Deku's Real Dad is No Other Than All For One

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Who is Deku’s actual father? If All For One was his father, then let’s immediately admit it with our “Deku’s true dad” theory.

All for One, in my opinion, is Deku’s father. Hisashi Midoriya, Deku’s father, has basically been absent from the narrative the entire time. The fact that we haven’t seen him raises some suspicion, and a popular idea holds that All for One is Deku’s father. I wanted to discuss it and offer an alternative viewpoint that concurs with this theory.

My Hero Academia (Deku’s Real Dad’s Theory Is True Or Not?)

There are many theories, but I think we should propose one by ourselves. Okay, so Deku is a little boy that appears in My Hero Academia. At the beginning of the series, he is a normal youngster, with a devoted mother and a father who frequently travels for work. It’s difficult to identify characteristics that may have come from another person because we don’t know what Deku’s dad looks like, and he resembles his mother mostly.

Deku’s Design Was Created Before His Father’s Character

Deku’s design was likely created before that of his dad; hence his father’s face and appearance would likely bear some Deku-specific characteristics. We, therefore, have a child whose father is there but not visible. Horikoshi certainly wouldn’t go all his way to keep Deku’s father alive while simultaneously removing him from the narrative by just stating that “his business requires him to travel.” It is just so suspicious. However, I have read different hypotheses that Deku’s father may be Dabi, Endeavor, or even simply a random series of characters. Some are rather good, but others are illogical or without evidence to support their assertion.

Does The Timeframe Permit All For One To Be Deku’s Father, Then? The Answer Is Both Yes And No!

Does The Timeframe Permit All For One To Be Deku’s Father, Then? The Answer Is Both Yes And No!

The answer depends on when Deku’s father last came home. All for One couldn’t be Deku’s father if Deku’s dad hasn’t been home recently or before the narrative starts because we are aware of the career who is looking after All for One.

To Prove Theory, Let’s Assume Duke Is Luke Skywalker Of Star Wars

To Prove Theory, Let’s Assume Duke Is Luke Skywalker Of Star Wars

The good news is that: So, it goes without saying that Kohei Horikoshi, the man behind My Hero Academia, is a huge Star Wars enthusiast. Horikoshi frequently names locales in My Hero Academia after places or objects from Star Wars, such as Kamino and Dagobah, which is one trait we notice a lot about him.

However, he has also looked a bit further for references. In some aspects, the plot of My Hero Academia is very similar to that of Star Wars. So, let’s imagine that Deku is Luke Skywalker. At first, no one cares about or even knows who he is.

He loves his parents, enjoys his interests and has a strong sense of justice. Then, Obiwan appears and begins to instruct Luke in Jedi techniques. Luke later trains with Yoda since his training isn’t nearly effective enough for him to defeat his enemies on his own. In this tale, a dark-side devotee kills Obiwan’s mentor, and Obiwan subsequently battles Darth Vader, a long-forgotten foe. Luke Skywalker loses a hand and learns Darth Vader is his father after Darth Vader murders Obiwan. Luke Skywalker finally rises up to fight Darth Vader.

What does Luke’s story have to do with My Hero Academia? Let’s suppose that Gran Torino is Yoda, Deku is Luke, All for One is Darth Vader, and All Might is Obiwan. A few deaths must be introduced in MHA, but the characters still mostly fit where they do in Star Wars. Due to their conflicts and the fact that they are fierce rivals like Obiwan and Vader, All Might and All for One have a lengthy history. Both Vader and All Might are accountable for the deaths of All Might and Obiwan’s masters, and both have a student they entrusted.

What If Deku Meets All For One Alone?

All Might informs Deku that he will one day have to face All for One. We take it for granted that Deku will have Shigaraki one day, but what if Deku has to face All for One alone? What if All for One manages to escape from jail and kills All Might? If it occurs, Deku will be the most depressed he has ever been in the whole series. This is similar to how Luke battles Vader after learning how to use his talents effectively, and Vader ultimately defeats Luke. After chopping off Luke’s arm in this battle, Vader claims to be Luke’s father.

By connecting Deku’s current wounds to Star Wars, he may risk losing an arm during the All for One battle. All for One for One and Deku are similar to Vader and Luke in that they both have untidy hair, and since we don’t know who Deku’s true father is, All for One constantly has plans and has a busy schedule like Deku. It all adds up to the probability that All for One is Deku’s father. The inability of All for One to accept quirks may also have something to do with Deku’s lack of a quirk.

A Clue: Deku’s Father Can Breathe Fire

Given that Deku’s mother, Inko Midoriya, said at the start of season 1 that Deku’s father had a flaw that permits him to breathe fire, some people may believe that what I’ve said is untrue. Yes, this is true, but All for One’s peculiarity is to accept other people’s quirks and pass them on to them. That, however, does not rule out the possibility that All for One is Deku’s father. Why? All for One can utilize all the peculiarities he steals. In this case, All for One may be executing a massive plan that entails tricking and impregnating Inko Midoriya.

Any quirk is practically possible for one and all. Since All for One never Possesses to utilize his peculiarities when playing the part of Overseas Businessman Hisashi Midoriya, he may easily pretend that the only quirk he has is the ability to breathe fire.

Concluding Remarks!

The abovementioned theory brings me to my conclusion about why I believe All for One to be Deku’s father. Gratitude for reading! Comment below with your thoughts. Are you aware of a different theory? Please tell me!

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