Saddest of Anime Openings/OPs

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Saddest of Anime Openings/OPs

Have you went through days when your mind felt blank and your thoughts seemed to be lost somewhere. And that’s only until you plug in a song from your favorite anime. What follows is a sudden rush of emotions and you are lost in the depth of the lyrics. Being an Otaku or a casual anime enthusiast we all see Takt Asahina eye to eye about “No matter what, music prevails."

Among the many hilarious assumptions about OP and ED are that they are the flip side of one another. It is perceived that the openings are high in energy while the endings are meant to be melodramatic. Yet once in a blue moon, we do have openings that impress us. We all have some sad anime openings on our playlist.

Let’s find out how many of them collide with anime-loved top picks list of emotional anime openings

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood (Rain): Saddest of Anime Openings/OPs

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood (Rain)

FMA fandom would inarguably agree that this opening is one of the most touching and unanimously loved OSTs from anime. The anime itself might not be the saddest anime of all time but the track is a grand ode to pain. It fits in the place for the opening track of any series final. There is a lot of visual grandeur added to it. The thing that helped this opening to gain so much critical acclaim and love for its perfection in detail.

Regardless of being a fan of the series or not this opening is widely loved. The instrumental pieces fit in so well with the washed-out depiction of rain. The calming voice of Sid with tears transcending into rain frame after frame hits us in the right spot. Like every rain, the one depicted in this song also has a cloud with a silver lining. It is one emotional roller coaster ride of a song.

Clannad: After Story (Toki wo Kizamu Uta): Saddest of Anime Openings/OPs

Clannad: After Story (Toki wo Kizamu Uta)

Another opening theme that comes straight from Clannad: After Story, will leave you in tears. All the songs that belong to the catalog of this anime released back in the year 2008 explore one or the other shade of pain. Tomoya Okazaki is the central focus of the song. Throughout the song, the angst, and sadness of Tomoya blend in. For any hopeless romantic anime lover, this song is heartbreak. This story is loves’ shout in the void pov for the fandom. Hence it remains fresh in minds of people.

Spoiler alert: the series itself is listed as the saddest of the anime.

Attack on Titan S3: Opening (Red Swan)- Saddest of Anime Openings/OPs

Attack on Titan S3: Opening (Red Swan)

Hello there everyone!! Attack on Titan is yet again back on our list with a banging opening theme. Red Swan by YOSHIKI and HYDE features at the outset of season 3. The soothing voices and meditative visuals set the tone for the series well. This track from the collection of original pieces from AOT has the perfect visualization of pain and seclusion.

Many listeners of this anime opening believe that it is the most underrated series opening of AOT. However, it gets a fair share of love from pan-Asian and European otakus. The bilingual lyrical beauty of the sad anime opening is a bridge for non-Japanese speaking audiences. It establishes a connection with their favorite characters and with an authentic non translated opening.

Ergo Proxy: Opening (Kiri)- Saddest of Anime Openings/OPs

Ergo Proxy: Opening (Kiri)

2006 hit cyberpunk anime Ergo Proxy has an opening that will shake you up. The voice in Kiri was given by Steve Conte. The rare list of sad anime openings and endings made in English includes this track from the 2000s. The nightmarish frames with a dystopian undertone warn about the series. The chorus voices are guttural at times and have a scary vibe.

Fate/Zero: OP2 (To the Begining)- Saddest of Anime Openings/OPs

Fate/Zero: OP2 (To the Begining)

Yes, To the Beginning might make us all cry till the end of time. Fate/Zero’s second opening has so strong an impact that it can undoubtedly pass for the saddest anime songs on youtube. Melancholic and heart-rendering are describing words that go well with the vibe of the song. The last line “Kimi no nageki wo shinjite” literally translate into “I believe in your sorrow” and always stays with people who have heard this.

Tokyo Ghoul √A: Opening (Munou)-Saddest of Anime Openings/OPs

Tokyo Ghoul √A: Opening (Munou)

Tell me that you agree on Tokyo Ghoul is a beautiful anime tragedy. And what’s a tragedy without a sad song. Akin to the older styles of composition Munou has combined cryptic writing with poetic beauty. It’s filled with anger, angst, agony, and a feeling of remoteness from the world. The sorrowful and sonic voice behind this song makes you feel the emotional disconnect deeply.

Fairy Tail: OP 14 -Saddest of Anime Openings/OPs

Fairy Tail: OP 14 (Yakusoku no Hi)

The enticing collection of openings and endings from Fairy Tail is popular among anime audiences. Out of all the sad anime op songs that make you cry Yakusoku no Hi induces a catharsis. The struggles of the characters and the saddest part of the story arc are reflected and introduced to the audience via the powerful voice of Chihiro Yonekura.

Wolf’s Rain- OP (Stray): Saddest of Anime Openings/OPs

Wolf’s Rain- OP (Stray)

Another popular Steve Conte dystopian masterpiece found its place in the collection of Wolf’s Rain. The cold landscapes and feelings of the characters alike will surely make you cry. This soundtrack is an underrated original that has an undertone balming quality to it.

Music and melodies will stay by our side, no matter where we are they will stay with us till the end. However, these are some of the saddest anime openings but they can heal some of your pain. Try this playlist out and tell us about the soundtracks we are missing out on.

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