Openings you can listen during traveling

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Openings you can listen during traveling

Language can never be a barrier to enjoying good music. You can always vibe to different cultural sounds. The Anime openings are open to experimentation and have given us a lot of bangers. We all whilst enjoying a drive tend to open to music. From blinding Lights to hush green surroundings, we have anime openings for every place.

These openings give a general intro to the anime world that lies ahead. It binds the viewer to the seat. A good OP is generalized with an anime to equal scale.

Here is the list of the Openings you can listen to during traveling. And have a good time.

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JoJo: Diamond is not Crash

Besides a funky opening, this OP has a lot to offer. The Heroes are seen pointing a finger up in the air multiple times across the frames. We see the different characters and places flying across the town of Mario. We zoom into the town with Bird’s eye view.

It is later revealed that the pointed fingers are towards justice for the fallen and the heroes that have left us behind.

JoJo opening- Openings you can listen during traveling

The characters are introduced as they all pose for the camera. Each transition in this scene depicts each character’s power. Jotaro drips hard.

The song has a raw 70s funk attitude and a lot of other cool stuff is going on. If listen to the lyrics you can notice that it reflects upon a peaceful life being stolen away.

In many frames, the Killer Queen is shown crushing the heart and a metal skeleton is shown after it. In general, this OP adds a lot of extra meaning, logos, and titles.

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The Hero [One Punch Man]

One of the funniest animes with a meaning to it. The Opening is catchy and made to listen to while driving.

The music opens with a focus on the immense power of Saitama. Saitama’s punch is so strong that his fist catches fire and then later even turns white.

One Punch Man opening- Openings you can listen during traveling

Next, we see Saitama marching toward huge monstrous images, first a tiger, a demon, a Dragon, and finally a Fenghuang.

In another frame, we see Saitama overlooking the Planet. This depicts how powerful he is and stronger compared to all the things he is walking towards.

The lyrics talk about him being lonely despite being the most powerful person in the universe.

Saitama throws one last punch and walks home after taking discounted groceries from the supermarket.

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Tank [Cowboy Bebop]

.It is a heavily stylized, catchy instrumental number that sets the tone for the anime. It establishes the characters and cements them in our minds.

Cowboy Bebop Opening- Openings you can listen during traveling

The artists were given the liberty to experiment and they combined Opera and Jazz well. Opera is a classic which is associated with an event on a grand scale and divinity. Jazz is the everyday music associated with the common people. Tank plays out beautifully with a touch of both genres.

The World [Death Note]

It was the first opening of the anime Death Note. Performed by the band Nightmare, the opening has a heavy Christian symbolism.

Death Note opening- Openings you can listen during traveling

It is an immaculately shot and cut music video wherein every frame perfectly matches the music. The way the opening builds up and creates hype is profoundly immaculate.

Unravel [Tokyo Ghoul]

The super edgy anime has a fantastic opening that makes use of symbolism and stunning shot composition to present the themes in a very interesting manner.

Tokyo Ghoul opening- Openings you can listen during traveling

This opening won Reddit’s best opening tournament back in 2015.

The opening is focused on presenting us with Kaneki’s perspective of Tokyo Ghouls’ world and people.

[My Hero Academia] Season 3 opening

The theme song for My Hero Academia Season 3 - is Odd future by UVERworld.It is a Hip Hop fusion that leads to the pacing of frames as compared to previous openings.

My Hero Academia opening- Openings you can listen during traveling

A lot of action music is not accompanied by action scenes which were problematic for a lot of people.

I really liked the opening and feel it synced with frames in a different way than a typical action opening. The key to the music is a massive key drop which is audible with a subwoofer. This opening rocks and will grow on you with every repeat.

Devilman CryBaby

The Horror action series has one of the best music I have listened to in a while. The opening is dark yet carries a lot of metaphors.

Devilman Crybaby opening- Openings you can listen during traveling

The OP opens with The Devilman on top of a pile of rocks. His chest is zoomed in and we see a human heart inside. The tears in the opening reflect the human side of the Devilman.

The Opening emphasizes Rio and Akira being inseparable and parallels of one another.

The beats are enjoyable and one can vibe to them while driving.

Hacking to the Gate [Steins Gate]

One of the greatest sci-fi anime of all time. It has an opening that captures its complex time-jumping essence. It blends a killer hard rock edge with electronic interludes. It has a robotic nature to it.

Steins Gate opening- Openings you can listen during traveling

Despite being a series about physics and complex calculations its adventures are around human will.

It sounds really good and can be added to your driving playlist.

Cha La Head Cha La [Dragon Ball]

Opening to one of the greatest animes of all time.

Dragon Ball opening- Openings you can listen during traveling

This is a certified classic. It has an electronic side to it with a brilliant chorus. It is as big a part of Dragon Ball as Krillin’s death counts.

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