Does Saitama have a Girlfriend: Saitama's Love Interest?

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Does Saitama have a Girlfriend: Saitama’s Love Interest?

The famous oddball action or shonen series One Punch Man has always been in discussion among anime fans for diverse reasons. Initially when the manga was released the simplistic style of mangaka ONE brought this work into the spotlight. Later when it got adapted into the anime version the top-notch fight scenes and hilarious interactions between the characters grappled the attention of the audience. Similarly, the character of Saitama has always been considered as being a unique heroic presence in the One Punch Man anime and manga.

Saitama’s Love Interest?

But one of the theories that come forth with the consequent seasons of the anime is ‘Does Saitama have a Girlfriend: Saitama’s Love Interest?’. Just like any other hero, the anime fans hope to find a twist into the monotonous life of One Punch Man - Saitama. The Caped Baldy aka Saitama, as we all know is quite indifferent to the things around in. Even his superhero work began to bore him as each of the opponents he ever came across could be simply defeated by a single punch. In that case, it is hard to believe that a personality like him would sooner find a love interest or maybe not.

All of us One Punch Man fans, at some point, have wondered whether Saitama has a girlfriend or will he ever find a love interest. The first character who comes to mind is Fubuki. And that might be because particularly Saitama’s ability and prowess have only attracted strong opponents and growing hero squads who try to persuade him to join the team. Fubuki was one such character who found Saitama to be a regular B-class hero. But she was also intrigued by his skills of defeating monsters and weird creatures with one punch. Let’s look into the possibility of a love angle bit more closely.

Does Saitama have a Girlfriend

The Confrontation of Fubuki and Saitama

Firstly, the interesting first meeting of the characters that is Fubuki and Saitama seems to be striking a different note. The dramatic portrayal of the first encounter between these two characters seems to have an odd charm to it. Fubuki who enters the scene by challenging Saitama gets intimidated to a great level when he nears her. If we describe it in words her wicked confidence momentarily turns into a fan moment. The closeness between her and Saitama can be described as the building of a new bond or exposition to building tension.

Fubuki who initially enters the scene to convince Saitama to join her group turns out to be having a crush on him. Even the fan base has strongly felt and shipped Saitama with the beautiful Blizzard of Hell, Fubuki. Other than that Tatsumaki who is the only other female character interacting with the one-punch man also creates space for an alternative ship. Although, this sister duo seems to underestimate the powers of Saitama they acknowledge his presence around.

Particularly in the case of Fubuki, there is a kind of friendly relationship and admiration. Apart from being impressed by the hero’s power, Fubuki is also seen in constant interaction with him. In the recent developments in the story where Tatsumaki and Saitama have a one-on-one confrontation, he remarks and claims her to be merely an acquaintance.

Is there a chance for romance in One Punch Man?

Is there a chance for romance in One Punch Man?

Counting on the developments of the story and the events of One Punch Man till now, there is a very slight possibility of finding a romantic angle in the story. One Punch Man unlike any other story ever created in anime has kept the focus entirely on building the life of Saitama and other characters from the hero association. It has been quite low on romance because the main character loves challenges and has a very slight affinity for emotional bonds. Saitama or Caped Baldy has not yet been shown romantically interested in any character introduced until now.

Talking of a deeper bond is way beyond expectation when it comes to an emotionally blank personality like Saitama. And the proof of it lies in his having very few acquaintances in the story. To be specific Genos shows faith in him as a disciple and Fubuki has a faint love-angle, attraction towards him. Other than that as we know S-class hero Tatsumaki has a very on-and-off ego war going with the hero. Though, for instance, when she confronts Saitama in their face a sense of jealousy and possessiveness towards her sister Fubuki can be witnessed.

It seems very unlikely for One Punch Man to have a romantic interest because the only thing that he is interested in is either challenges or a hyped-up sale at the supermarket. His lack of interest in other people’s life and majorly emotionless demeanor spring from his past inside issues. This man seems to have no space for people in his life. Also, ONE has never intended to add any unnecessary thematic concerns within his story so, there is a bleak possibility of having a chance for romance in the anime One Punch Man.

Response to Does Saitama have a Girlfriend: Saitama’s Love Interest?

Final Say in Response to the Fan Theory

In the moment of utter heat and chaos with Tatsumaki, Saitama has already turned down his potential fan-ship with Fubuki as an acquaintance. Anyhow, Saitama is already surrounded by other problems of his own. His annoyance with villains and Fubuki destroying his house is quite evident. For all that it seems he wants to live only for challenges and cracking great sale deals at the supermarket without any trace of the quest for romance in his life. However, in the world of stories/anime, there is always a possibility for unprecedented twists. We hope this clears your mind of the current topic of Saitama having a potential girlfriend or love interest situation.

Happy Waiting while Saitama develops as a person within the course of the series and manga.

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