Boruto Anime Filler List

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Boruto Anime Filler List

The anime is the continuation of the Naruto story, Boruto: Naruto’s Next Generations. With a low filler percentage of 11%, it only has 30 fillers to this date.

It follows the story of Boruto, son of the Seventh Hokage Naruto Uzumaki. He wants to follow in his father’s footsteps to become a respected ninja. He wants to make a name for himself and outgrow his father’s shadow.

Boruto-Boruto Anime Filler List

Fillers can be disturbing sometimes and mostly do not add anything to the storyline. The Fillers can be skipped without worrying about missing any major details.

In this blog post, I have curated a list of the filler episodes and arcs in the Boruto: Naruto’s Next Generations anime.

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Academy Entrance Arc [2-17]

Boruto rescues Denki from a bunch of kids who were bullying him. They become friends and Denki reveals that he is being forced to join the academy. Boruto accidentally crashes a carriage into the face statue of his father.

Academy Entrance arc- Boruto Anime Filler List

Boruto challenges Iwabi to a fight and wins it, both are amazed by each other’s skills.

The rules in the academy have changed. Young Ninjas can now delve into non-shinobi activities and studies too.

School Trip Arc [25-38]

The Academy students go on a trip to the Land of water. They are escorted to the village by Kagura Karatachi. The Land of Water looks astonishing and the scenery is surreal.

School trip arc- Boruto Anime Filler List

The group meets the Fifth Mizukage and is told about the reason for the field trips. It is later revealed that the fourth Mizukage killed Iwabe’s father.

Hachiya and his group attack Boruto, but is driven away.

Genin Mission Arc [40-52]

Naruto and his team are given their first mission of driving away bandits from Green Banks. These bandits were trained ninjas, so Konohamaru asks the board to reconsider the mission.

Genin mission arc- Boruto Anime Filler List

The team completes the mission and returns home safely. Boruto then questions everyone about their first mission.

Chocho Arc [67-70]

Team seven and team ten are assigned to protect Tamaru and Ashina ( Leads in a popular TV show). Tamaru is kidnapped by a masked figure and demands 20 million to be paid.

Chocho- Boruto Anime Filler List

It is later revealed that Ashina was the one behind this assault. She wanted to get the fame she once had as an actress. To keep her secret safe, she tries to blow up an arena. Konohamaru interrupts her and she is sent to jail.

Mitsuki’s Disappearance Arc [71-92]

The Village gate gets attacked and everyone thinks that Mitsuki had something to do with it. People even call him the son of Orochimaru. Boruto refuses to think so and revisits the place of assault.

Mitsuki- Boruto Anime Filler List

Boruto and the rest of the group visit the White snake sage for analysing a snake related to the case. They find out that Mitsuki was innocent and was in the Land of Earth.

Parents and Child Day Arc [93-96]

A Parent and Child Day holiday is announced. Here a family spends time with one another.

Parents and Child day- Boruto Anime Filler List

Naruto goes with Himawari to buy her a limited-edition toy.

Jugo Arc [97-105]

A village is continuously attacked by its wildlife.

Jugo arc- Boruto Anime Filler List

Teams seven and fifteen are sent to the village to investigate the matter.

The Chunin Selection Conference [112]

Naruto and Shikamaru decide who to promote as Chunin. The situation gets tricky because only one genin can be promoted.

Chunin selection- Boruto Anime Filler List

After a lot of consideration and help from Sasuke. Shikadai is considered to become Chunin.

The Quality of a Captain [113]

Shikadai gets his first mission as a captain. He is assigned a team and sent to retrieve a flower from the top of a mountain. It is a special flower with many medical benefits. Because it blooms every 4 years, it is rare.

Shikadai- Boruto Anime Filler List

Shikadai is suspicious of the mission.

X Cards Proxy War! [114]

Boruto and the gang campaign for the next face in a card game. Boruto and Shikadai support Shino to be the next face.

X cards- Boruto Anime Filler List

Metal and Denki side with Rock Lee being the next face,

Konohamaru’s Love Arc [115-119]

Konohamaru notices a young woman being chased. He saves her from falling from the stairs. She introduces herself as Remon Yoimra. Boruto and Konohamaru treat her a lunch. There was chemistry between Remon and Konohamaru.

Konohamaru’s love- Boruto Anime Filler List

She leaves for her village after the pursuers find her. Accidentally, She leaves her handkerchief with Konohamaru.

One-Tail Escort Arc [120-127]

After vacations are announced, Boruto and his friends discuss their plans for the days off. Boruto tells that he is not excited about a visit to his grandfather. He rather wants to train with his uncle Sasuke.

Shukaku- Boruto Anime Filler List

Boruto learns Sasuke’s location and leaves on his own. After reaching Sauke he finds him and Garra fighting against Urashiki. Garra seals Urashiki and sends Boruto on a mission along with Kankuro and Shinki to take Shukaku.

Shukaku is sealed in a tea kettle.

Time Slip Arc [128-140]

It starts with Mirai fighting against Urashiki. Urashiki has already defeated all of Mirai’s teammates. He asks about the tailed beasts the Hokage hid. Mirai denies knowing any such location and says she wouldn’t tell even if she knew.

Time slip arc- Boruto Anime Filler List

Urashiki takes up her chakra.

Later, Sasuke and Boruto accidentally travel back in time. There Boruto meets his father as a boy and all different characters. Urashiki also reaches the past and tries to break the nine-tail seal from Naruto.

Mujina Bandits Arc [141-147]

Mujina Bandits are a group of talented ninjas, each with their own different skill sets. The leader of these bandits has a special Jutsu called Course Clone Jutsu. Even Orochimaru admires this Jutsu and wants to lay hand on it someday.

While this group is not at a scale of Akatsuki but still is a pain to the Land of Fire. Some of their members were locked in the Blood prison or the Hozuki Castle.

Mujina Bandits- Boruto Anime Filler List

Boruto and team 7 are sent on a mission to keep a check on the members of the Mujina bandits. Boruto and Mitsuki register as prisoners, and Sadara infiltrates the prison by posing as a journalism student.

They try to gather information about the leader and the rest of the bandits.


152- A special class on Medical Jutsu is to be held. Each of the teams is asked to send a representative. Sarada is sent to represent team 7. Despite being the daughter of one of the most skilled Medical Ninjutsu users. Sarada is anxious about this program.

153- A new member named Tsubaki joins team 15. New team dynamics form as they go on a mission.

154- Himawari decides to become a Ninja. She goes on a trial session with her friends.

155- Team 7 goes on a mission to protect the President of a company. They join hands with the Leaf Police force against The Rainy day Killer.

Slim form- Boruto Anime Filler List

156- Cho-Cho and Anko join hands to capture bandits. They had been raiding the Azuki beans’ traders.

Kara Actuation Arc [157-177]

This arc complements all that the Boruto manga has covered. Team 25 reports to Sai and Sasuke about the alleged Kara hideout. Based on the information given, the hideout used to be a sewage treatment plant.

Kara actuation arc- Boruto Anime Filler List

Sai and Sasuke meet a man inside named Garashi Tono.

Ao Arc [178-180]

Boruto attends the memorial service of the fallen people in the Fourth Shinobi war. Later joins Naruto in a training battle. Naruto easily defeats Boruto.

It is later revealed that Naruo has got a prosthetic hand that can absorb Jutsu. Boruto claims his father to be a hypocrite.

Ao arc- Boruto Anime Filler List

Borut and his team are then sent to escort Kakatsuke to his lab in Rio town. On the way, they meet Ao. He lectures Boruto on scientific ninja tools, which changes his views on it.

Later in the arc, Boruto and Ao get into an intense battle. Boruto defeats Ao and gives him the same lecture Ao gave him. Another intense battle takes place between Konohamaru and Koji.

Kawaki Arc[190-191]

Team Konohamaru finds an unconscious boy named Kawaki. He regains his consciousness resulting in a shockwave. He refuses to provide any information regarding the crash.

Boruto shows him his Karma which makes Kawaki believe that the team was sent from Kara. Gato enters the scene and fights Kawaki.

Kawaki arc- Boruto Anime Filler List

Suddenly, Boruto’s Karma activates, and at the same time, Kawaki’s Karma activates too. This makes Kawaki believe that the team is actually sent by Kara.

It is later revealed that Kawaki’s entire body was modified.

The Outcast [209]

The powers of Karma give a lot of strength but if not controlled they can lead to devastation. Boruto and Kawaki had the experience to extent of the power.

The outcast- Boruto Anime Filler List

Kawaki is anxious that his presence poses a threat to the Hidden Village of Leaf.

Post Kawaki Arc [221-273]

Boruto is interviewed for his role in saving the village from Isshiki. Amado works on Kawaki’s restored arm.

Post Kawaki arc- Boruto Anime Filler List

Restrictions are placed on Boruto and his team. Later, Boruto and Kawaki share a chat. Kawaki mentions that he thinks a Karma vessel can be made to resurrect himself.

Major villains are introduced and the story has begun to take shape.

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