The 13 Action Anime Where Girls Are Madly Obsessed With MC

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The popular genre of anime has won the hearts of many people all around the world. The protagonist’s quest to get stronger, which frequently entails facing foes and overcoming obstacles, is one of the most prevalent motifs in anime. The protagonist being the object of adoration for multiple female characters is another frequent cliche in anime. This idea of the main character being surrounded by several prospective love interests is called a harem. Although harem anime is not a new subgenre, some take it a step further by having heroines become crazedly smitten with the protagonist.

This article will examine 13 action anime where heroines are madly in love with the main character. A variety of female characters who aren’t shy about expressing their love and admiration for the protagonist can be seen in these anime series. These anime, which range from comedy to thrillers, provide a distinctive viewpoint on love and obsession in the anime universe. So without further ado, let’s examine these 13 action-packed anime series and delve into the world of anime.


DNA² castDNA2 is the first animated film on our list. A young man named Junta has a genetic abnormality that leads him to automatically change into a terrifying beast known as a “Mega-Playboy” when he becomes overly excited in this action-packed anime. Karin, a young woman from the future, goes back in time to stop Junta from evolving into the Mega-Playboy and sparking a global population problem.

Junta becomes Karin’s obsession, and she goes to great measures to save him from turning into the Mega-Playboy. Junta is also being sought by other girls who are madly in love with him in the meantime. You’ll be on the edge of your seat as you follow the humorous and action-packed plot driven by the love triangle between Junta, Karin, and the other girls.

The legendary anime DNA2 cleverly and entertainingly explores the concepts of love, obsession, and time travel. Any anime fan who like action, romance, and comedy must watch DNA2 because of its captivating plot and endearing characters.


Hensuki posterHensuki, an acronym for “Kawaikereba Hentai demo Suki ni Natte Kuremasu ka?” is a more recent addition to the category of anime where female protagonists are the subject of ferocious female fandom. The narrative centers on high school student Keiki Kiryuu, who finds a love letter addressed to him in his locker. But, since the letter is unsigned, Keiki starts looking for the identity of the unknown girl.

Keiki is pursued by several female characters who are all interested in him for different reasons along the road. They include Koharu, a girl with a hidden fetish for men’s underwear, Yuika, a nasty female who delights in torturing Keiki, and Sayuki, a bashful girl who writes sexy novels in secret. Hensuki’s plot is entertaining and engaging, with many unexpected turns to keep viewers interested.

An enjoyable and engaging anime called Hensuki examines the concepts of love, desire, and secrecy. For everyone who enjoys harem anime and wants to see a new perspective on the genre, Hensuki is a must-watch because of its original plot and wide array of characters.

My Sister, My Writer

My Sister, My Writer sceneIn the romantic comedy anime My Sister, My Writer, Yu Nagami, a high school girl with a passion for writing light novels, tells her story. He learns that his younger sister Suzuka, a well-known light novelist, is his ghostwriter when she returns to live with him.

As the plot develops, numerous female characters—including his childhood friend Haruna, who has a crush on him, and Kuroha, a well-liked cosplayer who also happens to be his classmate—become fixated on Yu. Yu must strike a balance between his writing career and his complex connections with the women in his life.

A fun animation called My Sister, My Writer addresses the concepts of love, family, and aspiration. This anime is entertaining to watch for everyone who likes romantic comedies and harem anime because of its eccentric characters and humorous plot.


Plunderer  poster

An individual’s value is determined by a number imprinted on their body in the post-apocalyptic world of the dark and action-packed anime Plunderer. The narrative centers on a young man named Hina who is looking for the fabled Red Baron to prevent her mother from being abducted by the government.

Hina encounters numerous people who grow fixated on her as she travels, including Licht, a lighthearted and charming man with a shadowy history, and Lynn, a sober and austere soldier who has a crush on Licht. Plunderer’s plot is packed with surprises and action scenes and battles that will keep spectators interested.

An original and captivating method to examine the issues of power, identity, and love is through the anime Plunderer. Anybody who enjoys action and romance should watch this anime because of its intricate characters and compelling plot.

Yuuna And The Haunted Hot Springs

Yuuna And The Haunted Hot Springs characterA supernatural comedy anime called Yuuna and the Haunted Hot Springs tells the tale of Kogarashi, a high school student who can see ghosts. He finds that a cheap hot springs inn is inhabited by multiple female ghosts, including Yuuna, a cute and effervescent ghost who passed away in the inn’s hot springs, when he moves in.

Other female characters, including Chitose, a Miko in charge of the inn, Nonko, a heavy drinker demon who is also a manga artist, and Sagiri, a reticent ghost who has a crush on Kogarashi, develop feelings for him as Kogarashi tries to assist the spirits in moving on.

An endearing anime called Yuuna and the Haunted Hot Springs tackles the occult, friendship, and love. Anybody who likes humor and romance will enjoy this anime’s eccentric characters and entertaining story.

Black Bullet

Black Bullet sceneAction-packed animation Black Bullet is set in a world where a virus has turned certain people into Gastrea monsters. The narrative centers on Rentaro Satomi, a young man who participates in the Civil Security Corporation, a unique group that opposes the Gastrea.

As Rentaro fights the Gastrea, he encounters several women who develop feelings for him, including Kisara, the director of the Civil Security Company, and Enju, a charming and vivacious young woman who is also his combat partner. Black Bullet’s plot is packed with action, drama, and sorrow. There are several dramatic battle scenes throughout the film that will keep spectators on the edge of their seats.

Dark and realistic themes of devotion, sacrifice, and survival are explored in the anime Black Bullet. Anybody who enjoys drama and action should watch this anime because of its complex characters and compelling plot.


Gleipnir poster

The anime Gleipnir tells the tale of Shuichi, a high school student with the ability to change into a huge furry monster. He is forced to assist a girl named Clair in finding her missing sister after she learns of his secret after rescuing him from a burning warehouse.

Shuichi and Clair encounter numerous female characters while looking for Clair’s sister, including Kurea, a strong and mysterious woman with a history with Shuichi, and Chihiro, a shy girl who is also Shuichi’s classmate. These female characters grow enamored with Shuichi. The plot of Gleipnir is packed with unexpected turns and dark, frightening scenes to hold viewers’ attention.

An original and engaging way to examine the issues of identity, power, and desire is done in the anime Gleipnir. For everyone who likes psychological thrillers and action, this anime is a must-watch because of its rich characters and compelling plot.

Re: Zero

Re: Zero sceneAn isekai anime called Re: Zero - Beginning Life in Another Planet tells the tale of Subaru Natsuki, a high school student who finds himself unexpectedly in a fantastical setting. There, he learns that, whenever he dies, he has the power to turn back time, which he uses to try to save the people he values.

As Subaru learns to navigate his new environment, he encounters several female characters who develop love for him. These include Emilia, a half-elf who is also a contender for the crown, Rem, a maid with a terrible background, and Beatrice, a mysterious girl who protects a potent library. Re: narrative Zero’s is chock-full of fantasy, drama, action, and emotional scenes that will keep viewers interested.

Re: Zero is an anime that deftly and provocatively tackles the subjects of atonement, sacrifice, and love. Anybody who enjoys fantasy and isekai should watch this anime because of its rich plot and interesting characters.

Rising Of The Shield Hero

Rising Of The Shield Hero posterAn isekai anime called Rise of the Shield Hero tells the tale of Naofumi Iwatani, a college student who travels to a parallel universe to become a hero. He is deceived and wrongly accused of a crime there, which makes him bitter and cynical.

As Naofumi fights to clear his name and rebuild his reputation, he encounters several female characters who develop feelings for him. These include Melty, a princess who becomes an ally, Raphtalia, a slave girl he buys and trains as a fighter, and Filo, a bird-like creature who becomes his devoted companion. Rise of the Shield Hero has an action-packed plot with lots of drama, adventure, and epic fights to keep spectators interested.

An engaging and original approach is used to portray the themes of trust, betrayal, and redemption in the anime Rise of the Shield Hero. Anybody who enjoys isekai and action should watch this anime because of its intriguing plot and complex characters.

Val × Love

Val × Love posterTakuma Akutsu, a high school student, is unexpectedly attacked by creatures known as “Vals” in the anime Val Love. He is saved by a squad of warrior goddesses who are each assigned to guard him and aid him in defeating the Vals.

Each goddess develops affection for Takuma as he bonds with them and fights alongside them in battle. Action, humor, and romance abound in Val’s plot, which also has many charming and heartfelt moments that will keep viewers interested.

Through humor and entertainment, the anime Val Love examines the concepts of friendship, trust, and love. Anybody who enjoys action-comedy and romance should watch this anime because of its vibrant characters and original plot.

Unbreakable Machine-Doll

Unbreakable Machine-Doll sceneAn anime called Unbreakable Machine-Doll tells the tale of Raishin Akabane, a student who enrolls in Walpurgis Royal College of Machine Arts to become the world’s best puppeteer. His humanoid puppet Yaya, who is very attached to him, is with him.

Raishin meets several female characters who become fixated on him as he engages in competitions with other puppeteers. These include Charlotte, a fellow student and one of the academy’s most powerful puppeteers, Frey, a wealthy puppeteer with a tragic past, and Kimberley, a brilliant puppeteer who becomes Raishin’s rival. Unbreakable Machine-plot Doll’s is packed with action, fantasy, and drama, and there are many gripping conflicts and moving scenes to keep spectators on the edge of their seats.

The anime Unbreakable Machine-Doll is an interesting and entertaining look at the themes of ambition, competition, and friendship. Anybody who enjoys action fantasy and drama must watch this anime because of its original premise and varied cast of characters.


Shimoneta sceneShimoneta is an anime that is set in a dystopian society with severe censorship regulations that forbid any kind of obscene or impertinent conduct or words. Tanukichi Okuma, the main character, is a student who joins a clandestine group that challenges censorship rules.

As Tanukichi becomes more involved with the organization, he meets several female characters who are obsessed with him, including Ayame Kajou, the leader of the organization and a self-proclaimed pervert; Anna Nishikinomiya, a classmate of Tanukichi who is initially portrayed as a pure and innocent girl but is later revealed to have a strong and dangerous obsession with him; and Kosuri Onigashira, a young girl who is Ayame’s assistant and has a twisted personality.

Shimoneta’s plot features many ludicrous and outrageous situations that mock censorship rules and the culture that upholds them. Shimoneta is full of humor, satire, and social criticism.

Shimoneta is an anime that deftly and amusingly tackles the subjects of liberty, censorship, and individualism. This anime is a must-watch for anybody who enjoys humor and social commentary due to its original concept and unusual characters.

Date a Live

Date a Live posterIn the anime series Date a Live, Shido Itsuka, a high school student, is chosen by a covert organization to bind spirits that, whenever they manifest, cause destructive “space quakes.” Shido must make the spirits fall in love with him to seal their powers with a kiss.

Shido encounters several female characters as he interacts with the spirits, including Tohka Yatogami, the first spirit he meets and one with a childlike personality, Kurumi Tokisaki, a spirit with a twisted and sadistic personality, and Origami Tobiichi, a classmate and a member of the secret organization with a murky past. These female characters all start to feel feelings for Shido.

The plot of Date a Live is packed with action, romance, and humor, and there are many thrilling battles and touching moments to keep viewers interested.

An exciting and enjoyable anime called Date a Live examines the concepts of love, sacrifice, and destiny. This anime is a must-watch for everyone who enjoys action romance and science fiction due to its original concept and varied cast of characters.


We’ve discussed 13 action anime where girls are crazily fixated on the main character in this blog post. These anime series, which range from DNA2 to Date a Live, examine the idea of obsession and its repercussions on relationships through a variety of plots, characters, and topics.

Every anime has a different perspective on fixation, whether it be as a supernatural ability, a psychological condition, or a social custom. The portrayal of female characters who will go to any lengths to gain the love of their main character (MC)—even if it means engaging in extreme and risky behaviors—is what unites them all.

These anime series are worth watching if you enjoy action anime with a dash of romance and a trace of infatuation. So grab some popcorn, settle in, and enter the world of anime where women are crazy for the MC!****

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