Code Geass Anime Review

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Code Geass Anime Review

What characteristics distinguish a quality anime? There are several ways to determine whether or not an anime is good, however, it is quite subjective. Some of them are obvious even before seeing the show. There are numerous ways to discern whether an anime is Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion, but one of my favourites is when a programme that is six years old, but it was so fantastic when it was launched, people are still talking about it now and they speak about it almost as if nothing good has come since.

A renowned director for Sunrise and the creator of the well-known anime series Code Geass, Goro Taniguchi is a Japanese anime director. He is also a writer, producer, and storyboard artist. From October 2006 until July 2007, Code Geass was shown on MBS in Japan. From April through September 2008, Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion R2 aired as a simulcast on MBS and TBS. The TV programme has several mangas and light novels, the former of which present different interpretations of the TV show’s plots. Not to make you think that everything can be fine and dandy, the story of Code Geass begins in the totalitarian run alternate history.

Code Geass Anime Review

A narrative like Code Geass, which has an antihero, a tiny group facing a behemoth, is merciless to its characters and full of surprises.


The exiled British prince Lelouch vi Britannia is the offspring of the emperor Charles Zi Britannia and his queen Marianne vi Britannia. Nunnally vi Britannia is Lelouch’s sister. Nunnally witnessed Marianne’s terrible murder at the palace and was so horrified by it that she lost her sight and ability to move. Lelouch is enraged with his father because he feels that he abandoned his mother and sister by neglecting to investigate their mother’s murder and turning a blind eye to it.

In order to give the Japanese government a false sense of security, Lelouch and Nunnally are brought there as political puppets. After the twins are sent to Japan, Britannia attacks and decimate Japan. Lelouch promises to destroy Britannia one day as retaliation for his father’s death to his Japanese buddy Suzaku Kururugi as the ruins of Japan serve as the backdrop.

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Lelouch, now known as Lelouch Lamperouge, has been at Ashford Academy for seven years and is now a well-liked yet reserved student. Lelouch is entangled in a terrorist assault and meets a strange girl named C.C. She makes a deal with him and gives him a power called Geass in exchange for saving his life from the Britannian Royal Guard. His ability to force people to do anything he pleases, even subverting their will in order to live, fight, or die on his behalf, is known as the “Power of Kings.” Only via direct eye contact may this power harm someone once. Lelouch decides to utilise his Geass to track down the individuals responsible for his mother’s murder, topple the Britannian Empire, and build a better world where Nunnally may live happily. Lelouch transforms into Zero throughout this process, becoming the Black Knights’ leader and a masked vigilante who is well-liked and supported by the Japanese as he advances towards Britannia’s uprising. This does not, however, come without a price. Lelouch will fight Suzaku, a resistance fighter called Kallen Stadtfeld, the world’s most powerful army, his half-siblings, and a plethora of other opponents in a confrontation where he is unaware of the full scope of his abilities. The outcome of this clash will impact the world for all time.

The secret is that the characters’ lack of forgiveness is what makes Code Geass so successful. Every single one of the many people in our large cast, including rebels, Britons, students, scientists, wealthy and impoverished residents, foreign powers, etc., is in danger. People pass away frequently, even those who you would have thought would survive. Additionally, both allies and antagonists are deserving of the roles they play in the story. Lelouch is a skilled tactician, so it would have been uninteresting if his foes had been simple pickings. However, in Code Geass, the British players bring an equal amount of ingenuity to the table. I particularly liked his chess-like matches with Princess Cornelia, Lelouch’s half-sister, and Suzaku, a childhood friend who initially comes across as a prickly, self-righteous jerk, one of my least favourite character types, but who ultimately reveals more depth than most interesting characters in Code Geass.

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The comedic relief comes from Lelouch’s attempts to combine his life as a student, where he likes a girl and serves on the student council, versus his duty as a rebel leader without disclosing his name or power to anybody. Normally, I find the idea of high school students fighting battles and the like hard to believe, but in this case, they make it seem plausible by keeping in mind the challenges he would encounter. His activities as Zero frequently result in terrible outcomes for his British peers, which sparks some wonderful, unexpected interpersonal friction.

That does not imply that Code Geass is faultless. The tactical moves in combat aren’t as clearly shown as, say, Death Note, and in the second season, there is some switching of allegiances comparable to the ridiculousness of Pirates of the Caribbean 3 when individuals switched sides at the drop of a sneeze. Despite being signed to Lelouch, the thread involving his mother ends so weakly that it has no bearing on what happens next or the resolution.

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Last but not least, with Sunrise Studios working on the project, one may anticipate Gundam-style mecha, but they try something else. Here, we have mechs that can skate and use grappling hooks, and their cockpits can eject when they are in danger. This series is for you if you appreciate the urban-focused design in practicality but were a little let down when the more potent mechs entered the picture, pushing too close to Gundam features.

Having acquired the superpower that enables him to briefly mind control others for a single objective, he used it to instigate a revolt in order to bring about world peace. He particularly desires a future where his blind sister may thrive without being forced into hiding by the Britannia government. Now, similar to the previous series where the characters are given superpowers and given the mission of altering the world. With the best of intentions, Lelouch does this. But he operates on the premise that the objectives justify the means when using his tactics. Now, he makes every effort to prevent innocent casualties, particularly as the act goes on. His main issue is that he has absolutely no qualms about murdering or utilising his Geass on any single individual who gets in his way. Since the effects of his actions are shown 24 episodes later, at the conclusion of the second season.

It would be impossible for me to explain all of Code Geass’ facets in a fair evaluation because it has so many. Code Geass benefits from CLAMP’s recognisable character art and what studio Sunrise excels at: mechs. Love the style of the costumes, especially the British ones. The most common complaint is that mouths, which may occasionally be quite exaggerated, appear on the side of the face when the face is in profile. Why, therefore, do so many of season two’s skirt wedgies? Can’t unsee it anymore, for real.

Prince Lelouch-Code Geass Anime Review


Here is the review of the series. Excellent performance in both languages, but when it comes to dubbing, they don’t nail the tone of the show as they should. The fantastic soundtrack of the series Code Geass is filled with so many songs that are ideal for enhancing the situation. The music composer of the show is Kotaro Nakagawa. He made tracks that make random and possibly stupid situation sound epic. Only the OPs and EDs detract from audio, not because they are subpar, but rather because they are too upbeat.

The abandoned prince in Code Geass succeeds to build a compelling, well-thought-out storyline in which he seeks vengeance on his father’s dominion. Even if there were a few errors, the overall enjoyment was unaffected, despite a few eye-straining incidents.

The episode contains a lot of cliffhangers, which makes you really want to tune in the next week to see what happens. Additionally, it has a thriller-series vibe. You may draw comparisons to other programmes like Death Note in which everything seems to be one big game of cheese and the most intriguing aspect is that you never know who the other player is and occasionally the cards will be turned. When everything has calmed down and the pieces are back on the board, you take a look and see how radically the situation has changed. The character designs are beautiful and might be extreme for a few viewers. The characters can range from brilliant to disappointing. Overall, this show is very unique.


When the series is over, we advise you to watch a few related series, such as Hunter x Hunter, Re: Zero, Future Diary, The Promised Neverland, and so on.

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