Most Famous Theories Of 2022 Popular Anime Spy x Family

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Can you believe that our favorite hot waifu, “Yor,” is not a character but is just Loid’s illusion? We know that’s not true, but there are many other theories that need attention. Let’s look at some of the Spy x Family’s most highly spoken theories.

Anime is frequently described in terms of its diversity. It is with a preference for non-photoreal representations of fantastical people that exist in other worlds but are caught up in unbelievable plots. To explain these peculiarities, theories that are exclusive to anime are frequently produced.

These theories are produced with a propensity to see anime as a separate genre rather than a component of cinema in general. Similarly, “Spy x Family,” one of the most popular anime of 2022, has several well-known hypotheses that should be considered. Let’s examine these theories.

Most Famous Theories Of 2022 Popular Anime Spy x Family

  1. Anya And Bond’s Psychic Powers Come From The Same Source

Anya And Bond’s Psychic Powers Come From The Same Source

Nearly all of Anya’s psychic abilities are from Project Apple, which is also the source of Bond’s psychic abilities. Even though it hasn’t been confirmed, it’s currently impossible for the lab that Anya came from and Project Apple to be unrelated. Moreover, our little knowledge of their methods for creating psychic animals makes it pretty clear that if Anya comes from the same place, her abilities are more likely to be chemically based on psychic power.

We witnessed Bond being electrocuted after being loaded up with many substances. It was surely about the time when Bond was a lab rat that gave him his current ability to predict fortunes.

I believe Anya’s abilities were developed in a similar manner. If her abilities were just something she was born with and all the lab did was conduct tests to determine how they operated, I would be astonished. They probably developed Anya’s abilities.

Anya And Bond’s Psychic Powers Come

I would also add that when we learn about Anya’s past, it is because Twilight discovers something related to these covert operations. Knowing about all this makes Forger feel bad for Anya and what she had to go through.

And the theory about Anya and Bond sharing the same source of psychic abilities is true to approx. 99%.

  1. Twilight, a.k.a Loid Forger’s Operation Strix, is Fake

Twilight, a.k.a Loid Forger’s Operation Strix, is Fake

Now another theory is presented. Many fans have put out the hypothesis that Operation Strix is fake. They believe that Operation Strix was set up by the secret agency WISE to get Twilight to settle down with a family because of his difficult upbringing and ongoing isolation. Here is how the hypothesis develops and why it could be correct.

I’m saying that WISE made up Operation Strix so that Loid might find a partner, make a family and have a life other than being a spy. Even while it seems absurd, there is some logic behind it. I’ve always found it strange that Loid had to adopt a child in order to be close to Donovan, but in reality, Donovan himself is not even close to his children.

You can wonder, when did WISE decide to fabricate the mission? I think we were made aware of it right away. As you may remember, Loid was carrying out one of his assignments until he decided to tell his date that they should end their relationship. As a result, when that strategy fails, they choose to implement the best alternative. But the question is, why are they so focused on adopting a kid or getting their best Spy married? To reveal this, I have to start with Loid’s past. Loid did not have the best childhood after Ostania attacked his house and killed his mother.

Undoubtedly the death of his mother left Forger alone in the World. That’s why he became attached to Anya as he sees himself in her, especially after learning that she was frequently returned to orphanages.

When Anya is eventually admitted to Eden Academy after being placed on the waiting list, the strongest indication that Operation Strix is only a front is that Loid needs to make some arrangements in order to replicate the memorable moments from Anya’s favorite spy series as a celebration. What if the other agents involved were also aware of Strix’s fake mission and were participating in the scheme as well?

Most Famous Theories Of 2022 Popular Anime

WISE put a lot of money into hiring a castle and making Anya happy for the sake of Forger because they are unable to say, “Hey, Loid, we love all the work you’ve done for us for years, but we believe you deserve your own life so maybe retire please?”

If they were honest with Loid, he would definitely not fall for the trap. What could be a better way to convince him to “retire” and start a family than to fabricate a lie and say that Donovan is a threat and that you should enroll a child at Eden Academy? The political party may be purposefully dehumanizing Donovan to make the lies stick, but it does not mean that they are not dangerous or a threat to the peace.

In conclusion, Operation Strix is fake and was designed to convince Forger to retire and start a family after he experienced trauma a guy should never have to endure. He would swallow the bait whole without realizing that by doing so, he would really develop a close bond with his “fake family.”

What better way to “keep an eye” on him that to come up with the “you must start a family for the mission.”

WISE often checked in to see how his mission was progressing in order to prevent him from raising any doubts, but they would also let him do things like recreating Anya’s favorite spy show, which would still be expensive for them.

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