His abilities have significantly improved and he is making a name of his own in his clan.

I Picked Up an Attribute

A gaming nerd- Feng Xia accidentally travels to an era of Magic. This Manhwa is a bit bland at the start but gets exciting in the later chapters. Feng Xia faces a lot of opponents, whom he defeats with the skills he has learned by playing games.

Whenever he defeats an enemy, he attains their attributes and powers. Later seeing him use all these powers throughout the Manhwa is satisfying.

There are a lot of beautiful Beast ladies in the show, which can keep you hooked up.

Limitless Abyss

There is not much that separates it from all the other Manhwas in the market. It has an overpowered main character who hides his powers.

Its art style and the MC story arc are similar to Solo Leveling in many ways.

The Player that Can’t Level Up

It brings me back to Solo Leveling. The weakest character later turns into the strongest. After 5 years of training and work our hero is still at Level 1.

The Player that can’t level up- Best Manhwa like Solo Leveling

The story is interesting and the pacing seems up to the point. Kim Gi-Gyu is likable and not dumb or irritating. The artwork is beautiful and depicts the emotions of the characters well.

Many compare Kim to the polar opposite of Saitama in One Punch Man.


The main character Aiden gets the powers of the Administrator in his world. His life is shaken when his sister dies due to a glitch in the system. He swears to take revenge on the unseen overlords of his world.

The storyline is a bit straight forward and the villain lacks depth in his character. Though the visuals and the artwork are stunning though.

Seoul Station Druid

This Sci-fi Manhwa is created by Mun Sung-ho and Jin Seol woo. A calamity strikes Earth and the main character is teleported to a new planet. Suho Park learns about this new planet and survives there.

All of a sudden, he is teleported back to Earth. He witnesses the horror that monsters have taken over Earth.

With his newly learned skills, he fights against these monsters. This Manhwa is the journey of Suho through many different adventures.

Reincarnation of The Suicidal Battle God

This time travel action fantasy is the work of writer Blue-Deep. In a battle against demons, all human lives are lost. Zephyr, the only survivor is given a chance by Gods to go back in time and relive or rewrite the events.

Suicidal Battle God- Best Manhwa like Solo Leveling

The Gods overlook all the events and enjoy the destruction. Zephyr will take his revenge as he starts 10 years back in time.

Return of the 8th Class Magician

This is the journey of Ian Paige, the most powerful mage in this Manhwa. He was the first person to cross the 6th class mage level and then gain the title of the most powerful mage.

He spent most of his life in war and took countless lives. He wanted to spend the rest of his life in peace. But, Ragnar [Ruler of the Green river empire] sees him as a threat and poisons him.

Before dying, Ian casts a spell that sends him 30 years back in time. Will he take his revenge this time and rewrite his past events? Find out by reading this Manwha that is similar to Solo Leveling.

I am The Sorceror King

The Earth is invaded by Monsters and humanity suffers in this changing world. Sunghoon Lee is the victim of this land infested by Beasts and their magical powers.

His mother goes into an endless sleep. To pay medical bills, Sunghoon takes the job of a bait, Yeah, bait. There are these superhumans called Awakeners who hunt monsters and use humans as bait.

Sunghoon later realizes that he the reincarnation of The sorcerer-king and a hero meant to save people.

Second Life Ranker

The main protagonist Yeon Woo is left shattered when his brother dies. He soon gets the information about his brother’s death and the people involved in it.

Second Life Ranker- Best Manhwa like Solo Leveling

This Manhwa is the journey of Yeon Woo taking revenge for his brother’s death.

The Beginning After The End

The main protagonist is King Grey. He has reincarnated as a child in a magical land. This Manhwa traces the journey of King Grey to regain his past status in a new time and environment.

Sometimes he questions his reincarnation. The Manhwa touches upon the concepts like isolation and solace.

The Legend of The Northern Blade

It is a martial arts-based Manhwa. Many different sects are competing to gain power. This Manhwa has a good story arc and the characters are interesting.

The Legend of The Northern Blade- Best Manhwa like Solo Leveling

It is visually distinctive and unique. It is beautiful in its own way, every frame is detailed and leaves you in admiration.

It is another tale of revenge and adventure which I have fallen in love with.

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This comedy-action Manhwa is created by Son Je Ho. Its main theme is electricity and speed. The main character has a lot of superpowers including Aerokinesis, Superhuman speed, and Strength.

It is satisfying watching him in different battles.

This Manhwa has a strange plot where an awakened human is mentored by a fat angry cat. The characters keep you hooked and you easily develop a bond with them.

The Great Mage Returns After 4000 Years

This Manhwa is the classic plot of a Loser getting immense powers. Usually, these types of story arcs are satisfying. And so is this journey.

The greatest sorcerer of his times, Lucas Trowman was sent to the body of Frei Blake. Lucas now is an untalented body and the journey of him becoming the greatest mage is thrilling.

The Boxer

The main character is kind of weird. The main characters usually have a lively, wholesome touch to them. Yu on the other hand is not even human,

The Boxer- Best Manhwa like Solo Leveling

This Manhwa talks about the theme of How much humanity is willing to sacrifice for power. The main character is both the antagonist and the protagonist.

It gives every character grander importance and adequate time to understand their feelings. Just through the theme of Boxing alone, this story is able to touch different things.

Talent vs Hard Work, the Idea of perfectionism, willingness to sacrifice human experience to gain success in life, and many other different things.

It is a short read and totally worth the hype.

Return of The Disaster- Class Hero

Many calamities strike the earth and the 12 Gods give selected 12 Humans power to overcome these calamities. Somehow a 13th person also appears and gains powers surpassing all the other 12 selected humans.

The art style of this Manhwa is as good as Solo Leveling and has a brilliant story plot.

Tower of God

This South Korean Manga is written by Erika Yoshida. The plot revolves around the theme of Betrayal, selfish gains, and absolute power.

The essence of power, how it corrupts, and how power warps decision-making are talked about in the Manhwa.


Another tale of revenge, this Manhwa is influenced by martial arts.

Gosu- Best Manhwa like Solo Leveling

The main character goes on a journey to avenge his master. He later learns that all the culprits are dead already.

The God of High School

The Manhwa is created by South Korean artist Yon Je Park.

The God of High School- Best Manhwa like Solo Leveling

This tournament-based storyline is a thrilling read. The martial arts concept has heavily influenced the Manhwa.

You should read this Manhwa:

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