Best Newest Anime Memes Everyone Loves

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Do you think you can control your laughter after reading anime memes? Even the most hardened of Otakus may laugh heartily at the following anime memes.

Being an Otaku was very challenging in the past. Nobody knew what “those odd Japanese cartoons were,” and those who actively liked watching anime or reading manga were mocked and rejected by society. These perspectives have evolved throughout time. Although there are still critics, anime lovers are now speaking out more.

The dominance of A-grade content memes in the anime community clearly indicates this shift in mentality. The fanbase has everything, whether they are humorous or really moving. Here are 10 of the best anime memes that otakus will laugh at!

Best Newest Anime Memes

  1. God’s Favorite!

God’s Favorite!

As a Psi user, Kusuo tends to be emotionless and restrains himself from making many friends, preferring to take whatever necessary precautions to avoid being around others, so he doesn’t reveal his abilities.

  1. The plot!

The plot!

In spite of the anime’s title, which suggests a nasty and maybe lame want-to-be thriller, Assassination Classroom is a fascinating and touching tale. Oh My Gosh, it develops into something incredible over the course of its two seasons after beginning as something just lighthearted and hilarious.

Comparing it with the below-presented anime in the picture is not fair or, more appropriately saying, hilarious.

  1. I Will Not Repeat It Again

I Will Not Repeat It Again

Kusuo Saiki is able to speak and does so. Just very rarely! He doesn’t want to bring attention to himself, as you may have seen by this point, so he purposefully ignores people or comes across with an annoying face to make others dislike him.

Kusuo Saiki’s classmate wants to talk to him, but as usual, he does not want to talk back, so he makes an annoying face in order to make the other person run away from him.

  1. Le Me: Thank You!

Le Me: Thank You!

Reina Aharen has issues connecting with people because her voice is very low, and people do not understand her. However, Raidou becomes friends with her and shares his food and lunchtime with Aharen. Currently, Aharen is trying to share her food with her new friend, but she is just so naïve.

  1. I Saw A Monster In The Dark

I Saw A Monster In The Dark

This is something that we all do. When we are outside in the dark, we sometimes feel like a monster is following us, but as soon as we are inside our room, we assume the creature has left. The face our Princess made in the Meme prompted me to laugh, but she was just blushing, not afraid, in the anime.

  1. There Is A Family Reunion

There Is A Family Reunion

Norman’s kind nature forces him to care about others, no matter what is happening in his life.

Norman has a kind, calm, and a rather delicate personality. He occasionally displays a surprising streak of passion, as when Marion proposes he checks his mother into a mental institution, and he can’t help but get protective.

  1. When Your Crush Asks You Out!

When Your Crush Asks You Out!

Tadano is someone Komi respects, loves, and considers to be a trustworthy friend. She frequently looks to Tadano for help in her effort to make friends. Tadano is the person to whom Komi has talked aloud the most, even during phone calls, aside from Manbagi. As time goes on, Komi begins to feel something for Tadano, and she eventually faces her feelings.

According to the Meme, Komi blushes when speaking to Tadano, and I believe Tadano is currently approaching her; that’s the reason she has sparks in her eyes.

  1. You Are Genius

You Are Genius

L is sarcastic, straightforward, and immoral. L doesn’t show any signs of self-consciousness in anything he does. His messy appearance and his blunt statements show how messy he is. Really, morality doesn’t help, either. He said, “I don’t play fair if it means being able to clear a case. People don’t take him seriously, but they do respect what Near has to say.

Despite being a genius, Near lacks social skills and has trouble engaging with people. He is only able to show off his genuine logical abilities when he has the support of his teammates. According to the anime, Near is sensitive and hence keeps his distance from people. But his words are respected every time he speaks. That’s why if Near says Light is Kira, he will be considered.

  1. Go Back In Time And Find Near’s Real Name

Go Back In Time And Find Near’s Real Name

What would you do if you ever got a chance to go back in time or travel to the future? Will you meet your elder-self or do something else? For me, I’ll surely go to tell Light Yagami Near’s real name so he can put it in the Death Note. I should at least help him as his fan.

  1. Chidori!


Left MemeMeme explained: It is said that Madara has divine power. In his lifetime and for many years after his passing, Madara was regarded as the strongest Uchiha, making him one of the most powerful shinobi in history. He was a kid genius who murdered numerous adult Senju before his Sharingan came to life. And if you claim you can manage Madara on your own, I like your confidence.

Right MemeMeme Explained: The Chidori, a concentration of lightning particles that develops in a shinobi’s hand, is a branch of the Rasengan. It takes a lot of chakras to develop an acceptable shape or inflict significant harm. So, if a female gives me her heart, I’ll use Kakashi Hatake’s Chidori move to prove to her just how strong I am.

Concluding Remarks!

That wraps up our exploration of the funniest anime memes. Memes are as essential to our life as air. Keep going without sweating much. Thus, stay with us to study the top anime of 2022, so you can create more memes yourself.

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