Bleach Anime Filler List

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Bleach Anime Filler List

Alongside the great story and shounen action Bleach anime series is known for great episode fillers. Even though a lot of fans hate getting interrupted with these sandwiched fillers in between the manga arc. The story that stretches with episodes over a year is criticized for having fillers in large amounts like Naruto.

There is no debate over the myriad of inspiring characters in Bleach and winning plots. Fillers ruin the original charm of any anime especially if it sticks around for too long between the main plots. Filler episodes for Bleach are in a good number. Some minor and some major ones.

Bleach Anime Filler List

So, here is the list of Bleach filler episodes.

Filler Episodes - Complete list

  • Episode 33: Miracle! The Mysterious New Hero
  • Episode 50: The Reviving Lion
  • Episode 64-108: Bount Filler Arc
  • Episode 128-137
  • Episode 147-149: Forest of Menos arc
  • Episode 168-189: Captain Shūsuke Amagai Filler Arc
  • Episode 204: Ichigo’s Seppuku Persuasion Strategy
  • Episode 205: Thump! A Kemari Tournament Filled with Hollows
  • Episode 213 & 214: Karakuraizer Mini-arc
  • Episode 227-265: Zanpakutō: The Unknown Tales Filler Arcs
  • Episode 287: “Side Story…Ichigo and the Magic Lamp”
  • Episode 298-299: Side Story on Shinigami Film Festival
  • Episode 303-305: Side Story : New Year Special
  • Episode 311-316: Miscellaneous Fillers
  • Episode 317-341: Gotei 13 Invading Army arc
  • Episode 355: Shinigami at War! New Year in Seireitei Special!

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Major Filler Arcs:

Here is a list of major filler arc analysis too. We have sorted the major filler arcs and talked of the details.

Bount Arc

Episode (64-108): Bount Arc

This is the first major set of fillers in the anime Bleach. After some minor filler episodes, this is a largely unpopular lot of Bleach filler episodes in the list. The fans believe this arc is the worst Bleach filler arc due to its poor execution. The unfitting idea of soul-devouring bounts had an abrupt outset.

All characters seemingly remain static except for Kariya. The overburdening amount of backstories weakens the action. Specifically, after witnessing Ichigo’s journey in the Soul Society Arc these filler episodes seem like a downhill.

Hogyoku Arc

Episode (128-137): Hogyoku Arc

This mixed-bag filler episode lot introduces the story arc of the Stolen Hogyoku. This stretched arc contains many one-off episodes that explore the story from the pov of Arrancar and their discontentment with Aizen attaining the leadership. The slow-paced filler episodes though interesting in nature seem to poorly fit into the amazing story.

Among the notable highlights of this arc is the rise of Hitsugaya. He brilliantly goes through a metamorphosis as a character and shines bright. His popularity as a shinigami is established through this arc only.

Forest Of The Menos Arc

Episode (147-149): Forest Of The Menos Arc

This is a rather smaller yet unique filler arc in the series. The concept landscapes of the desert in Hueco Mundo are well-designed and add to the imagination of this filler arc. Some hollows attempt to invade the soul of society and hold back a shinigami who went against them.

This basic yet outlandish arc filler episode of Bleach adds newer shades to the world of bleach. This rather smaller arc creates a better impression than the long-winded monotonous ones.

New Captain Shusuke Amagai Arc

Episode(168-189):New Captain Shusuke Amagai Arc

This is the most promising of mixed-rank Bleach Filler Arcs. According to popular fan opinion, Shūsuke would have been a memorable character if the arc was done right. This initially promising filler episode for Bleach excited the fans for the great story it could have presented. The loss of balance in interactions and the extended screen time given to side characters probably make it unbearable.

A couple of fights and action sequences in this series are memorable but overall it fails to interest the viewers. Some of the new characters in this arc were so boring with the extended screen time that their appearance in the later episodes also makes the episodes quite unwatchable. The fallen shinigami pride might as well allude to the drastic fall in the story graph.

This is among the Bleach filler episodes skipped by large due to stretched matters.

Zanpakuto Unknown Tales Arc

Episode (230-265): Zanpakuto Unknown Tales Arc

Filler episodes of Bleach are mostly disappointing but this one works well. The later half of the run in the anime Bleach has comparatively better fillers than the first half. This set of filler episodes from Bleach, explores a very interesting prospect that is appreciated by fans.

Zanpakuto Unknown Tales arc creatively captures the idea of shinigami Zanpakuto against their master. Muramasa’s attempt to free other spirits creates a good amount of turmoil within the story. Atop Sokyoku hills the battle of confrontation between shinigami and their spirits is a nail-biting adventure to witness.

The antagonist Muramasa becomes engaging and comes forth as a very detailed filler character who spices up things. Even with the limitations of a filler episode in Bleach, it makes its place within the hearts of the audiences.

The Gotei 13 Invasion Arc

Episode(317-342): The Gotei 13 Invasion Arc

It is among the highly debatable best filler story in Bleach. The Muramasa rebellion arc is often compared to this Invasion arc because of its high-quality drama and testament to great filler episodes in Bleach. The havoc of finding a place in the Soul Society and bringing up challenges for Ichigo. The concept of Ikkau and Renji behaving unusually takes back the audience by shock.

Some impostors posing as shinigami captains add a lot of action and suspense to these filler episodes. The waning power of Ichigo with newer challenges coming along the way is interesting to watch. The good design of fights in action sequences of this one saves the day and adds to the twists of the story.

Bleach Anime Filler List

If you have been disappointed by any particular anime with copious amount of fillers like this, let us know about it. Tell us about any filler arcs or episodes you liked from this anime.

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