Some Noteworthy Chainsaw Man Theories That Seem True

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Have you ever heard an anime theory that ultimately proves true? If not, then read these Chainsaw Man theories that are likely true.

The anime version of Chainsaw Man has captivated the anime fandom. Studio MAPPA portrays the tragic and gory tale of Denji as he tries to live out his ordinary ambitions by becoming a devil hunter.

  1. First Theory: The Four Horsemen

First Theory: The Four Horsemen

Let’s start with the obvious fact where Makima clearly said that the Four Horsemen were a real band of devils. The four horsemen in Chainsaw Man clearly refer to the four horsemen of the judgment day, which are a conquest, war, starvation, and death.

Chainsaw Man has several religious references to Christianity. And ironically, Makima clearly refers to famine, battle, and death; in fact, the Japanese word for Makima’s demon is the same as the English one for the horsemen of conquest/plague. The Death Devil, the Hunger Devil, and Yoru were the other two horsemen that fought Pochita in hell while Makima was attempting to eliminate the other three horsemen.

Death Devil and Hunger Devil will undoubtedly appear at some point, but it will be fascinating to see whether the Plagues Devil does as well. The plague would resemble the Disease Devil in the CSM universe since Makima stated Hunger rather than Famine. Denji previously had a heart ailment that was slowly killing him, indicating the reality of sickness and the Disease Devil. And we know for a fact that it exists and hasn’t been devoured by Pochita. So, yes, the theory of four horsemen sounds very real.

  1. Second Theory: Dragon Fiend Is Revealed To Be Long

Second Theory: Dragon Fiend Is Revealed To Be Long

Long is a member of the Chinese devil-hunting organization Quanxi’s girlfriends. Her name even represents her identity as a Dragon because Long is a Chinese word for “dragon.” She has even proven that he can breathe fire.

It’s fairly clear that she is a Dragon Fiend.

  1. Zombie Devil, Gun Devil, And Some Other Characters That Are Supposed To Be Dead Are Alive

Zombie Devil, Gun Devil, And Some Other Characters That Are Supposed To Be Dead Are Alive

Because the attack against Makima in 1997 was much weaker than the one against her in 1984, and because of numerous limitations on the Gun Devil’s Power, such as not being able to kill certain people born in a particular month, the Gun Devil is alive. The one that the US president summoned was 20% of the Gun Devil. Since Pochita didn’t eat the Gun Devil, its pieces are still the property of other nations, and it’s conceivable that the Gun Devil could just heal back the 20% that was lost.

Other characters that many believe are dead but still alive include Katana Man, Reze, Quanxi, Angel, Princi, Santa Claus, and Zombie Devil.

Let me just explain. Due to their hybrid status and invincibility, Katana, Reze, and Quanxi are easy to understand. And we never witness Princi die; instead, we later see her fully recover after having her limbs amputated.

Also, the fact that Makima could still employ Angel and the Zombie Devil indicates that they are still alive because the Devil’s abilities disappear when they pass away. In particular, when the Gun Devil attacked Makima, Angel wasn’t included among the dead, and despite the Zombie Devil’s impact supposed to have stopped, which would have shown that Angel was still alive.

And how was Zombie Devil still alive after being attacked by Denji? Since it is a Zombie Devil and cannot be reached, we can assume that it possesses some immunity to death. In this way, the death of the characters mentioned above was vague.

  1. What Can Be The Story Of Power’s Host?

What Can Be The Story Of Power’s Host?

The only permanent wounds on Power’s body are several scars on her left wrist, which are visible where the blood that she summons originates. Later we find that Asa’s face still bears marks from when she was chopped and killed. This indicates that Power’s host truly committed suicide by severing his wrist, resulting in lasting wounds on the body of a fiend. However, it gets worse because Power’s initial chronological appearance depicts her naked.

The body she grabbed must have been nude when she took it because she had no need to remove her clothing. Additionally, where do people often go when they wish to kill themselves by wrist-cutting? Suicide baths in bathtubs are a very popular literature motif. The last aspect of this is that assuming the body’s brain was still mostly intact when the Devil seized over, we know that the host’s personality might have impacted the fiend’s personality.

Power’s belief that “all lives are insignificant” and her love for the sensations of death was likely affected by the host’s suicidal impulses since the method of suicide bath leaves a remarkably beautiful corpse.

  1. Regarding How Denji Murdered Makima, Kishibe Was Correct

Regarding How Denji Murdered Makima, Kishibe Was Correct

Although it’s probably not what you believe, Kishibe was correct. Makima created her contract specifically so that she might be eaten and killed; she wants to be eaten, but not by Denji, but by Pochita. Unknowingly taking advantage of this, Denji killed her by eating her.

  1. Kobeni’s Suspicious Contract With A Devil

Kobeni’s Suspicious Contract With A Devil

The Unknown Devil or the Misfortune Devil have been suggested as possible candidates for Kobeni’s secret contract with a devil, but it is highly unlikely that public safety would tolerate the presence of such extraordinarily potent demons. Therefore, the simplest explanation is typically the right one.

The only other person we have seen with knife competence comparable to Kobeni’s is Kishibe. And with which demon does Kishibe have a proven pact that would enhance his knife skill? Kobeni outperforms Katana Man, Sawatari, and even the Snake Devil. Of course, it was the Knife Devil.

Now, why would Kobeni feel the need to conceal the fact that she is a client of the Knife Devil? Given how deadly the Knife Devil is and the fact that the only person we are aware of who has a contract with it is the most potent human devil hunter alive. It is quite probable that its existence is kept a well-guarded secret within public safety. The true puzzle is how a rookie like Kobeni gained access to such a deadly devil; my own theory is that the Knife Devil chose her expressly because she is attractive and wanted to work with her.

Concluding Remarks!

All of these theories about the Chainsaw Man are beyond the realm of possibility. Even if they aren’t stated in the same way as in anime, I promise that if you attempt to dig deep into these facts, you’ll also start to feel these theories. Which hypothesis do you prefer, then? Please tell us in the comments section below.

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