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The best contribution Japan has made to the world is anime. We are here to provide the greatest anime memes since the meme community is active online and makes humanity laugh.

We have funny memes from anime like Naruto, Pokemon, Bleach, and many others. Even so, there is one anime whose memes completely took over the internet. You’re correct; I’m referring to Komi Can’t Communicate.

Let’s first examine Komi’s identity and narrative. Beautiful and reserved, Komi is a high school student who wishes to have one hundred friends but is socially naive. When she encounters a new person, she even starts to tremble and is unable to speak a word.

Komi’s shy but awkward appearance, humorous new friends, and endearing personality push meme makers to generate as many jokes about her as possible throughout the series. However, the show was fantastic and offered the audience top-notch amusement.

So, prepare yourself to ride the funny Komi meme roller coaster. With our fantastic selection of memes, gifs, and amusing images, you can satisfy all of your anime comedy requirements. You can find the anime memes you want right here!

  1. Komi Is Learning To Shoot A Gun

Komi Is Learning To Shoot A Gun

Komi is actually just a very shy and lovely girl who only wants to make friends. Despite her attractiveness and aloof manner, Komi draws people’s adoration and intimidation but is too weak to contact socially. Even with her social and verbal issues, she serves as the cool big sister around here for many people.

However, if you ask her to perform any other task, such as shooting a gun, she will do it without any problems. Since Komi is so trustworthy and depends on her friends, you can count on her to shoot a gun if you want her to.

  1. Komi’s Smile Will Make Your Day!

Komi’s Smile Will Make Your Day!

It is hard for Komi to give expressions since she has community disorder and never ever gives expressions in public. However, whenever she tries to smile, it can make your day. So hilariously, if aliens attack and humanity stand on the side of extinction, Komi’s smile can restore it.

The way Komi puts her two fingers on her face and tries to smile is just beyond something.

  1. When Your Crush Asks You Out!

When Your Crush Asks You Out!

Over the course of the series, Komi falls in love with Tadano, and when Manbagi confronts her about it, Komi finally confesses her emotions to her. She claims that, among other qualities, Tadano is calm, kind, attentive, and constantly eager to assist someone in need.

Komi develops sparks in her eyes when someone tries to be friends with her or when she sees Tadano as if she has feelings for him.

  1. Komi Can Communicate

Komi Can Communicate

Let’s assume Komi with a large laugh on her face, just as shown in the above meme. Is it odd, or can Komi actually communicate in reality? Komi had difficulty communicating, but with the passage of time, she can now text and use a notepad to connect with her friends.

However, only under specific circumstances, when she doesn’t have a phone or notepad around, she comes back to the point where she cannot communicate.

  1. Is Najimi A Reincarnated Character?

Is Najimi A Reincarnated Character?

Najimi is described as being very sociable and adept at making friends quickly. Everyone at Itan High School knows them from their youth. Najimi had almost five million friends total, so when she/he finds that Komi just wants to make 100 friends, it really shocks her/him.

Now, you tell me, what do you think of Najimi as the reincarnation of which anime character? Try to make a guess with the image from the meme above.

  1. Komi In Jojo’s Character

Komi In Jojo’s Character

  1. When Komi Realize Something Odd

When Komi Realize Something Odd

Oh! It happened in old times when people blushed after accidentally touching the thing their loved ones had just touched. However, Komi is the best fit for this saying representation. But how do you act if this happened between her and Tadano? Do you know that Komi has feelings for Tadano? If not, then let me tell you how anime show Komi and Tadano’s love interest.

Even before it was turned into an anime, one of my favorite things about Komi Can’t Communicate was that it took its time to get to the romance. I’m pleased that the anime adopts this strategy and takes time to establish the relationship rather than moving things along quickly.

For me, the slow-burning romance is more engaging since it seems more natural to see Komi and Tadano’s connection develop. Although the slow speed means viewers will have to put up with the running humor about Komi and Tadano not being aware of one other’s emotions. This is just amusing.

  1. First Year Students Are Always Like Komi

First Year Students Are Always Like Komi

In this meme, the comparison between Komi and Demon Slayer’s characters is hilarious. Image, what would happen if we put Komi and Zenitsu in one room? Don’t even imagine. Komi will die out of embarrassment because Zenitsu keeps talking in his louder voice.

Komi’s calm nature represents the students in the first year, while the members of Demon Slayer are well-developed, mature people of the second year who can even kill a man.

  1. Jojo Part 6!

Jojo Part 6!

So there you have it, Komi san is a stand user, which I had already suspected.

  1. Tadano Is Forced To Be A Maid

Tadano Is Forced To Be A Maid

The way Tadano looks in a maid’s outfit is so pretty. He gets up as a maid to complete his duties at the café. However, Najimi refuses to wear the maid’s costume, so Tadano ends up being a pretty maid.

Concluding Remarks!

That is all there is to know about Komi Can’t Communicate memes. There was a lot of humor and gradual romance in the anime. Additionally, Komi’s persona aids in the creation of anime memes by meme makers. So, which meme do you like the most? You are welcome to try to create your own version of Komi’s meme. It will be fun!

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