BEST 20+ Ridiculously Hottest Haikyuu!! Boys Characters

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Anime and volleyball work well together, as Haikyuu demonstrates. There is no denying that Haikyuu dominates the sports anime market. It has sizzling characters and a lot of tension and excitement. Since animation allows you to dial up the heat and let your imagination run wild, real TV championships do not seem as wonderful and sexual as those in Haikyuu. It’s a new development in the growth of anime sports since it equals and surpasses the intensity of both watching and playing actual games!

There are four anime seasons of the volleyball-themed Japanese manga and anime series Haikyuu!! Numerous brilliant and attractive personalities are introduced to us in each new episode, and they all make a lasting impression on us.

We have crushes on a lot of characters, and the number grows with each new episode. More than 20 of the sexiest Haikyuu characters are listed here.

1. Tooru Oikawa

The attractive Haikyuu characters are sent out when practice is over. Considering that he is our favourite! Aoba Johsai High’s team captain and setter are the famed Oikawa. Toru is a sly, innocent, and flirty figure. Despite having a reputation for having a “disgusting attitude,” he occasionally shows people that he cares deeply. In addition, he feels unworthy of a few innate skills, which is why he works so hard to overcome them.

HOT BOY 1-Hottest Haikyuu!! Boys Characters

2. Tetsurou Kuroo

Kuroo is a tall, slim, well-built, and muscular attractive lad who serves as the captain of Nekoma High and the team’s starting middle blocker. He was known as Rooster Head because of his crooked upward spiked black hair, tiny, hazel eyes, and cat-like pupils.

HOT BOY 2-Hottest Haikyuu!! Boys Characters

3. Tobio Kageyama

In the role of Haikyu’s deuteragonist! The starting setter for Karasuno is Kageyama. In addition to his sleek and muscular form, his exceptional height and scorching, piercing gaze frequently get a lot of female attention. His centre fringe, short black hair, nearly perpetual frown, and dark blue eyes add to his already scary demeanour.

HOT BOY 3-Hottest Haikyuu!! Boys Characters

4. Wakatoshi Ushijima

He is good enough to be the top ace in Miyagi Prefecture and even one of the top three in the entire nation. Wakatoshi can captivate anybody because of his menacing aura, dark olive-brown hair, matching olive eyes, stern demeanour, and physical features. Ushijima is a tough, self-assured, and understated individual. He tends to be direct to the point that he comes out as impolite or unpleasant, cannot read body language, and interprets practically everything literally. It doesn’t lessen his hotness rating, though.

HOT BOY 4-Hottest Haikyuu!! Boys Characters

5. Miya Brothers: Atsuma and Osamu

Undoubtedly, Osamu and Atsumua, the handsome twin brothers, are Haikyuu’s greatest blessing. They are all in one steamy package: brothers, friends, competitors, and foes. If I were to pick one of the champions, Osamu would win since Atsumua is incredibly egotistical and his identical twin brother agrees. He is the kindlier, superior Miya. The majority of Atsumu’s criticism of his teammates is directed at Osamu.

HOT BOY 5-Hottest Haikyuu!! Boys Characters

6. Kei Tsukishima

Tsukishima, a first-year student, is unusually tall and thin. He may be easily recognised among the others because of his distinctive knee pads, white sneakers, Somy headphones, and spectacles. Tsukishima is direct, easily angered, aggressive, haughty, competitive, and prideful, and he enjoys annoying his rivals.

HOT BOY 6-Hottest Haikyuu!! Boys Characters

7. Keiji Akaashi

From our roster of hottest Haikyu characters, here comes another gorgeous dude. Akaashi is eager to expose others for their foolishness and is calm, collected, direct, and generally emotionless. He also has no problem jumping into conversations when it is required and is prone to making amusing remarks. He often puts on a kind and humble front, but he does have a bit of a mischievous side.

HOT BOY 7-Hottest Haikyuu!! Boys Characters

8. Kotaro Bokuto

The leader and star player for Fukurodani Academy is Bokuto. This young kid is considered to be among the top ten hottest aces in the nation. His striking features are centred on his spiky white-grey hair with black streaks and big, golden eyes. He has a strong, athletic frame and like wearing knee protectors that extend to his thighs.

HOT BOY 8-Hottest Haikyuu!! Boys Characters

9. Kenma Kozume

The setter for Nekoma High, Kozume is regarded as the team’s brain and heart. He has a modest frame, an ordinary height, and a shaky gait. His distinctive appearance includes his blond hair with black roots, cat-like golden eyes, and casual attire. He keeps his naturally black hair at its present length because he wants a more restricted range of view and coloured it since he did not want to stand out.

HOT BOY 9-Hottest Haikyuu!! Boys Characters

10. Daichi Sawamura

Daichi’s distinctive comforting gaze exudes the air of a capable commander and a mature person, and he frequently sports a sweet grin. However, when things become rough, his eyes begin to glisten menacingly.

HOT BOY 10-Hottest Haikyuu!! Boys Characters

11. Satori Tendou

One may recall the witty and caustic red-haired Shiratorizawa local. the middle blocker. He is highly smart and has quick reactions. He is more beautiful because of his confident demeanour and funny smile. We discover more about his history as the season goes on, which only serves to increase our admiration for him.

HOT BOY 11-Hottest Haikyuu!! Boys Characters

12. Hajime Iwaizumi

The team’s wing-spiker, ace, and vice-captain are all played by this attractive Haikyuu figure. He is a major heartthrob because of his dark brown spiked hair, narrow eyebrows, stunning olive-green eyes, and serious demeanour. Iwaizumi, who is stubborn but dependable and encouraging, serves as a stand-in for his peers’ morale.

HOT BOY 12-Hottest Haikyuu!! Boys Characters

13. Koushi Sugawara

Koushi Sugawara is an average-height man with a slim body. He has hazel-brown eyes, a gorgeous mole beneath his left eye, thick eyebrows, and light grey hair. He serves as the pinch server, replacement setter, and vice-captain for Karasuno High. He typically wears a kind grin. Sugawara is a rock of strength for his squad and has a calming, peaceful temperament.

HOT BOY 13-Hottest Haikyuu!! Boys Characters

14. Ryunosuke Tanaka

Tanaka, a wing spiker for Karasuno High, is the team’s starting player and is regarded as its future star. This slacker exhibits a lower level of work ethic in all of his endeavours because he is hot-headed, ready to pick fights, loud, and short-tempered. Regardless, he is considerate, encouraging, watchful, and protective, and he detests insulting other people. What are the winning phrases? Just address this seductive being as senpai!

HOT BOY 14-Hottest Haikyuu!! Boys Characters

15. Yuu Nishinoya

Yuu is the smallest member of the squad, but he has the most muscular frame, earning him the nickname “Karasuno’s Guardian Deity” for his abilities. His unkempt black hair is best left ruffled upward. His colourful clothing selection, which frequently has idioms written on it, more than makes up for his unmistakably attractive appearance. Nishinoya is a vibrant, impetuous, and sometimes eccentric individual.

HOT BOY 15-Hottest Haikyuu!! Boys Characters

16. Shinsuke Kita

Kita is an assertive, direct, harsh individual who stands at an average height. He usually has a neutral look on. He has a robotic demeanour and is a chilly hottie. But he genuinely cares for and attends to the needs of his colleagues. In the game, Kita exudes calm confidence, a belief in his ability, and a lack of conceit.

HOT BOY 16-Hottest Haikyuu!! Boys Characters

17. Yuuji Terushima

Yuujui has a childlike personality and occasionally acts rudely. He professes to play for pleasure and doesn’t take life too seriously. But he soon learns that playing competitively and succeeding, as opposed to merely having fun, brings quite a lot more fulfilment.

HOT BOY 17-Hottest Haikyuu!! Boys Characters

18. Kenjirou Shirabu

Shirabu is the starting setter for Shiratorizawa Academy’s second year. She has lovely sand-coloured hair that is awkwardly split to the sides, brown eyes, and a typical physique. Even though the handsome Haikyuu lad is tall, his team makes him seem shorter. Shirabu respects his elders, although he gets irritated fast. His outward appearance of seriousness and composure is a front. While being readily influenced by pressure, he is always willing to admit his errors and repair them.

HOT BOY 18-Hottest Haikyuu!! Boys Characters

19. Eita Semi

This Haikyuu hot boy character plays volleyball competitively and serves as the pinch server and setter. His outwardly sombre and stern appearance is a mask. He conceals the fact that he has a short fuse and gets irritated easily. Despite this, he quickly acknowledges teammates and rivals, cares about his teammates and is occasionally honest and polite. Semi is depicted as having thick, untidy ash blonde hair with dark grey tips, brown irises, keen eyes, black eyebrows, and a frown that never changes. He has a powerful, lean body, and his stare appears to penetrate all of his admirers.

HOT BOY 19-Hottest Haikyuu!! Boys Characters

20. Asahi Azumane

A third-year Karasuno High student who is blazing hot is featured first on this list of the sexiest Haikyuu characters. Asahi was not just a wing spiker for the Volleyball Club, but he was also their go-to player. He has a distinctive hairdo that involves loosely bunning his long hair behind his head, and his dark brown eyes complement his gorgeous hair. The fact that he has a small stubble on his chin and a mature appearance that makes him appear frightening is what admirers adore the most.

HT BOY 20-Hottest Haikyuu!! Boys Characters

21. Kiyoomi Sakusa

Sakusa is here to satisfy your curiosity about what Michael Jackson might look like if he wore a mask and had waves in his hair. He is a wing spiker and one of the top three aces in the nation. He loves to consider all options before making a choice. He dislikes crowds, prefers alone, and views reality realistically, which makes him sexier. Even if he doesn’t dance, the fact that he resembles MJ makes him more appealing.

HOT BOY 21-Hottest Haikyuu!! Boys Characters

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