Endings which you can listen to during the study

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Endings which you can listen to during the study

After some gruesome action or a romantic comedy. Endings add that icing layer to the top of the anime cake. Many of these anime endings have been on the top of Japan’s Billboard.

Music has healing power. Combined with the study, it can lead to noticing positive changes. Proven effects of Music on the Brain have been studied. It activates both Left and the Right Brain at the same time. In research by USA Today, Music has been proven affects to reduce anxiety levels.

Different types of Music suit every personality, but soothing music is regarded to go well with studies. Classical Music is considered to even treat insomnia. So you can end your study sessions to it.

So, here is the List of EDs that you can listen to during the study.

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Red Folk Blues [Cowboy Bebop]

The Ending to almost all the Cowboy Bebop’s Inter Galactic Adventures. This song is recorded by The Seatbelts. It is among the very few songs sung in Japanese entirely.

Cowboy Bebop ending- Endings which you can listen to during the study

Music is played in the key of F# Minor and is a ready package for your study sessions.

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Study a Go Go [Golden Boys]

Sung by the Golden Girls the music is cheery and catchy. This is a type of song that can lift your mood when sad. In the video frame, we see Kintaro, a law school drop out traveling across Japan.

The jolly tune reminds us to not take it very seriously. Sit back, listen and enjoy listening to it during the study.

Uso by Sid [Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood]

It was the first ending for the anime Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood. Sung by SID its lyrics are by Yamaguchi Masao [Mao]. It was #2 in the Otakon charts in Japan.

Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood ending- Endings which you can listen to during the study

Lighter touch to the opening theme of the anime, it was the ED for the first 14 episodes. The visuals are childish drawings of the Elric Brothers and their adventures

Great Escape [Attack on Titan]

The song by the alt-rock band Cinema Staff keeps up the anime’s intensity. Despite being a little lighter compared to the anime’s intro. It bounds you to be focused and stressed out.

The visuals are in sync with the music. We see our heroes slicing Titans in their maneuver gear.

For your study sessions, it will add a layer to enhance your experience.

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Life is Like a Boat [Bleach]

Polar opposite to its flashy alt-rock opening theme. Sung by Rei Fu the music is soothing. Vocals flow seamlessly and are sung in both Japanese and English.

Bleach ending- Endings which you can listen to during the study

This Ending is a representation that Bleach is not just an action-packed anime. But can also pull your heartstrings whenever necessary.

Hare Hare Yukai [The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya]

Recorded and performed by the original voice actors and characters in the series. This song is the origin of the internet meme dance on the track Hare Hare Yukai. In the trend, fans showed off their moves to this track.

The theme is catchy and clings to your head. This Ending theme is perfect for this unique anime.

This is where the language barriers are not a problem, you can vibe to this song as you sit for your studies

Hunting for your Dream [ Hunter x Hunter]

From one of my favorite animes. This Ending is a worthy description of the journeys that lie ahead for these characters.

Hunter x Hunter ending- Endings which you can listen to during the study

As the Ed opens our heroes are shown in different frames. Followed by their true goal bolide down to a single image. These stunning visuals are backed by brilliant vocals. Fulfilling your Hunter dreams is not an easy task and so is supported by the visuals as the haunting foes are shown against the heroes.

Tune it while studying and feel your hunter dream as Killua and Gon.

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The Time Governing Twelve Covenants [Steins Gate]

The ending theme of the Steins Gate series is performed by the band Phantasm. It has a rating of 9.17 on My Anime List and ranked #2 on the billboard. This ending song speaks volumes as much as the anime does.

Steins Gate ending- Endings which you can listen to during the study

The lyrics seem to bind with the anime’s theme. The visuals are used as metaphors to indicate time travel. The ending summarises the series well and builds on the suspense.

Alumina [Death Note]

Performed by Nightmare, it peaked at #5 on the Oricon Charts in Japan,

In this standout ending there is a visible duality between black and white, good and evil, and Light and Kira. Visuals show distorted framing and exceptional color work. This duality is presented as two sides of the same coin.

As the chorus hits, we see the world through Kira’s lens. This visual storytelling adds the final touch to high-intensity anime.


Honourable Mentions:

Sekai Ga Owaru Made Wa [Slam Dunk], Magia [Puella Magi Madoka Magica], Flare [Ranking of Kings], I Want You [JoJo’s Bizzare Adventure]

Though Music has a lot of positive effects, there are some negative sides to it too. Listening to your favorite tunes can enhance your mood, but it can also distract you from studying. Some researchers have also shown its negative impact on working memory.

My advice is to listen to music while studying, preferably in a foreign language.

I have tried to include the songs that moved me. And hope that they help you too in your study routine.

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