MC like Hikigaya Hachiman

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MC like Hikigaya Hachiman

If you have watched the show before, you probably have developed a liking for this cynical, cunning yet surprisingly nice character. According to a pool done by CBR, Hikigaya Hachiman is ranked13th most popular character in the entire anime genre.

Nobody likes a protagonist that doesn’t excel at anything, this is not the case with Hikigaya Hachiman. Heis a capable protagonist. Though he is socially awkward, he still delivers results. He is a smart kid.

He rants about society as if he is above all and wants nothing of it. Yet he yearns for connections and helps others out of compassion.

The main thing that defines this character is his being anti-social. He has developed this cynical personality from his traumatic childhood.

In this blog post, I will talk about MCs similar to Hikigaya Hachiman.

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Hyakkimaru [Dororo]

This shoe goes beyond its technical laurels with its impressive character story arcs. They are written with a dark tone and have brilliant performances.

Hyakkimaru- MC like Hikigaya Hachiman

Hyakkimaru is such an interesting character despite saying just 10 words in total at the halfway point in the anime.

The anime follows the concept of utilitarianism, different characters face moral checkpoints at different points in the anime.

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Aoto [Divine Gate]

There are a lot of emotional conflicts ranging inside him, ranging from trauma from abuse, abandonment, and guilt. The main characters in the anime are all defined by their past including Aoto.

He is socially anxious, mainly linked to his past trauma of domestic abuse. Though he still loves his Mother for taking care of him whenever he was asleep.

Bem [Youkai Ningen Bem]

This is the tale of three youkai Ningen striving to become humans in a world they are rejected by the youkai for their human-like lifestyle. And hated and feared by humans.

Bem- MC like Hikigaya Hachiman

Bim with Bero and Bera face unbelievable odds on their journey to become humans. Bim is the mind of the group, and Bero and Bera act as the muscles of the group.

Bim is very cold since he outcast of humans and in his own race. He is anti-social and hates to be around others.

Thorfinn [Vinland Saga]

Vinland Saga is set in a time of war, where wars are glorified and idolized to a massive extent. Here boys become men and die ultimately on the battlefield. They believe that a man dies in the battle to enter the realms of Valhalla.

Thorfinn is completely disconnected from this but can never escape the world that he lives in. This situation is a very compelling narrative.

Thorfinn at a very young age is thrown into a world of misery, darkness, and absolute warfare.

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Sudou Kaname [Darwin’s Game]

Kaname is the main protagonist of Darwin’s game anime. He is a normal high school student who gets sucked into the game and becomes the clan leader of the sunset Ravens.

Sudou Kaname- MC like Hikigaya Hachiman

He acts like a typical teenager in the game and even refuses to kill his opponents. But as the game progresses he improves upon his skills.

Kuchii Jinzaburo [Angolmois: Record of Mongol Invasion]

This Japanese historical anime is written by Nanahiko Takagi. The story is about a bunch of prisoners. At the time, Japan was being invaded by Mongols. These prisoners are sent to Tsushima Island to join the first line of defense.

Kuchii is a samurai and uses the Gekei sword style. He leaves his family behind as he is exiled for being too radical.

Chakuro [Children of the Whales]

In the anime, the people live in a vessel called the mud whale. It is a society that is divided into two kinds of people, the marked and the unmarked.

Chakuro- MC like Hikigaya Hachiman

A mark has the power to move the objects with their minds using Samia.

Chakuro is the main character of the show, he is well known as the Destroyer. He is called Destroyer due to his lack of control over his powers. Chakuro is curious about his world and writes objectively.

Sakuta Azusagawa [Rascal Does Not Dream of Bunny Girl Senpai]

This anime uses its elements to magnify and explore the trials and tribulations of daily life for a modern teenager. The anime is a well-written unconventional romance with a quirky cast of characters.

Sakuta is a reserved, straight-talking unusually confident boy. He has very good chemistry with the female lead Sakurajima Mai.

Kusuo Saiki [Disastrous Life of Saiki K.]

Kusuo was born a special kid. He has psychic powers including telekinesis, x-ray vision, and material manipulation. But he wants to live a normal life since with his psychic powers he always causes some kind of powers.

Kusuo Saiki- MC like Hikigaya Hachiman

He is also tired of listening to everyone’s inner thoughts. Kusuo tries to act normal but still is seen as a rival by many.

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Koko Hekmatyar [Jormungand]

Koko is a mastermind, not a fighter. She is a fearless leader sitting behind a laptop and executing a secret plan and executions. Everything she does is from the shadows and with utmost consideration of every factor.

She thinks of humanity to be unfit for the world.

Kima Katsaguri [The World God Only Knows]

The anime has a light sense of romance and touches of comedy across its span. The story follows Kima Katsaguri a high school boy obsessed with games with anime girls.

He has legendary skills at conquering any 2D girl in games. In school, he is a lot less cool.

Kima Katsaguri- MC like Hikigaya Hachiman

The series starts with our anti-social hero receiving a mysterious e-mail that challenges him to conquer girls. Accepting the challenge, he realizes that it is more than an in-game. He is asked to conquer a cute demon from hell.

The only way to conquer these lost souls is to make them fall in love with him.

Shira Yuki [Snow White with the Red Hair]

The anime is brilliant fantasy series with engaging romantic touches. The main character Shira Yuki is a herbalist living in a medieval kingdom. She is a beautiful girl with eye-catching red hair.

Shira Yuki- MC like Hikigaya Hachiman

She grows up to become a strong and independent woman until a Price comes into her town and asks her to become her concubine. She refuses to do so and cuts her hair down.

She flees her town and enters a new kingdom. There she meets a lot of interesting characters. She finds herself in a love triangle and the adventures begin.

Hei [Darker than Black]

The MC in the show is undertaking high-level assassination missions around Tokyo whilst living his false double life as a shy and quiet student.

Darker than Black introduces some very interesting mystery elements along with high-concept science fiction and supernatural themes.

Strange super powerful entities called “Contractors” start arriving in Tokyo. These contractors are used by Government and secret shady organizations for assassination.

Kion [Haruhi Suzumiya]

Keon is an average high schooler who is forced alongside his classmate Haruhi Suzumiya into all sorts of crazy adventures. The adventures include supernatural, aliens, time travel, and whatnot.

He is part of a secret club known as SOS Brigade. As different types of characters join the club, the series starts to expand its wings.

Kion is not the most social person but develops an interesting connection with the rest of the characters.

Sinbad [Magi: Adventures of Sinbad]

The show is a prequel and entry to the brilliant Magi world. Through the series, we follow the origins of Sinbad, who will one day become the King of Syndra.

Sinbad- MC like Hikigaya Hachiman

Sinbad loses his parents in a war against the Rem empire. Sinbad spends his childhood taking care of his sick mother until he meets the powerful and mysterious magi known as Yunnan.

Vivy [Vivy: Fluorite Eye’s Song]

Vivy is an AI in a world with AI and androids exactly like humans. Each AI is programmed to do a specific thing. Vivy is a singer AI, whose role is to make people happy with her songs.

She aims to one day become the main attraction at the amusement park she works.

Oz Bezarius [Pandora’s Hearts]

In the show, we learn about the existence of another realm called the Abyss. This mythical place is filled with horrific and monstrous creatures that are known as Chains.

Oz is heir to a noble family and lives a carefree and quiet life. He is one day condemned to the abyss for a crime he had no idea about.

To escape he teams up with a monster named Alice. As the story progresses we get to know Oz more and the sin he has committed.

The journey in the anime is filled with hardships and constant hurdles.

Clare [Claymore]

She is a female claymore ranked 47 in the 150th generation of Claymores. He attained this form as a result of an experiment The experiment was deemed a failure as Clare turned out to be weak comparatively.

Clare- MC like Hikigaya Hachiman

Though throughout the anime she improves and becomes one of the Awakened beings.

Theo Cornaro [Records of the Grand Crest War]

The protagonist is a wandering knight who obtains the power of Crest. He is later joined by Siluca when he saves her from an attack.

His goal is to free his hometown from Chaos and its Lord.

Balsa [Moribito]

Balsa the spear wielder is a wandering warrior who is vowed to atone for eight deaths in her past by saving an equivalent number of lives.

Balsa- MC like Hikigaya Hachiman

She becomes a bodyguard to Prince Chagum. They both begin a perilous journey to ensure the survival of the Prince.

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